The English Beat (Petaluma CA)


It is something of a sensation when you realize how much time just marches on……even if you deny how “you have not changed” but time always tells the truth. You do.

Last night I was in attendance down amnesia lane…….1980’s new-wave / ska / two-tone-pop-eighties band “The English Beat” performed in nearby Petaluma last night. I was there.

Dressing “rude boy” for the show really wasn’t an issue because I’m pretty Mod-button-down anyway. I’m the last guy who still wears doc-martens three to five times a week. I was having a great time again without drink or drugs. Most of the crowd was under 30, mostly women, all them held phones up and recorded the show. They missed it. The whole time holding cameras videoing the whole thing. All with the narcissistic attiude of “See…..see! I was there!!!” but they really were not. The stood still on a dance floor and got annoyed by anyone who bumped into them.

Reality from the 1980’s was gone. It wasn’t about music. It was bragging rights about “how awesome I am” and “how retro and cool I am”

Most of the women were dressed in their hipster attire, drinks in hand, camers in the other, and large purse over their shoulder. They yelled in unison for the song “Tenderness” after every song (if you don’t know “Tenderness” was their biggest mainstream cross-over hit that made mainstream / top-forty radio in about 1985.)

There were a few guys my age (late forties / early fifties) who were there to skank and ska it down. During their classic rollar “mirrror in the bathroom” it started to get a bit rough. One young women…mid-twenties….fun-size, cute, big breasts locked on to my arm (this is a standard thing for rude-girls at shows like this, they are smaller……they usually lock on to a bro near them so they don’t fall or get hurt… wasn’t an IOI….been to a billion ska shows since the 1980’s. It’s a safety thing).

Well……..the tattling came. Several women (and a few soy-boy types) with cameras out left the dance floor, and within two minutes three bouncers came and rough-housed me, and few other bros……at first I thought they were out to take the song to the ‘next level’ and I didn’t know they were bouncers, so myself and the other bros skanked back on defense and shoved hard, rolled around…one aggresively grabbed me and yelled “You’re disturbing these women. Pointing to the ones who left to tattle. They say you guys are groping them. You keep it up, you’re outta here!!!”

One of the bouncers was about twenty-five. I was a good seven inches taller…..and no, I am not a muscled guy..but I’m solid for my age I said “I saw these guys in concert back in 1989 when you were not even a twinkle in yo’ dads pants jerk. This is a ska show. You’re on the dance floor, she’s gonna get bumped. Rule is, you move back!

He again said “You knock it off” and he’s speaking to the other bros as well “Or you’re all outta here!”

Suddenly. Shocklingly!!!!!!

The young woman who was locked on to me, and she was about the bouncers age yelled “These rude boys are not doing anything wrong. They’re having a great time. This is a ska show, these guys are actually keeping it tame and safe out here!”

He of course ignored her. Meanwhile the song is still going on, and you could see the band getting annoyed at the “discussion” front stage…people not dancing-skanking….and a few bouncers out in front ruining the mood.

The women and the soy-boys who tattled are again standing in the middle of a dance floor at a ska show with their cameras out filming the show. Not dancing. Standing there.

I gave the one bouncer a light shove as he started to walk away……..then spins around and he grabs me by my skinny-tie (he could have choked me) starts to push the knot up. The other ska boys saw this…..and it was on. Five guys in their late forties jump on him. I crouch to the ground trying to break his grip so he doesn’t choke me. His grip loosens, I stand up, and fall on to him as well.

Now there is a full-on skirmish on the floor. The tatling girls are still mad that they are still getting bumped, ruining their filming experince, the girl who was latched on to me, surprisngly joins in with trying to house-the-bouncers with the rest of us…….we were overwhelmed….at least two more bouncers show up with LED lights, shining it in our eyes..blinding us all….we were all hauled out, even the young woman who latched on to me. Tossed outside the club. We were told we had been “banned” from the rest of the show.

