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Pulled from some random comments section, we have “Grammieof6” — a wimminz who defines herself by and about motherhood, who asks an internet lawyer how to rip off her current husband.

I have 3 children from a previous marriage. I re-married 4 years ago (but have lived with my now husband for the past 6 years). My ex-husband has not paid any child support during this time as he was in prison or only worked for cash

Let’s unpack.

“Granny of 6” shacked up and knocked boots with a complete scumbag. She chose him to be the father of three children. At some point, while the love of her heart was serving one of his prison sentences, or working the grey market (pimp? pot dealer? who knows) she started banging the current simp.

After two years of banging her present chump, she manipulated him into marriage. In the interim, he’s busted ass to support the children she appeared with, sired by the trailer-park meth-cook.

My current husband has provided 100% of my children’s support for the past 6 years. Now my current husband wants a divorce.

Gee, I wonder why he wants to dump your ass? Could it be that you’re still banging the badboy who sired your cunt droppings? Did you gain 75 lbs within a year of the wedding? Did you quit making dinner and doing dishes? Did you quit fucking him? Did you start nagging?

My money is on all of the above.

Does my current husband have any legal obligation to continue to support my children?

And there it is: The wages of being the nice, stand-up guy who does right by a lady, who helps her out, and who goes way beyond what I would ever do in pursuit of the civilized family life. This is his reward.

As Earl and Honeycomb would say: Don’t clean up another man’s mess.

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  1. And also the wages of what happens when a wimminz has children from a tingle producer. It’s really like clockwork.

    He might be the cad of your dreams…but they often either end up in jail or can’t hold a job…long story short, he’s not husband or father material. Once the wimminz see the writing on the wall is when they go seeking the man to clean up their mess.

    Sure the short version is the AF/BB thing the sphere came up with…but really the first guy isn’t an ‘alpha’ at all…he’s just a scumbag who got her to believe her tingles.

  2. (Though this site is a giant PSA for men ..)

    This, post, is a great PSA for all men.

    Act accordingly fella’s.

  3. Does my current husband have any legal obligation to continue to support MY children?

    This point is important (re: the use of the term MY children”)

    Gentlemen .. this is how a womminz see’s you ..

    Stay single my friends.

  4. This is what th wimminz (and law-makers) think of DNA tests to prove paternity ..

    But women’s groups and child advocates are alarmed by a trend that they say could harm children.

    [1] circa 2002

    If she (re: G66) had been smart she could’ve married the simp and then gotten preggers from another man .. and the married man would’ve been on the hook in MOST states.

    An American Association of Blood Bank survey in 2000 of 30,626 paternity tests showed that 30 percent of those taking the tests were not the real fathers.

    For those keepin’ score at home .. that’s One in Three kids born by wimminz are ill-lie-gent-uh-meant .. yes you read that correctly .. are from a man other than the one on the birth certificate.

    I can hear yenz now sayin’ .. “What about Truth and Justice?!”

    Well .. this is what the opposition thinks about truth and justice ..

    Others have not been swayed. In October, California Gov. Gray Davis vetoed a paternity fraud bill, saying the measure would only delay child support collection and let some biological fathers wriggle out of parental responsibility.

    Child advocates agree. They worry that children will be traumatized by losing the emotional and financial support of the person they know as “Dad.”

    “I would think if there’s a close parent-child relationship, then the matter of whose DNA the child is carrying wouldn’t matter that much,” said Laura Morgan, chairwoman of the American Bar Association’s Child Support Committee. “It’s too easily reducing parentage to dollars and DNA.”

    In many cases, a man suspects a child is not his and chooses to raise the child anyway, said Paula Roberts, a lawyer at the Center for Law and Social Policy in Washington. But after a divorce “he has a new wife and she’s saying, ‘Why are we paying for this kid?’ Now he wants out,” she said.

    “What kind of damage have we done to the kids if the person they know as their father wants out?”

