Twitter Gets Loomered, Wall Street Wises Up…


As I type this, Laura Loomer has been chained to the front door of Twitter’s NY office.

For those who don’t know, twitter dishonestly bills itself as a “public utility.” In fact, it has a dual function as a propaganda organ, and a pavlolvian experiment in desensitization. It conditions its users to accept limits on what they can say, by banning outrageous people like far right journalist Loomer, neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin, male feminist Alex Jones, black-hat hacker Weev (who once fucked Shanley Kane) and similar performance artists.

Once the public has been “enlightened” to the idea that a few outrageous goons do not have the right to speak their minds, the system plans to come for you, me, and anyone else who doesn’t grovel and scrape to the feminist state. We should have no doubt that this is their end game. Twitter is therefore an outgrowth of every man’s deadly enemy, and should be resisted by any means necessary.


Loomer donned a concentration camp outfit and hung a huge banner over the door. A bystander reports that she’s currently screaming “Jack Dorsey fucked with the wrong Jew.” (LOL!)

At this rate, Loomer is set to get arrested by the feminist police in New York City. More to come as this story develops.

And then there’s this story, just out an hour ago:

Male executives on Wall Street are so spooked by the #MeToo movement that they’re avoiding women altogether, a Bloomberg report said Monday.

Interviews with more than 30 senior executives suggest that the #MeToo movement has led to “gender segregation” in the workplace, Bloomberg reports.

“It’s creating a sense of walking on eggshells,” one adviser told the publication. Another said just hiring a woman these days can present “an unknown risk.”

Considering the magnitude and frequency of bogus complaints by attention-seekers, I’d say the risks are hardly unknown. Neil DeGrasse Tyson is merely the latest example. Why should any successful man “mentor” or socialize with a wimminz, when she can reappear, a decade after the fact, with a fabricated story dredged straight from her weird nightmare fantasies, and ruin his life?

Read more at Bloomberg.

The Bible in chunks. The Bible minus cucks. The first sin is cucking.

“Keep this in your mind anytime a woman asks you to do anything. Ask yourself this, is what she wants right or not?”

entropy is my god


This is going to be a long running series, going back through stories in the Bible and un-cucking the comon understanding of them, showing in vivid detail how deranged and disgusting cuckstains are and how dangerous the can be in a position of leadership.

We have recently been sent some emails asking why the site doesn’t care for Cucks.  In addition people in meatspace are complaining that the word cuck is meaningless now and is used for far too much.  To help the site now has a brand new feature, definition of cuck. Cuck Defined.

Cuck has never been more relevant, cowardice has never been more rampant and calling out those cowardly cucks, in the political, social, and religious realms has never been more important.

Most of you have probably heard of the Christian creation theory.  If you haven’t go read it here.

Why does this matter, and how…

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Tyson’s Response


Neil DeGrasse Tyson has been accused of rape, sexual assault, “groping” and being “creepy,” among other high crimes and misdemeanors, by a series of ugly nobodies who are clearly looking for their fifteen minutes.

Did Dr. Tyson have his attorneys issue a statement, before filing the defamation lawsuits? No. He did not. He went to (Jesus Fuck’n Christ) facebook, and apologized, for doing, well, nothing.

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 21.52.00

An ugly old cat lady is currently libeling Dr. Tyson in the mainstream press, for something he didn’t do nearly ten years ago. She’s tirelessly working to get him blacklisted from speaking tours and media appearances. Her aim is to break him, financially, socially and professionally. He responds by writing…

I’m deeply sorry to have made her feel that way.

This is how you don’t respond to someone who is ruining your life, you faggot.

And then, there’s this batshit crazy lunatic:

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 16.11.36

There’s probably not enough booze (or Viagra) in Austin Texas to provide for any such thing happening, now or then. But, never mind. Tyson addresses her laughable false allegations also.

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 22.00.56

This is not quite as pathetic; but still serves to empower every other spinster Tyson has ever said hello to in an elevator to “bravely come forward” as yet another “victim” of his monstrous sexual appetite.

What is actually happening is a series of lessons, to all the women within the western macrosphere, as to how to ruin a man’s life for sport. Three filthy wimminz have vomited up their sicko rape fantasies as truth, in an attempt to destroy a man whose only crime is terrible acting and Asperger’s syndrome. No consequences are forthcoming, and none can be expected. We can all be confident that more wimminz will decide to indulge in this strange hobby soon.