We were all stunned……removed from my history by a few catty women and soy boys who were not even there for the show. After smoking a few cigarettes with the rest of the crew that was tossed out, we all exchanged numbers….shook hands, polite introdcutions and went our separate ways………..the young girl before she left me to stand by myself and wait for my Uber……..gave my butt a squeeze as she walked away. Looked back. Smiled, and said “call me.” (that was an IOI)

I smirked to myself as I waited for my Uber and realized finally that my youth was over…..and the 1980’s???? They belong to narcassitic hipsters who have no class or tatse. Women today ruin everything.

Wimminz and My Epiphany

There is no group of subhuman scum that I hate worse than establishment politicians. In this regard, feminist wimminz have done the unthinkable. I actually feel some sympathy for these vultures. From the phony #metoo accusations against Chuck Schumer, to the unhinged ranting at Mitch McConnel as he’s trying to catch a plane. I’m actually starting to identify these cretins as human.

Only the feminist is so loathsome, so disgusting, that she could stand next to a soulless parasite, and make him look accessible, identifiable, and worthy of my concern. In that regard, perhaps the screeching wimminz do serve a purpose, however ignoble.

Epicureanism For The MGTOW


Down below, our brother honeycomb found the following homosexample of fag entitlement on the grauniad…

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 22.12.42

tl/dr: Asian homo gets on the swingers sites, looking for some strange. Someone tells him that he won’t bang gooks. Somehow, this is news.

I have never been on Grindr, but only because I don’t prefer gay dick. I have been on Tinder, PoF, Stumble, OK Stupid, and Snatch dot com, for years. As a dude who is down with brown, I often get declines from hot black chicks, who prefer black dudes.

Guess what? I don’t cry about it. I definitely wouldn’t go public, with my real name, whining in the press… especially if my name was Sinakhone.

I have also been approached by Asian chickies. Like the unnamed white queer this whining nancy is crying over, I don’t have yellow fever. Now, I’m never as rude as that guy, but that’s beside the point. When my short little slant-eyed sister asks to get down, I always politely say no. There are millions of men (including dudes as white and as tall as I am) that will jump at the chance to bang a chinawoman. They’re but one swipe past my profile. She can choose from among them.

The next thing I expect to see is mainstream press articles, castigating guys like me, for not having gay sex on demand. How dare we straight men not suck dick? That’s, like, discriminatory.

I don’t need an excuse. The dick knows what it likes. My dick likes wimminz, not fags, and my dick sees in black-and-white. That’s just how it always has been, and there isn’t a damned thing in the world that is going to change it. I was “born this way,” as Lady Gaga might say.

The wealth required by nature is limited and is easy to procure; but the wealth required by vain ideals extends to infinity.

My man Epicurus knew what was what. History suggests that he never married, and he had no children. Wimminz and fags: full of vain ideals, and never happy with what they’ve got. Be like Epicurus. Stay away from them.

America’s Future is Israel

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 22.02.45

People often point to Sweden as a feminist state, but I have come to doubt the analogy.

In Sweden, shared parenting is assumed upon divorce, child support is ordered only in extraordinary cases, and people who deny visitation to the other parent are punished.

Contrast this with the Feminist Republic of Israel, where men are regularly served house arrest notices, along with divorce papers. It is quite common for an Israeli man to have his international passport seized, for no fault or crime of his own, but just as a “precaution,” lest he decide to leave the country before the faggots down at the divorce courts rob him blind.

We have already seen that Israeli bitches have the social and political power to imprison any man on false charges, and we have also seen that Israeli sluts are so shamelessly careless, that the government now bills their cucked fathers and husbands for their abortions. Here’s some more realtalk from our brothers across the water.

It is Israeli wimminz who have the upper hand in all arenas. Even still, Israeli feminists slander their men as hateful monsters and misogynists. (That never happens here — just ask Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh.)

In the following video, a divorce attorney shares the truth. Marrying any wimminz in Israel is a very risky proposition. I recommend all North American men watch this video carefully.┬áThe future of North America is not Sweden, it is Israel. The Israelis are not any different from us in kind or potential. They’re just a bit further along than we are.

We love all our brothers around the world. Make sure to visit these youtube channels, and tell them that Boxer sent you.