O Britannia


The UK is in desperate need of invasion and liberation.

Author: Boxer

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  1. Absolutely fucking disgusting. The U.K is a fascist police state…..fuck Theresa May and all the pieces of shit behind this abomination
    Looks like woman have all the rights in the world EXCEPT when these murderers want to start killing your babies
    Rot in Hell U.K you deserved to be invaded by the Muslim horde

  2. So much for choice. Is this Britian or China?

    But then again this was always the endgame of ‘reproductive rights’…to make sure women have no choice.

  3. I can imagine England will see a new(er) birth (probably Muslim) out of this reformation period to come ..

    Can anyone forget why the United States of America became what it is today?

    Think why we have the Magna Carta and Habeas Corpus .. it wasn’t because England was such a liberty minded country.

    We escaped Religious and Personal persecution and left England. We went to war with England to secure our Freedom and right to self government.

    England has always been a dark place for personal freedom. The family should’ve left while they had passports. They had to have known how the judgement would’ve probably went.

    Fleeing one’s country (the other option) obviously is a risky endevor .. but it’s the only prayer this family has besides an underground network of Church Family (or Foreign Embassy) hiding them out till the child is born.

    If she was married would this be an issue? Obviously she’s a teen .. and single .. who’s the daddy .. who’s gonna pay for the child .. if she’s counting on the government to pay for her and the childs needs what’s her plan if she defies the order .. what a mess.

  4. First it was Alfie Evans, and not even the intervention of the Pope was enough.

    The American courts refused to let Baby Doe eat in 1982. The American courts let Terri Schiavo die in 1990. Under the Obama administration, officials drove underage pregnant teens across state lines to get abortions without parental consent.

    Canada is working out how to allow euthanasia of minors without parental consent.

  5. I can’t help wondering if this is real–not that such a thing couldn’t happen in the UK, sadly, but I will note that the posts do represent someone anonymous making a pretty shocking claim, and then deleting the posts. Of course, I want to believe that this isn’t real, so I may be indulging in wishful thinking.

  6. “then deleting the posts”

    It was verified (of sorts) by the moderators. EmmanuelBassil wrote:

    “Removing this because OP back-tracked”


    “Her solicitor advised her to remove this, so that’s what we’re going to help her do. (Although it’s futile at this point”

    We all know it could be fake, but it is clearly plausible (like the best satire), and that’s kind of the point, isn’t it?

  7. GunnerQ–yes, I know about the extremely secretive and powerful court that can order such things as this, so I agree this is possible. There was the Italian bipolar woman who was forced to have a cesarean, and her baby later adopted out. I just don’t have any evidence that this particular case is true.

    In general, however, this is EXACTLY the problem with making “In x’s best interests” the standard by which weighty moral matters are judged by one’s government. Sometimes the government judges that it is in someone’s best interests to die rather than to live, a la Charlie Gard. Unless that person has committed a crime deserving death, this is a usurpation not only of autonomy and parental interest, which both themselves have limitations (for instance, it is wrong to abort one’s baby because the baby is inconvenient), but of God’s authority. The state is acting within its proper sphere when it kills or otherwise punishes evildoers, but not when it is killing people for “their own good.”

  8. ‘She seems nice.’

    I can’t imagine a woman with a butch cut, a chest tat, and bloodshot eyes would ever do something crazy like that. Usually it’s the sober virtuous feminine women who are going around ripping off the heads of birds.

  9. From Denver: “Griego also stated she does bath salts and marijuana.”

    Sounds like the Fire Dept. handled the zombie invasion well.

  10. “Griego shouted at officers and fire personnel on scene that they stole her land and that her father lives in the fire house.”

    In other news some woman is engaged to a poltergeist. Ole Gringo in Colorado might be the less crazy one.

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