You may be the next target. Don’t be as weak as Neil. If a wimminz tries this with you, make it your mission in life to destroy her life and her reputation, by any means necessary. To do otherwise is to empower your enemies and dishonor all of your ancestors.

Black Science Man Pounded by ME TOO

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 15.58.18

As a girl, young Katelyn Allers was told (by her father) not to worry about normal aspirations like marriage and family. Instead, dad encouraged her to go get a Ph.D., and settle into a mediocre teaching job at a shit-tier university.

Understandably bitter, after receiving such awful advice which derailed her life, Dr. Allers has decided to get even, by displacing the (natural) animosity toward her father into laughably false accusations against the one celebrity who once wasted a few minutes slumming with her.


A real genius, as the fedora and skank-ho tatts suggest…

Dr. Allers alleges that Neil DeGrasse Tyson “groped” her, is “creepy” and is “a danger to female students.” Dr. Allers knows this because she drunkenly came on to him at a party, and after bothering him for photographs together, he made an unfunny joke about her skanky tattoo.

Another wimminz, one Tchiya Amet (did she assume that name as an adult, or did her parents simply not like her?) is also claiming that Tyson “raped” her. Those claims appear completely unsubstantiated; though here’s a link to her rape fantasy, published some five years ago.

Incidentally, this is what Mizz Amet looks like…


So, what we have are baseless allegations against an autistic goon, who would probably win the prize for least masculine and least threatening man in any room. His accusers are two old, washed-up, hideously ugly wimminz, who suddenly “remember” that he raped them, years earlier.

What we have to be frightened of is the seriousness with which this nonsense is taken, and the real danger to anyone’s reputation.

But, nevermind about that. Let’s learn some science from this hot mama…

My Problems of (with) Theodicy


I happen to know that the minute I post this, people will assume that I’ve suddenly given up my Epicurean impulses, and am on my way down to enlist in the nearest monastery. An educated mind will apprehend the problems with this assumption. If we’re going to indulge in the task of thinking, we have to consider arguments carefully, and work to illuminate the inherent strengths and weaknesses therein.

A typical argument for atheism will often reduce to a discussion about theodicy. Theodicy is a fancy word that describes a presupposed relationship between a necessarily perfect being (God) and the existence of gratuitous evil.

The evil has to be gratuitous. I could argue that God giving me a stomach-ache is evil; but if my upset somehow alerts doctors to an epidemic, and ends up saving the lives of thousands of infants and pensioners, then that evil wasn’t gratuitous. The evil served a purpose, and in the grand scheme of things, that evil was a blessing-in-disguise.

We assume that God is necessarily perfect. If not, we assume (stretching Anselm to his limits) that God is, while imperfect, the closest thing to perfection that exists. Such a being (God) would not inflict gratuitous evil on others. This seems like an uncomplicated proposition.

So, how do we explain ISIS beheadings, the Holocaust, the Holodomor, Bosnian rape camps, or CIA torturers at Guantánamo Bay? How do we explain influenza, athletes foot, and syphilis? It seems, at first, contradictory, to declare the existence of God in the face of so many easy examples.

One problem with this declaration is that it’s proponent assumes a gods-eye-view of history, and necessarily places himself outside the temporal and physical universe. For the atheist to declare that some state-of-affairs X, is gratuitously evil, he’s implicitly declaring that there is no X’, which is good, and for which X is a necessary condition.

Earlier in the week, our brother Honeycomb wrote:

Also .. even if someone can’t prove God exists .. that doesn’t exclude His Omni-presence and Diety. You can’t prove a negative btw.

I can indeed prove a negative. For example: let := ‘It is not the case that Boxer is presently on the planet Mars.’ Let Q := ‘It is not the case that two and two make twelve-and-a-half.’ Both P and Q are easily proven, via correspondence and coherence.

The problem with proofs of the existence of God is that they don’t easily line up with either the coherence or the correspondence understandings of truth. I could state that there’s a fine, small china teapot that’s orbiting the sun, someplace in the Oort cloud. Skeptics might not be able to prove the teapot’s non-existence, but that doesn’t mean that a sensible person should have credence in the teapot.

I bring this up not to pick apart a brother, but only to disambiguate between my position on theodicy and Honeycomb’s defense of his faith. It’s unreasonable to expect that we can stand outside time and history, and declare that there isn’t some meaningful historical good that will result from evils that we assume are gratuitous, for the same reason that it’s unreasonable to expect the average person to go searching the Oort cloud for Bertrand Russell’s teapot, or Honeycomb’s god.