Great Argument for Blood Atonement

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Of course, according to the Prophet Brigham, I’d be in line for a righteous beheading too, as I’m not too interested in religion. Even so, if it’d clean up people like this, I’d be tempted to take one for the collective and do my part.

From time dot com (no link, because it’s mostly fake news):

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A U.S. Navy veteran in Utah was arrested Wednesday in connection with suspicious envelopes that were sent to President Donald Trump and top military chiefs.

William Clyde Allen III, 39, was taken into custody in in the small northern Utah city of Logan, said Melodie Rydalch, a spokeswoman for the state’s U.S. attorney’s office.

People have asked me why Mormons hate Donald Trump. The quick and simple answer is that it’s because they hate America and its people. Mormons don’t want America to be “Great Again,” because America tried to genocide us, and when we escaped to form our own country, it sent Albert Sidney Johnston to chase us down for extermination. It was only through the wisdom of this Southern general, who was sympathetic to the victims of a federal invasion, that the civil war didn’t pop off early.

Fast-forward to today, and we find that Mormons are too blinded by their own hatred to see the obvious. The descendants of all those people who lost the war in Missouri have lost their future. They’re dumbed down and now half-black. They tried to genocide us 150 years ago. They’ve already been genocided in return, and they’ll never be coming back.

We won. “Heritage America” is dead. The whole country belongs to us now. Let’s quit fucking it up, already.

Two years after his Navy tenure ended, he was charged in a child sex-abuse case involving two girls he had an unspecified “relationship of trust” with, court documents state. He later pleaded guilty to lesser neglect and abuse charges and did not have to register as a sex offender.

Typical LDS nepotism. I’d guess he raped non-members (probably non-white altogether). It’s also possible he raped the daughters of converts. Either way, it’s a sad case of the typical dysfunction endemic to Deseret, where the descendants of the pioneers are free to act like complete assholes without any punishment.

It’s high time we started policing our own, and taking out our own garbage. Jeff Sessions shouldn’t have to do it.

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10 thoughts on “Great Argument for Blood Atonement”

  1. In the olddie dayz .. we’d stomped a mud-puddle into his arse.

    Publicly .. (and with their approval).

  2. I’m sorta torn. As a free speech absolutist, I find it abhorrent that the system is censoring gab. Even so, gab censored Weev (who, admittedly, is sort of an asshole) apparently for nothing more than making a fat joke. It’s hard to feel sorry for the so-called “free speech” social network, when they ban the people they don’t like, in exactly the same way twitter does.

    Weev, (real name Andrew Aurenheimer) is an outspoken neo-nazi, descended from Jewish holocaust survivors. That sounds bizarre, because it is. Weev is infamous for banging a hideous, fat, annoying, ugly feminist named Shanley Kane. (I wish I were making this up.) Tyreese can correct me if I’m mistaken on any of these details. Those two hang out over at MPC.

    I’m sure he and I wouldn’t ever be friends, but he shouldn’t be silenced merely for being a dork, and neither should everyone still on gab.

  3. I didn’t realize GAB censored anyone.

    Shame on them .. but that said .. silencing alternate platforms in a monolopy market you are trying to escape (twitter) is akin to a revolution with England.

    Those that peaceful revolution possible make violent revolution a certainity.

    BTW .. I don’t use any social media platforms.

  4. dang fingers ..

    Those that peaceful revolution IMpossible .. make violent revolution a certainity.

  5. I don’t get how destroying a country you live in because it tried to kill your ancestors somehow benefits your present state.

    Victimood mentality kills all that espouse it.

  6. Gab’s a good place and MPC is a good place. I’ve been on both since they started. Torba says he’s got a new host and all is well. Weev is a damned character who hijacks fax machines, but he has never done wrong to anyone.

  7. “…hijacks fax machines…”

    Off topic, but I’ve written faxing code. The real “Class 2” byte-by-byte faxing at the hardware level. I had to maintain “Class 1” faxing code as well. It is almost as miserable as single parenting. Hopefully between the dual miracles of surviving both of those, I’m approaching sainthood (lol).

    Back on topic, one observation: Boxer criticizes the LDS like many of his Christian readers criticize the various Christian denominations.

  8. The real reason that Mormons hate Donald Trump is because their culture in Utah (not Deseret) is all about style over substance…it’s about superficiality…it’s an image thing.

    Their religion is so devoid of substance that the superficial is all they have to get any meaning from. If you spend any time in the Book of Mormon Belt, you’ll see that to call them up-tight is an understatement – everyone is watching everyone else like hawks, everyone is talking shit about everyone else, and success in life means not being one of those who become ostracized by all the rest of the Molly Momos. Lifestyle and standing in the community is everything, and those are determined by things like..

    1. How many kids you and your wife have
    2. How faithfully you pay your tithing, fast offering, etc.
    3. Whether or not all of your kids are Temple-worthy
    4. Whether anyone in your family has been caught drinking hot drinks or alcohol
    5. If all of your sons have gone on missions
    6. How *quickly* your sons married after returning from their missions
    7. How clean-cut and short haired the sons are
    8. How profanity-free everyone is
    9. How high-ranking and influential everyone is in the local ward and stake
    10. How “white” you are (no, I’m not race-baiting – Mormonism is known for being pretty anglocentric, and for reasons they themselves can’t fully explain)

    The things they hate about Trump are the facts that a). he’s not Mormon, b). he has married three times with kids from each marriage, c). hes a braggadocious, bombastic New Yorker who speaks louder and is more influential than the “elders on high”, d). he swears, e). He has Jews in his family and accepts them, f). HE’S NOT MITT ROMNEY.

    Yes, that last one is a big one. They are still sore from the fact that Mitt Romney isn’t finishing out his second term as president right now (many Mormons believe that a Mormon will someday be president, according to prophecy). Mitt Romney, a globalist, doesn’t have much of anything good to say about Trump (not sincerely anyway) and Mormons in Utah take their cues from a guy like that. I was actually quite surprised that Utahns would choose Mitt Romney over his primary challenger, Mike Kennedy, who is also a Mormon but has more of a Trump-aligned agenda. Those views may have had something to do with it, but it was more because it goes back to the image thing – Mitt Romney exemplifies what all Mormons aspire to be – Rich, clean-cut, well-dressed, influential and respected by “on high”. Mitt Romney is a total fake, but that doesn’t matter…not to a people and a culture that is built on a foundation of fake.

  9. @boydoesntmeetgirl

    #1 through #8, in a more serious and less snarky sense, basically describe the Anabaptists (just modify it somewhat for cultural differences). My wife and I got married at 21, among the last of our peers to do so. We also waited many years to start our family, after almost everyone we knew had families. The pressure to get married young and to start a family was intense. This is actually a good thing, as feminism could not thrive there.

    I can’t say that Mormons are not up-tight, perhaps they are. But most of those reasons you give are the result of sound doctrinal stances. Any functioning society or social sub-group requires a core ethic or praxis upon which it is based.

    In social terms, the societies fail to keep some sort of shared purpose or unity end up fracturing and falling apart. In Christian terms, those societies that build upon a subjective foundation will fail: a shared ‘objective’ reality is required.

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