Clownworld at EMU

Apparently “some women” are being excluded from the award-winning Vagina Monologues production. Who could these women be? Straight women? Religious women? Sane women? 

Survey respondents opposing the production consistently indicated they were concerned that the play centers on cisgender women, that the play’s version of feminism excludes some women, including trans women, and that overall, “The Vagina Monologue” lacks diversity and inclusion.

Weird trannies and male fags can’t larp as feminist dykes. As such, the play is being canceled.

Author: Boxer

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8 thoughts on “Clownworld at EMU”

  1. So the Vag monologues are now TERF propaganda?

    I will ask who the “good guys” are in this fight, just because I figure it will trigger nut-jobs on both sides.

  2. who the “good guys” are in this fight

    ^^^ Indeed ^^^

    Maybe .. just maybe .. there isn’t one. I know .. I know .. how inclusive of me .. 👌

  3. There are no good guys in this…just degenerates trying to out victimhood each other.

  4. This is the point where many Republicans would find themselves fighting for the good old days when universities would welcome such productions with open arms.

  5. OT:
    Brother boxers. Did you see that thing about men going their own way on CNN Pantley you going the air on Sunday
    Sandman is Contemplating shutting down his panel before YouTube can are you doing a post on that?

  6. Sister Renee writes:

    Sandman is Contemplating shutting down his panel before YouTube can are you doing a post on that?

    I did not hear about that. Bear in mind that my form of MGTOW is only such in the very loosest definition. I work a conventional job and still date wimminz. I don’t tell men not to get married or go on dates (but I do hope men will make educated decisions about such things.)

    It doesn’t surprise me at all that they’re starting to shut MGTOW theorists down. The whole reason that I started criticizing the deplatforming of people like Andrew Anglin, Weev and Alex Jones was due to the (obvious and easily understandable) fact that these were test cases, designed to set precedents.

    When (the male feminist) Alex Jones yaps about how space aliens and Jews are ruining society, few people take him seriously. He wasn’t at all harmful to the system itself.

    The system shut him down with little trouble. Their goal was to get people used to the silencing of dissidents. Now that people have accepted that some people don’t have the right to speak, the system is moving against its real targets, which are people like Sandman. When you convince 100 men to quit being “good earners” for women and the feminist state to exploit, you actually are harming the system. These people were the actual targets.

    I’m sure they’ll shut me down, eventually. Freedom is fun while it lasts.

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