Twitter Gets Loomered, Wall Street Wises Up…


As I type this, Laura Loomer has been chained to the front door of Twitter’s NY office.

For those who don’t know, twitter dishonestly bills itself as a “public utility.” In fact, it has a dual function as a propaganda organ, and a pavlolvian experiment in desensitization. It conditions its users to accept limits on what they can say, by banning outrageous people like far right journalist Loomer, neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin, male feminist Alex Jones, black-hat hacker Weev (who once fucked Shanley Kane) and similar performance artists.

Once the public has been “enlightened” to the idea that a few outrageous goons do not have the right to speak their minds, the system plans to come for you, me, and anyone else who doesn’t grovel and scrape to the feminist state. We should have no doubt that this is their end game. Twitter is therefore an outgrowth of every man’s deadly enemy, and should be resisted by any means necessary.


Loomer donned a concentration camp outfit and hung a huge banner over the door. A bystander reports that she’s currently screaming “Jack Dorsey fucked with the wrong Jew.” (LOL!)

At this rate, Loomer is set to get arrested by the feminist police in New York City. More to come as this story develops.

And then there’s this story, just out an hour ago:

Male executives on Wall Street are so spooked by the #MeToo movement that they’re avoiding women altogether, a Bloomberg report said Monday.

Interviews with more than 30 senior executives suggest that the #MeToo movement has led to “gender segregation” in the workplace, Bloomberg reports.

“It’s creating a sense of walking on eggshells,” one adviser told the publication. Another said just hiring a woman these days can present “an unknown risk.”

Considering the magnitude and frequency of bogus complaints by attention-seekers, I’d say the risks are hardly unknown. Neil DeGrasse Tyson is merely the latest example. Why should any successful man “mentor” or socialize with a wimminz, when she can reappear, a decade after the fact, with a fabricated story dredged straight from her weird nightmare fantasies, and ruin his life?

Read more at Bloomberg.

Author: Boxer

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9 thoughts on “Twitter Gets Loomered, Wall Street Wises Up…”

  1. Many an article has quoted A-Non-uh-Mess Wall Street and Fortune / Power 500 CEO’s for a while now .. all saying this very thing.

    And who can blame’em!

    As for Twitter .. them and FaceBORG / GuLog / and others have skirted (heh) the boundaries of both publisher and not publisher .. utility and not utility as it suited their fancy.

    They are utilities or they’re publishers .. and they will have to spend a fortune to avoid the nasty outcomes of either as that decision is taken out of their hands and placed into the hands of our poly-ticians.

    The pol-it-check-ap-or-at-us will make a fortune off this ..

    We shall see if we get a real solution very soon.

  2. She seems nice ..

    The MGTOW community—a more extreme offshoot of the incel movement whose adherents consider women subhuman—has been in turmoil for two weeks after YouTube banned ads on many MGTOW-related videos and channels, cutting off those users’ revenue streams. Yet many members of the movement helped instigate the ThotAudit.


    The ground worknis beingblaid to de-platform MGTOW .. yenz’ are more dangerous than “murderous” incels!


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