This Week’s Feminist Heroine

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Another day, another murderous wimminz performs a series of retroactive autoabortions. More grist for my blog. More evidence of the superior morals of contemporary American feminist wimminz. What’s not to love?

Buried in the back pages is a particularly useless cunt, who recently came up for parole. Her story is interesting, only because she’s so brazen about exercising her “right to choose” as an American wimminz. A true feminist hero(ine), rat cheer…

On 22 January, 2011, skank-ho Julie Schenecker purchased a .38 revolver. Because Florida required a 5 day waiting period, she had plenty of time to plan her abortion. On 27 January, she picked up her weapon while her two children were at school. After Beau (M, 13) and Calyx (F, 16) got home for the evening, Skanky Julie loaded the boy up in the car, claiming they had to meet his football coach.

Little Beau never left the garage. He was shot in the face by his mother. She then calmly walked back into the home, and shot young Calyx twice, in the back of the head. She died doing her homework.

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Following the typical feminist ploy, Skanky Julie told police that her children were being ritually raped by their dad. Unfortunately, their father was a military officer, with a high security clearance, and he had been stationed in Qatar for several months. When cops let her know that the usual script wouldn’t fly, Skanky Julie simply laughed, and said:

“I killed them because they were sassy.”

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Skanky Julie maintains that she was right to murder her children, that she was simply exercising her “right to choose” as enshrined in the U.S. Constitution; and, in fact, her position is easily defended. People in this post code might wonder why she is in prison at all. Every day, hundreds (if not thousands) of filthy American wimminz murder their children with the help of Planned Parenthood. What’s two more kids, shot in the head, by their similarly deranged cunt of a mother?

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Calyx and Beau. RIP

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22 thoughts on “This Week’s Feminist Heroine”

  1. Previously investigated for “child abuse” .. no charges [1]

    At least the Husband and Dad was available for comment ..

    Her husband, Army Colonel Parker Schenecker, released a statement today saying that he was grieving with family and friends. He said that “he is devoted first and foremost to honoring the lives and memory of his beautiful children, Calyx and Beau,” according to the statement released by Schenecker.

    [1] ..

  2. [Besides messing up a blockquote above .. I have one last thing to say about this skank-ho ..]

  3. They always have that demonic smirk on their face.

    We should have never given wimminz the right to vote.

  4. And of course play the game of what would happen if the father did this to his kid and said that was his explanation….

    The NPC media would certainly highlight the ‘ebil pattyarch’ for the masses to see just how terrible fathers are.

  5. I’ve actually temporarily retired from most of my more risky activities (except riding my motorcycle in low-traffic situations/times) because the thought of leaving my boys alone with their mother causes me great anxiety. When they both get outta their teens, I’ll start ramping up some.

  6. Notice there’s no bridge on Skankie’s nose; it’s a straight run from her forehead down her nose. That indicates an iron will. Combined with disorderly hair and red-rimmed eyes, she’s crazy with the strength of character to act on the crazy. Scalp-locked hair proves she tries to not be feminine. She probably tried to boss the kids around, failed and had the grit… if that’s the right word… to enact what most feral women only imagine.

    One good thing about waiting periods, they can make premeditation very easy to prove. “Alright, you’ve cooled off from any murderous impulses you might have had.” “…Okay, sure.”

    “When they both get outta their teens, I’ll start ramping up some.”

    Midlife crisis detected!

  7. ‘Damn, she looks like a hard-core dyke. Are we sure that’s the birth mother?’

    I have no proof…but give how some hateful dykes can act she might of hated her daughter just because of the fact she was blossoming into a beautiful woman.

  8. You guys are close to conflating two very different things.

    Brother KH writes:

    Julie looks like a hard-core dyke.

    I really think this might be it. Note that when researching the backstory, bitch had a history of fighting with husband and kids. Also, note that father accepted overseas assignments just to get rid of the bitch.

    By “dyke” I don’t mean just gay female lesbo. There are plenty of them, but there are a subset of lesbo that truly hate men and children. This is what she seems like.

    I have no proof…but give how some hateful dykes can act she might of hated her daughter just because of the fact she was blossoming into a beautiful woman.

    This is very common, and is part of the whole electra complex that Jung came up with. Usually it manifests in the mother of the teenage girl trying to “outdo” daughter for the attention and affection of men (used to merely be dad, but in our degenerate society, it’s often random men on the street, and in some cases, mom will seduce and fuck daughter’s teenage boyfriends.)

    Note also how many wimminz frivolously divorce their husband around the daughter’s 14-16 span. Wimminz sees daughter getting attention, and gets jealous. In short, many American wimminz blur the lines between parent and competitor when it comes to their kids.


  9. She also changed her Twitter avatar to a black-and-white image of the Nike Swoosh logo and the slogan: “Wear a hijab. Just do it.”

    “This is to announce that I am proud to have become a Muslim. This is the natural conclusion of any intelligent theologian’s journey,” she tweeted.

    “All scripture study leads to Islam. Which makes all other scriptures redundant. I will be given (another) new name. It will be Shuhada.”

    Her Twitter account says the singer now lives in “Direland”.

    As said previously ..

    “Men learn from their mistakes .. Wimminz double down on theirs.”

    She’s been figjting the Catholic Church for years .. and in her final desparart act of re-noun-sing the RCC she does this ..

    Glad she finally found a .. [other than suicide attempts] .. civil way to vent her frustrations without harm to anyone else (HEH; Islamb the Real-Legion of Peace) .. /S

  10. By the way, when I worked for a medical journal, we used to tally articles in obstetrics vs. gynecology. Abortion articles were always counted in “gynecology.”

  11. ‘She’s been figjting the Catholic Church for years .. and in her final desparart act of re-noun-sing the RCC she does this ..’

    She did it before by joining some heretical sect that ordinates wimminz.

    Guess she didn’t get the attention she thought by being a female ‘priest’ because quite frankly she’s just LARPing…she decided to go down the Mo route. He seems to be a big draw these days to the confused and empty.

  12. Never forget the type of western wimminz who joins Islam is trying to fill the empty void of fruitlessness and victimhood feminism gave her.

    Mo’s brothers will certainly rape and beat her into submission…then she can finally experience the abusive and rape culture she’s only been LARPing about in the west.

  13. She seems dumb as a box of rocks ..

    Police obtained a search warrant for Folwell’s phone.

    “The search history started with ‘ways to die instantly’ and ended with ‘missing babies cases,’” the statement said. “Other searched items included how long it takes babies to drown, five types of parents who kill, reasons parents kill their babies and sudden infant death syndrome.

    “There were over 100 different searches on these types of topics,” the statement added.

    Confronted about the searches, Folwell acknowledged doing them and “getting in the bathtub with her son and then letting him go,” the statement said. “Jenna said she settled on this way because she did not want to hear her son cry.”

    The dad was not allowed to comment ..

    Jenna Folwell put her son’s body in two blankets in a duffel bag in their apartment before calling police from a park Wednesday to report that a male stranger had abducted the infant after threatening to kill her, Chandler police said.

    Likely she would’ve pinned it on the biological dad if she knew who that might be .. /s

    The statement says Folwell told investigators she regretted her decision after her son was in the tub for about a minute and attempted CPR before putting his body in the duffel bag and going to the park.

    After caught .. she plays the simp-uh-thee card ..

    Folwell remained jailed on suspicion of first-degree murder after making an initial court appearance Thursday. A judge set bail at $1 million.

    To which the judge ignored ..

    Court records don’t list a defense attorney who could comment on the allegations.

    Speaking of being ignored .. HEH!

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