Tyson’s Response


Neil DeGrasse Tyson has been accused of rape, sexual assault, “groping” and being “creepy,” among other high crimes and misdemeanors, by a series of ugly nobodies who are clearly looking for their fifteen minutes.

Did Dr. Tyson have his attorneys issue a statement, before filing the defamation lawsuits? No. He did not. He went to (Jesus Fuck’n Christ) facebook, and apologized, for doing, well, nothing.

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 21.52.00

An ugly old cat lady is currently libeling Dr. Tyson in the mainstream press, for something he didn’t do nearly ten years ago. She’s tirelessly working to get him blacklisted from speaking tours and media appearances. Her aim is to break him, financially, socially and professionally. He responds by writing…

I’m deeply sorry to have made her feel that way.

This is how you don’t respond to someone who is ruining your life, you faggot.

And then, there’s this batshit crazy lunatic:

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 16.11.36

There’s probably not enough booze (or Viagra) in Austin Texas to provide for any such thing happening, now or then. But, never mind. Tyson addresses her laughable false allegations also.

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 22.00.56

This is not quite as pathetic; but still serves to empower every other spinster Tyson has ever said hello to in an elevator to “bravely come forward” as yet another “victim” of his monstrous sexual appetite.

What is actually happening is a series of lessons, to all the women within the western macrosphere, as to how to ruin a man’s life for sport. Three filthy wimminz have vomited up their sicko rape fantasies as truth, in an attempt to destroy a man whose only crime is terrible acting and Asperger’s syndrome. No consequences are forthcoming, and none can be expected. We can all be confident that more wimminz will decide to indulge in this strange hobby soon.

You may be the next target. Don’t be as weak as Neil. If a wimminz tries this with you, make it your mission in life to destroy her life and her reputation, by any means necessary. To do otherwise is to empower your enemies and dishonor all of your ancestors.

Author: Boxer

Sinister All-Male Dancer. Secret King of all Gamma Males. Member of Frankfurt School. Your Fave Contrarian!

11 thoughts on “Tyson’s Response”

  1. You may be the next target. Don’t be as weak as Neil. If a wimminz tries this with you, make it your mission in life to destroy her life and her reputation, by any means necessary. To do otherwise is to empower your enemies and dishonor all of your ancestors.

    ^^^ Money Shot ^^^

    Fella’s .. when MEN (and I mean ALL men .. or maybe just most men) finally take this advice .. we will ALL be on better footing ..

    I’ll leave it to Mr. Rogers to explain the rest ..


  2. Its not that complicated, if you are a man being falsely accused of a sexual crime, & unless you’ve been charged in court its almost certainly a false accusation, there a series of steps you need to do. Get a lawyer, have the lawyer prepare a statement attacking the women as lying whores. File a lawsuit for libel/slander. Refuse to quit your job or leave any organizations you are a member of. Have your attorney, attack, attack, attack, the more public and humiliating it is for your accuser the better. Remember your accuser is lying, & having a good time getting attention and destroying your life. Take away their fun and watch how quickly the story changes.

  3. In regards to Boxer having the temerity to not find those skank-hoez (in the story above) attractive .. I present a future with no hope of a “happy ending” .. HEH!

    The Funeral Homes better be careful ..

    Grandma may have got ran-over by a rain-deer ™ .. but her family ain’t gonna be happy when you have to put your hands on her to get her ready for the show ..

    bwhaaaaaaaaaa (puke)

  4. Something you wimminz should understand .. it could be worse .. wimminz could actually be harmed in the making of these rape / sexual assualt / groping fantasy’s ..

    Think about it wimminz .. if you claim all menz are rapist .. how much longer before they say .. FAWK-IT .. and partake in your fantasy too.

  5. They’re not merely unattractive. They’re freakin’ hideous.

    One will note that this is a recurrent theme. Falsely accusing some wealthy or powerful schlub of rape seems to serve two purposes, the primary being to portray oneself as attractive enough to be desired. Most of these bitches clearly aren’t.

  6. A guy in my comedy troupe put up a post about a woman who fell Who went to jail for falsely accusing a man of rape. Put a heart emoji next to it

  7. Shoot do you see what Trump does when some washed up porn star and her wife beating lawyer wants their 15 minutes of fame…he threatens litigation and the false accusation falls by the wayside.


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