    “What kind of damage have we done to the kids if the person they know as their father wants out?”

    IDK ask mom why she’s a “low-down-dirty-skank-ho” ™ .. oh wait .. ain’t nobody gotz time fo dat ..

    [1] ..

  5. This .. in 2005 .. suggests 1% to 30% are not the father ..

    Their review of estimates of so-called paternal discrepancy over more than 50 years suggests the father was not the natural parent in between 1% and 30% of cases.

    In the 2002 article above and this one in 2005 .. depending on how you look at paternity .. mandatory DNA testing is the answer. Especially if you’re on the hook for that little one. It should be automatic terms of divorce with a trip to jail and no money for th womminz.

    * I realize the 2002 article has mis-leading data points. The point was that of those that thought paternity was in play .. they were right 1 in 3 times. In fact a TV show in the USofA called “You ARE / ARE NOT (pick one via DNA) the Father!” .. fella’s .. you’ve been warned.

  6. ‘Stay single my friends.’

    I have a legal obligation to support my kids…just like any other father does. What I don’t have any legal obligation to do (unless I choose to) is support any other man’s kids.

    And since I have no kids…

  7. Earl ..

    If you’re married to a women and she has a child not of your gentic make-up .. in most states you would be on the hook regardless of the admission of the true paternity.

    In fact GQ wrote about in Cali-Fornication they (a certain crime political family) used to purposefully send “notices to appear” to the wrong addresses of men to get default judgements of child support .. all knowing these men were not the fathers.

    To make matters worse they refused to allow these men to have justice when it was proven they were not the fathers.

    The government just wants a man to pay .. the right one is optional.

    Sad .. really sad .. that in The USofA you can’t get justice in the family courts.

    So like you .. I have no wife or kids. My choice has a different ending than all the other generations of my family before me. And I have to live with my choices. And by live with .. I mean .. LIVE like a king when I retire without a wife and kids .. 👍

  8. ‘The government just wants a man to pay .. the right one is optional.’

    That’s really what it’s about in the gynocracy…it’s female socialism.

    I can prevent marrying a single mother…and as far as cucking well I have to hope she has fear of the Lord and decent morals. I’d be tempted enough to have take the bastard to the adpotion agency.

  9. I’d be tempted enough to have take the bastard to the adpotion agency.

    I like it .. Good Man .. start with the real dad .. and in a just world .. give both the wife & kid to the new Mr of the old Mrs Earl.

    I pray stone party might break-out .. of course only .. in a just world.

  10. “You men and your rulez!”

    She was told not to apply for the award or accept an award for these flights BECAUSE SHE DID NOT MEET THE ENTRY REQUIREMENTS .. (i.e. SOLO FLIGHT) .. and she’s upset she couldn’t bask in the glow of narcissism before a MAN challenged her flight / award.

    “A woman pilot known as the Bird in a Biplane was brought down to earth with a bump yesterday after losing a battle to retain a trophy she won for an expedition over Africa.

    Tracey Curtis-Taylor, 56, told The Times that she was resigning from the Light Aircraft Association and would re-register her vintage aircraft overseas in protest.

    The row has divided pilots as Ms Curtis-Taylor and her allies accused detractors of being “out-of-date misogynists” while critics denounced her for making false claims about her achievements.

    The argument began after Ms Curtis-Taylor paid tribute to the celebrated 1920s aviator Mary Heath in 2013 by flying from Cape Town in South Africa to Goodwood in West Sussex in a 1942 Boeing Stearman plane.

    The next year she was awarded the Light Aircraft Association’s Woodhams Trophy for her achievement. She was then stripped of the prizein 2016 after the expedition’s logistics manager, Sam Rutherford, accused her of claiming that it was a solo voyage when she was frequently accompanied in her two-seater plane by her mechanic, Ewald Gritsch.

