The Pathetic Life of Mayim Bialik


From sweet little kid to hateful feminist…

Author: Boxer

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  1. If only women could tell us why it seems like men leave them, their sons grow up to hate them, and other men don’t want to be anywhere near them….

  2. as much as I wish I could control his will…


    I read that too, earlier today. Stupid bitch spent too much time listening to her wimminz studies professor, and no time at all studying how grandma gets her way.

    The bigger picture is, of course, Hollywood, which seems to take nice little kids (Michael Jackson, Corey Feldman, River Phoenix, this bitch) and transmogrify them into horribly damaged adults. I question the motives of any contemporary parent who allows his child to embark on any sort of acting or entertainment career.

  3. ‘I smashed the patriarchy! I’m strong & empowered!’

    -Lies in cat urine and feces.

    I don’t know about you Boxer…but it seems a life of subversion isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

  4. True story…a gal who I dated and thought was a sweet Catholic potential wife material…later revealed some time after the breakup during a group event she wanted control. I went from wondering what went wrong to hearing it in plain sight. I think every woman has this temptation but they don’t get fulfilling it is not a good idea.

    Young, dumb me would of had nothing register with that comment…older slightly wiser me went…’aha’!

  5. I remember reading about Bialik’s parenting style, which included letting the kids sleep in her bed even to the exclusion of her husband, and thinking “This can’t be good for her marriage.” And now she has lost her boyfriend.

  6. Sister Heidi points to an article, where we learn…

    Mayim Bialik has decided to breastfeed her children for as long as possible because she believes breastfeeding is equally beneficial both for the mother’s and child’s health. She also believes feeding the child is an act of love and it helps her to better monitor all of her baby’s needs. And while some people disapproved of her decision to breastfeed her youngest son until he was 4 years old, she is convinced it was the best decision ever.

    Not only did Mayim Bialik decide to breastfeed her children for as long as possible, but she also embraced the rule of feeding the children on demand. While most parents try to establish some sort of feeding schedule and feed their child at approximately the same time every day, Mayim allowed her kids to set the timing of feeding however they wanted. So how do you do that? Well, it’s simple. You basically just feed your baby whenever they signal they are hungry, usually by sucking on their hands of crying. Since Mayim tried to be in the contact with their children as much as possible, it wasn’t hard for her to notice when it was the time to feed them, and she stuck to this principle both in her home and in a public space.

    … she decided to go for diaperless potty training, which is based on the idea that every baby naturally signals when they have to go… there will be no spanking, yelling, time-outs, or scolding. Instead, she will try to explain everything to her children in a calm manner by using arguments that the children can understand … her older son was right there in the room while she was giving birth. She thought it would be a valuable experience for him to see the miracle of childbirth … her children have neither the playroom nor their own bedroom since they sleep in the same room as Mayim.”

    Granted, it’s not all terrible. She doesn’t let her boys watch tee-vee (proven to warp young minds, and spread the loser lifestyle to the next generation).

    She homeschools, but appears to be failing dismally at that also. Despite parents with advanced degrees, the boys “aren’t being taught things like colors and shapes, because they are not interested in them…”

  7. “Testing” to see if my comments appear too, Necron48.

    Interesting that she seems like a sweet nerdy girl on the TV show, and yet is a nasty, unhappy human being.

    Feminism ruins all. No exceptions.

    Case in point… (above).

  8. She is supposedly at her SMP. Yeah right. Look at the glow young women have. It is gone by their late 20’s for the most part. Another princess froze to death in the eastern US. Apparently she ran away when her mother took her phone away. -40 you will not last lon She was found frozen later that day. Hypothermia is rapid at these low temparatures. I worked and lived in that type of climate back in the day. Boxer, I don’t see you posting on Dalrock anymore. Had to look you up. Glad you got your blog still going.

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