The Rise of Global Populism

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The feminist-capitalist media will tell you that Trump is a flash-in-the-pan: a unique anomaly who will soon be voted out of office (if not impeached outright.) In fact, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Trump actually seems to be a local example of a global realignment.

Here’s Brazil’s Bolsonaro, who looks like he might ascend to the presidency.

Gotta respect a man who is always on thot patrol.

Here’s Rodrigo Duterte, the hard-dick brother who was elected president of The Philippine Islands.

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7 thoughts on “The Rise of Global Populism”

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  2. [womminz says] “she’s not worth raping”

    This is a powerful statement .. what an insightful view of defeat and ang-wish.

  3. Plus the Brazil guy survived an attempted assassination. That’s got to do something to a man.

    Let’s not forget the new Italian PM who has stated that he won’t be a puppet for Brussels…from what I’ve been reading in Italy things are already starting to turn around from the poz. From shutting down the immigrant train to pointing out how abortion and sodomy are abominations.

    Of course blogs like CH point out his ‘alphaness’ with the ladies…I’d rather see it as a man who gets what leading a country is about. His responsibility…not listening to what deep state says.

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