Just Another Typical Male Feminist

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I’m sure we’re all shocked by the news that outspoken feminist activist, Michael Avenatti, has just been arrested for the savage beating of his own wife.

Read all about it at TMZ.

Edit: TJ sent me a screenshot from the web page promoting his lolyer firm:


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12 thoughts on “Just Another Typical Male Feminist”

  1. I hope his recordings (e.g. video and audio) are in order .. [1]

    Because he’s about to re-acquaint himself with .. #believeALLwimminz ..

    Of course he’ll forget he was pushing that narrative for another prostitute (aka akin to a lawyer .. but fawks you for money .. not out of your money) ..

    I wonder .. did he quid pro crow errrr .. Quid Pro Quo ole Stormy .. hmmmm

    [1] .. re: she hit him first defense.

  2. This is funny as hell.

  3. I remember in my college days that the male feminists were all the worst case examples of men. Homosexuality pedophiles, woman beaters etc…

    You really have to wonder what motivates them to be feminist…

  4. You really have to wonder what motivates them to be feminist…

    The combo of weak men getting to hate on men (perhaps because their single mother taught them to) and being in a group of women who thinks promiscuity is liberating so they eventually hate wimminz to.

    I’ll bet you guys all the wooden nickels in my 401K he’s got some sexual stuff in his past that could be either criminal or borderline criminal. Domestic abuse and perversion go hand in hand with male feminists.

  5. ‘Because he’s about to re-acquaint himself with .. #believeALLwimminz ..’

    I do find it funny in the LAPD twitter that many random bots are finally waking up to the idea of due process or something smells fishy with an accusation.

    Now if he was an upstanding patriarch who might take away wimminz right to abortion…he is presumed guilty, should be thrown in jail, his house burned down…and they don’t see the harm in issuing death threats to his wife & kids.

  6. This just got better.


    Avenatti was four months and $200k behind in office rent when his arrest happened.

    Moss asked Mark Kompa, the landlord’s attorney, if he had heard from Avenatti — and he replied that the two had spoken on Tuesday. … The next day, Avenatti was booked on a felony domestic violence charge. He was released later that evening after posting $50,000 bond and has vehemently denied the allegations.

    Avenatti unleashed his business frustrations upon his wife. Curious he could pay a $50k bond but not the monthly $50k rent on his business.

    They say couples fight most often over money… looks like they’re right.

  7. “They say couples fight most often over money… looks like they’re right.”

    Everyone knows this, or should. This is why women have always married older, more established men. This isn’t about being Beta, it’s just the natural order of things.

  8. I had a thought… What if he’s innocent? No, I don’t think that’s likely, but let’s just play with the idea… What if this is a #MeToo frame job? I could see it happening. He may have been a strong contender in the Democrat field for 2020, more so than people think.

    Now let’s see…which of his prospective competitors (that we assume will be his competitors) for the Dem ticket would be most likely to stage something like that? Hint: it’s probably going to be whoever is left, after all of the other candidates have been taken out via #MeToo or something else…

    Let’s see…who did that last time?

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