Tales from Degenerate Hollywood


Will Smith’s confused son, Jaden, wears a dress to school

One has to wonder about California in general, and Hollywood in particular. Why are people in the film industry so bizarre?

Here’s Terry Crews to talk about his own experience, as part of the #MeToo movement.

Crews is making a feminist speech, but he uses religious language throughout… the “cult” of rape… “a ritual” to illustrate who held the power…

It’s enough to make a man wonder what he is actually trying to communicate, in the subtext.

While I’m not sure I buy the organized Satanism angle, I have no doubt as to the existence of the “casting couch.” It’s also easy to argue that Hollywood insiders have far too much money and political power.

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11 thoughts on “Tales from Degenerate Hollywood”

  1. I’d be a little confused to if my father did this to me.

    Something tells me Hollyweird is all about who you can have power and control over…and usually things like sodomy, sexual abuse, and controlling an actor/actresses lifestyle and fame is how they do it.

  2. Any “father” who allows his son to wear a dress to school is just as much a faggot or at the very least, a fag enabler, then the kid doing it

    I have lost all respect for Will Smith for abusing his son like he did, and yes, allowing your son to dress in a skirt is child abuse in my opinion

  3. So is this LW a troll, or is she truly this clueless?

    “Dear Cheryl: In my freshman year of college, my roommate and I started discussing sex, etc. We both liked to party, and we bet on who could get the most guys in a year. I know, very immature, but we were young. To make a long story short, I won the contest. By junior year, I had slept with over 300 guys.

    “I now have HIV and herpes. On top of that, I experience debilitating anxiety when I’m out. I feel like people recognize me and know my reputation. It’s very embarrassing. I’ve been alone for over five years and only been with women for the past two years. I have a nasty resentment toward men because of what they did to me. — Sorry for Everything”


    Bad men! Bad men! Look what you did to this poor thing; turned her into a lesbian with STDs/

  4. Also, this LW is definitely a troll, and I think he did a nice job of making Amy rise to the bait:


    (Tl;dr: Man asks if him sleeping with a drunk woman who comes onto him while naked means he’s guilty of assault; reveals that the woman is his wife of 25 years. Amy says she realizes this letter is fake, then scolds him and tells him that he would indeed be a rapist in such a situation.)

  5. @Heidi…

    The story of that THOT is a great example of winning the battle and losing several wars.

  6. @honeycomb…

    I do enjoy stories or studies that keep proving reality is sexist. Newsflash…men and women aren’t equal in the sense of sameness. Women are not men with boobs.

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