Bezos Banishes Thots

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Good Morning, Gentlemen. I’ll be reviewing your qualifications today.

Amazon worked on building an artificial-intelligence tool to help with hiring, but the plans backfired when the company discovered the system discriminated against women, Reuters reports.

Citing five sources, Reuters said Amazon set up an engineering team in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2014 to find a way to automate its recruitment.

The company created 500 computer models to trawl through past candidates’ résumés and pick up on about 50,000 key terms. The system would crawl the web to recommend candidates.

“They literally wanted it to be an engine where I’m going to give you 100 résumés, it will spit out the top five, and we’ll hire those,” one source told Reuters.

That anyone expected anything different would be news. A.I. judges on merit, not on sex-organs. All the female whining in the world won’t sway the cold analysis of the machine.

Consequently, the AI concluded that men were preferable. It reportedly downgraded résumés containing the words “women’s” and filtered out candidates who had attended two women-only colleges.

Amazon’s engineers apparently tweaked the system to remedy these particular forms of bias but couldn’t be sure the AI wouldn’t find new ways to unfairly discriminate against candidates.

Career wimminz are obsolete. The sooner we face this reality, the better off we’re all going to be.

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Author: Boxer

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10 thoughts on “Bezos Banishes Thots”

  1. They have jobs not careers.

    The gov makes jobs for them and forces others to do the same.

    This just proves th wimminz need men .. to do their work .. HEH!

    [Obviously male bias is to blame .. re: resumes.]

  2. “Discriminated”. Nope. Calculated based on the probability of maintaining or increasing productivity. A machine does not have the ability to discriminate, it either accepts or rejects based on input parameters. Maybe you can call that “logical discrimination”, but they want to spin this as “even machines hate the women”!

    Women. Mathematically inferior to men, and we have the data to prove it. 😂

  3. Maybe you can call that “logical discrimination”, but they want to spin this as “even machines hate the women”!

    I believe a machine can DISCRIMINATE based on it’s programming. Which isn’t emotional / hateful / evil / etc at all. Machines don’t have emotions.

    But I do (re: emotions) .. which I’m told I am a cold hearted bastard regularly .. so I guess I’m a machine after all .. HEH!

    I DISCRIMINATE everyday. It’s a good thing. These resumes that were picked is a form of DISCRIMINATION. What’s wrong with picking the best talent? (Oh .. that’s why the fembotz are so upset .. whoops a daisy.)

    Only now they want that word to mean something evil because the fembotz demand no-one DISCRIMINATE. How stupid.

    I agree with Snapper Trx .. I just think the term is fine as is and doesn’t need any special qualifier attached to it (re: “logical” discrimination).

    If I recall correctly when I programmed computers we even used the term frequently.


    AND to all you skank-ho-harpies ™ .. you all DISCRIMINATE everyday to .. yes you do .. you pick and choose which cock you jump on everyday. You turn most down .. and you turn a few up .. HEH .. and that my dear fembotz is DISCRIMINATION.

    Boo-Whooo princess .. #MenDISCRIMINATE2 .. so .. SUCK-IT you skank-ho-harpies ™!

  4. ‘Women. Mathematically inferior to men, and we have the data to prove it.’

    They are when they try to be men…they excel when they are women. Feminism sold them the lie to give up their strengths to become inferior victims.

  5. WTF Over !!!—-then-this-happened/ar-BBOc7nO?li=BBnbfcN&ocid=mailsignout

    First .. why one Earth would anyone agree to repay a not-for-profit students loan debt? .. OH THAT’S RIGHT .. The SOCIALISTS need workers with worthless degrees to run cover for them .. very sick.

    Second .. why on Earth should anyone but the loan recipient be on the hook for a loan?

    Hey snowflake(s) .. jus’ an idea .. pay your own worthless degree’s off!

  6. Meh. No decent resume would reference SWE etc if they could manage Tau Beta Pi and a couple patents. Purely on GPA, females clustered high and low in my eng class, and 2/3 of Summa Cum Laude were women (although that included humanities).

    Now many years later, women shifted from designer/analysis rolls into managerial, pure research, or accounting type positions. The men of my class seem to have remained in more purely technical rolls, and have all clustered in Silicon Valley and Nasa/European Space Agency. The women are mostly aerospace/defense and pure research. Quite odd partitioning… If he robot was parsing my class for a techie that liked startups, can’t go wrong with men. Wrting/research heavy, choose the women.

    I really want to take a look into that AI. If names and gendered organizations were omitted, would it get the same results? The “engineers” designing this seem to have glossed over that. Perhaps types of phrasing, margins, fonts, etc. all are gendered to a degree. Best to go read up on that, as I need my designs and presentations to read very, very masculine.

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