A Holiday Prayer

American Thanksgiving is almost upon us. Holiday dinners approach, and with them come endless opportunities to shiv our friends and relatives — many of whom are cucks and libs. Asking your mom, as she plops to the table in pussy hat and #Resist getup, “who’s your president, bee-yatch?” is probably pretty tempting. It will also be nearly impossible to refrain from calling your uncle a faggot, since he is, in fact, a homosexual.

This sort of dysfunctional squabbling, satisfying as it might be, and common as it truly is, is actually pretty tasteless. I know. I know. This is unlike me. Hear me out, please.


You probably think this chick looks familiar. That’s because she’s Susan Rice, Barack Obama’s national security advisor. She was in and out of the spotlight for several years. As you might imagine, she and her husband are hardcore liberal democrats.


Now meet John Rice-Cameron. He’s the son of Susan and her husband. He’s currently matriculated at Stanford University, where he is the head of the “Make Stanford Great Again” club, a pro-Trump student collective. He is famous for putting signs around campus, that read “White Privilege is A Lie!” “Affirmative Action is Theft!” and “Defund San Francisco!” He’s celebrated in this post code for getting a deranged faculty member (ANTIFA-affiliated) stripped of his tenure and thrown out on his ass. Brother Boxer approves of his good work.

Given their opposing views on any number of issues, you might assume that John wastes time at holidays squabbling with his parents.

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You’d be mistaken in assuming that the Rice family is as autistic as your family is. Susan Rice has given numerous statements to the same effect, to hate-filled pseudojournalists who want to foment a family squabble that they can gleefully cover in their phony gossip media circus.

A new strategy I suggest: Be a gracious man at the holidays. Be the man of good cheer. In short, be like Susan and John. Politics doesn’t really mean all that much, anyway.

When your family gathers around the table, pay close and careful attention to each, emphasizing the shared bonds between you. Love and pride are the watchwords. Respect for elders, honor for ancestors, praise for progeny, and epicurean delight in the carnal feast are your minimum standards. If you pray, thank whatever God or gods you worship for one more year in the presence of such beautiful people, your links to the past and the future.

If there are screechers, do not join them. Let them reveal themselves as petty people, desperately in need of food and attention. Then feed them turkey.

Author: Boxer

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7 thoughts on “A Holiday Prayer”

  1. Yesterday our family celebrated Thanksgiving a week early. As we left, I told my dad that I disagreed with him on things, but that I loved him. He told me the same.

  2. Oh .. I’m nice .. but .. if they start it .. I send’em home cryin’.

    But mostly I’m the innocent one .. HEH!

  3. Usually if I read enough posts from someone—like with your writings—I am able to get a handle on their personality to the point that I know “what makes them tick”.
    Boxer, you are more complicated and I can’t figure you out. You are sometimes inexplicably “soft” for want of a better word hard for me to define but if there is a unifying thread I’ve yet to find it. Perhaps you are changing such as converting or you have fallen in love that could explain it. Not meant to offend, feel free to not publish. Have a happy thanksgiving in any case.

  4. Dear He-man:

    Thank you, my brother. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, as well.

    I guess I just yearn for a more civil discourse in my own family — which doesn’t fight over politics as much as religion — but in any event, your relationships with your family members are (or ought to be) your most cherished possessions. Blood is thicker than mud, as the saying goes.



  5. “I know. I know. This is unlike me.”

    “Boxer, you are more complicated and I can’t figure you out. You are sometimes inexplicably “soft”…”

    “I just yearn for a more civil discourse in my own family”

    As Boxer recently explained it here. Masculinity can be abstracted into four primary categories: strength, courage, mastery, and honor. What I read above reflects this. It is not “soft” to be honorable and have mastery over your actions, nor is it a sign of weakness to avoid conflict and ensure familial stability. Without family stability, you have no patriarchy.

  6. I think “Honor” or respect, is a key piece of what is lacking, as the due reward for men who are “good” in society. The Beta male who does his part admirably, and is a good provider, and an upstanding cog in the machinery that brings technological, scientific, and true societal(moral) progress, gets slapped in the face for his good work, while actors, athletes, musicians, and models, the entertainers, the clowns, bards, and motley fools or our societies, reap the last remnants of respect or honor our society has for any men.

    I have said it elsewhere, until men can model the behavior of showing honor to other men, society will refuse to respect men who can’t even respect each other.
    Romans 12:10 Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.
    We patriarchs have to get our honor back, before they’ll ever vote us our necessary authority back at the ballot box, if that is even the providence of things to come. And we won’t get our honor back by just asking them for it. We have to start giving each other honor. It can’t just be the actors honoring themselves Like they do with non-stop award shows, or the Athletes honoring themselves with trophies, honorary games, and halls of fame. We all have to honor all men, for being created in the likeness of God, for being heads of families, for being gentlemen, for who they are, not only honoring men for what they’ve done that others haven’t. We need to honor other men just for being men and doing the ordinary things that men do to keep society civilized.

  7. We celebrated Thanksgiving early, but I find myself today looking at my life, home, and kids with extra warmth and gratitude. (And wouldn’t it be nice to have such a thankful attitude all year round?) Happy Thanksgiving. May your day be filled with love and gratitude on all sides.

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