    She was said to have described her expedition as a “solo flight” at a public event in Herne Bay in Kent and failed to correct similar claims in the media, including a documentary shown on BBC Four. Ms Curtis-Taylor admitted that she had been wrong to describe her trip as a solo expedition but said that it was a one-off mistake and not the basis of the award.

    Yesterday she and her allies put forward two motions at the association’s annual general meeting at Sywell Aerodrome in Northamptonshire, either of which would have returned the award to her.

    One proposed by Stewart Jackson, vice-president of the association, described the 2016 decision as “vindictive [and] irrational” and blamed the board for “errors of judgment”. It added: “Injustice was done. Let’s admit we made a bad mistake that made — and will continue to make us, if we don’t do the right thing — look like an out-of-date club of misogynists.”

    Voters in the association, which is 95 per cent male and has an average age of 61, were untroubled by the risk to their image. They voted against the motion by 389 to 82, with 87 per cent of votes being cast remotely. A second motion with more moderate wording was also voted down, by 277 to 202.

    Ms Curtis-Taylor said that she no longer wished to have anything to do with the association and would be registering her vintage Ryan Recruit plane in America. “It’s ignorance. It’s discrimination. This is how women have been closed out of aviation,” she said.

    Tracey Curtis-Taylor completed the flight in a 1942 Boeing Stearman
    Tracey Curtis-Taylor completed the flight in a 1942 Boeing Stearman (TIM KELLY)
    “I’ve been a member for 14 years [but] they do not value what I’m doing. I am finished. This was two years of trying to right a wrong but the bigger struggle [to promote women in aviation] goes on.”

    Mr Rutherford, a former army officer who fell out with Ms Curtis-Taylor during the Africa expedition, said that he had warned her not to accept awards.

    “I contacted her twice. I said: ‘Keep going with whatever you’re doing but if you’re offered awards, please decline them.’ ” He admitted that he had engaged in an online campaign to encourage people to vote against her. “It’s fairly clear that both sides of the argument have been very active in trying to rally support,” he said.

    “I’m all for more women coming into aviation — my wife and my daughter fly. They don’t need some sort of false support for that. It reduces the real achievements out there.”

    Honesty is optional in a womminz hamsterization of reality.

  11. ‘Ms Curtis-Taylor admitted that she had been wrong to describe her trip as a solo expedition but said that it was a one-off mistake and not the basis of the award.’

    Heck in that wimminz mind if a ‘beta’ helped her in performing a ‘solo’ flight she probably thought she was solo.

    Wimminz seem to love to LARP as doing man-like feats…but they are not fooling anyone.

  12. I won’t mention the nation so that Boxer’s blog gets flagged…but there is a popular army that has ladies LARP as military when this is really the only militaristic feats they do.

  13. Earl ..

    A-meal-ya Air-heart was a fraud too.

    She was a passenger (while 2 memz folk flew her) on that trans-atlantic flight.

    She (the never solo Amelia Crash-Heart) got a tik-or-tape parade like Charles Linburg.

    They’ve been LARP’in for a long-time.

    The problem is some men thunk she deserves that award .. even after she admitted (with the help of eye-witness) she didn’t fly solo.

    Treeasonous bastards .. that’s how we got in this mess to start with .. damn simps!

  14. Now compare her facial (and other) features carefully.

    Also look at what you don’t or can’t see due to her efforts to cover them up / obscure them.

    This is a hateful feminist .. and it’s easy to see. I’d go so-far to say a ball-busting-bitch.

    Threats and in-tim-eye-day-shun are on the menu fella’s .. steet clear of battle-cunts like this one.

    It’s about time men grew a pair and cut the cord of support she has counted on to thrive undeservedly.

  15. It’s about time men grew a pair and cut the cord of support she has counted on to thrive undeservedly.


    I’ve long said the minute men, especially the male feminists, the DODOs (dads of daughters only), the white knights, the betas, and the simps stop propping up feminism the ethos will fall apart in 5 years.

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