As Earl recently pointed out, our elder brother Roosh V. has taken to twitter to promote #thotaudit : a public-service program designed to get all our favorite camwhores (like Katie Emmerson and her mother, Sheila Gregoire) right with the IRS (and Revenue Canada.)


My right-wing brothers may be tempted to sympathy for the skank-ho single moms, who are just using the free-market to peddle their assholes and vaginas to desperate, thirsty simps. Please don’t kid yourself. These bitches sex-shows are often the most wholesome shit they do.


Some of these skank-ho sluts make 100,000 USD or more annually, for doing, well, pretty much nothing.


Don’t even bother feeling sorry for them. They get what they deserve.


#thotaudit : coming to a neighborhood near you.

Author: Boxer

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19 thoughts on “#thotaudit”

  1. “Gottcha bitch(s)!”

    And to clear something up .. simp-uh-thee .. my nigga please .. If these thot-whores are looking for my sympathy they’ll find it between shit and syphilis in the dictionary.

  2. KHH ..

    ^^^ Exactly ^^^

    Waitresses for years have made a killing off tips down here in the pan-handle of Fl.

    A good number of wimminz I’ve met down here make 150k/yr with 3 months off. Mind you they work for minimum wage plus tips at these popular rest-stir-raunts.

    I’m sure they report all their tips to the IRS.

    Of course the above is harder to prove than the snapchat thot’s .. and could be more lies than truth .. I know, I know .. th wimminz nevva ex-zazz-jur-ate.

  3. Again, when they started deplatforming weirdos like Weev and Milo, this bitch should have spoken about it, as I did, here on this blog.

    She didn’t speak out, because Weev is a computer-hacking Nazi (of Jewish descent) and Milo is a far-right homosexual Catholic, and as such, she decided that silencing these people was “OK.” No doubt she celebrated their censorship with other stupid feminist twats.

    Now that it’s happening to her, she’s suddenly very upset. Well, the time to raise this alarm was back in 2016. She’s two years late to complain. I have few tears to shed for people like this.

  4. I agree .. but this is even more of a shot across the bow ..

    1) Because it’s the MAJORITY cause of twitter (shit-lib identity fembot poly-tiks)
    2) It sends termendous pressure downward thru her / fem-men-nist ranks .. conform to the super minority views of the new oppressed or ..
    3) we will tar and feather you before we deplatform you
    4) As mentioned .. they should’ve fought for everyone’s rights .. we warned them this escalade would not stop with a point of view they (i.e. fembots) disagreed with .. but rather the views that the social elites would disagree with .. welcome to the future BITCHES .. shit-libs (e.g. fembots and wimminz) can’t put 2 and 2 together.

    As such this will hasten a possible enquiry of regulatory [1] proportions.

    [1] You (socials) are a punlisher or you’re not .. which is it? Utility style rules to follow it would seem. Epic fight to come for the providers of this utility .. heh!

  5. I’m sure I don’t understand why this man wasn’t sexually attracted to a violent nutter.

  6. She has the hints she might have been a looker 13 years ago before the drugs and fornication. Sad really.

  7. LOL .. Hey thanks a lot BUDDY [1] ..

    Check-out the Tramp errrr Time Stamp and my answer .. HEH

    [1] .. Earl .. you do know buddy is only half a word .. right .. heh

  8. Didn’t see that thread.

    Although I read up on this chump.

    Why do the lookers have to graffiti up the place?

  9. He’s a chump alrighty ..

    She befriended his daughter to have access to him while he was still married.

    She scuttled that marriage and went in for the kill.

    She marked him and he behaved like a mark.

    As for the (skin) ink question .. Earl .. men have shown zero standards .. so why would they care. If it hurt their SMV or MMV then they wouldn’t do it.

    Also they do it moreso now when they are pre-way .. and as for the wall and afterwards the post-wall .. they already don’t respect Mr Beta .. so they don’t care what he thinks as long as he wifes’em up.

    It’s a red flag .. and that’s all I care about .. heck I’ve even thanked’em for having so many visible red flags .. because it saved me a lot of time.

  10. Nothing says wife material like having a common love for traveling.

    She’s in it for the trips and then the future alimony. Meatspace thots are certainly still more dangerous than e-thots.

  11. Also .. even though he has a good placement of his hand ..

    He is leaning into her .. she is making herself the center of the picture (and not him) ..

    She’ll ride her new trick pony till it can’t do tricks on demand anymore.

    I give it however long her state requires for alimony.

  12. The whole body language in pics thing is certainly something from Rollo I agree with. It is quite amazing how many men lean into the woman ( I may have been guilty as well due to my large frame but I deleted all the younger pics of me with exes so I can’t do any recon work). One thing is for sure I’ve never done the ‘kissing mommy’ pose in pictures.

  13. There is two types of lean-ins ..

    This one is obvious .. he leans-in because she is the center-piece of the pic .. and not him. A masculine frame will always center-piece the Man.

    Conclusion: Complete loss of frame.

    If this is a one time deal .. no problemo .. but we can’t weight this to other similiar pics because we do not have such data.

    So he’s 1 outta 1 .. that’s a 100% in loss of frame casuality.

    Which is a bad indicator of things to come. A lil loss of frame here .. then a lil more over there .. then everywhere.

    Verdict: Doomed .. but stable (for now; and as long as the booze & trips flow)

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