What They Hate Most

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While our feminist enemies usually present a cool front in their corporate media, they occasionally slip up, unconcealing their actual motivations. So they did in this hysterical New Yorker article. Let’s go through an excerpt of it, and see what wisdom we can glean.

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Conflating Donald Trump, our much maligned president, with a Chicago murderer, and subtly pinning the misconstrual on Kanye… Such clever-and-meaningless rhetoric is par for the course.

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Granted, we’re not quite at the good part yet, but I had to quote this paragraph, if only to demonstrate the endless feminist hatred for Freud.

Personally, I love Freud, partly because quoting him drives my enemies absolutely bonkers (be they the cartoonish antisemites on the Dalrock comment section, or the kooky feminist academics who hate him without understanding him).

Mostly, I love him because he was the only ardent advocate of patriarchy to come out of the decadence of the 20th century. He believed in fatherhood and intact families, and he stuck to those guns until the end.

The idiots at the New Yorker allude to Kanye being obviously nuts, simply for quoting him. You might think this was a passing indictment. In fact, the author is setting up her main argument. We’ll see it presently.

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Here we have it, gentlemen. Kanye is insufficiently ashamed of being a man. Moreover, he’s meeting with a president who suffers from precisely the same pseudopathology.

Let’s go through the list of Kanye’s thoughtcrime, shall we?

  1. Kanye thought Bill Cosby should be considered innocent until proven guilty.
  2. Kanye got up on SNL wearing a red MAGA hat.
  3. Kanye alluded to having read the Moynihan report.
  4. Kanye has a history of refusing to worship skanky white sluts, as though they were goddesses.

As to the first count, well, Kanye is proving nothing more than the fact that he paid attention in civics class.

As to count two, Kanye liking an establishment politician, there’s something called the first amendment.

As to count three, everyone in this post code is guilty of that crime as well.

As to count four, that’s been a feature of this blog since the very first post.

At this point, I suspect Kanye might be an undocumented resident of V5K 2C2, himself. Even if he’s not, the third-rate hack who wrote this hit job will find little in the way of sympathy in these parts.

What our enemies hate most is a the sight of two successful, intelligent men, from very different backgrounds, coming together to express concerns for the family life in our society. These men were unchaperoned, and did not spout feminist talking points about giving more money to skank single mothers, or increasing the penalties on so-called “deadbeat dads.”

Kanye West and Donald Trump are insufficiently ashamed of their manhood. That’s the bottom line.

There is more to this article, but I don’t wanna bore you. As I’m anti-plagiarism, and all, I do want to make sure that I give proper credit to the wordsmith who penned this fantastically bright, lucid, helpful article.

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The New Yorker magazine is now scraping the barrel’s bottom, recruiting staff out of MTV News. How fitting that the authoress is at least one standard-deviation beneath the people upon whom she heaps scorn and derision. Clownworld in a picture.

One thing we can learn from this nonsense, is just how shortsighted our enemies are. If you have someone who disagrees with you, is it more effective to argue your points, or will it work better if you simply libel that man as being a mentally ill pervert? Kanye does not strike me as a coward. He’s merely hardening his position in response to earlier attacks. More of the same won’t break him.

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Good job, libs. Keep winning those hearts and minds.


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8 thoughts on “What They Hate Most”

  1. This helps me understand. I saw the headlines during my daily trawl for media but it was all “Kayne totally pwns Donald Trump and should get back on his medications because his friends are worried about him acting out.” I knew I was being lied to but that doesn’t always make the truth obvious. Needing psych meds is plausible after you marry a Kardashian.

  2. Kanye is insufficiently ashamed of being a man. Moreover, he’s meeting with a president who suffers from precisely the same pseudopathology.

    Choice in bride excluded…that is the bigger fear the left has. The minute the black man decides to not be emasculated by them anymore. They keep up the racist narrative hoping that emotional reactions keeps the majority of black men from what’s really ailing them.

    When Kanye was talking about welfare and the lack of fathers in black families…he hit the truth of the matter.

  3. I #believewimminz are all liars.

    I #believelibsocialists are all liars.

    I #believemsm are all liars.

    AND ..

    As for Bros before Hoez at the White House .. suck-it fembotz.

  4. ‘I #believewimminz are all liars.’

    I believe in trust but verify. And now when it comes to wimminz I believe no trust until verification.

    In other beleeb all wimminz news…this women thought a 9 yr old black boy SEXUALLY ASSAULTED her…yet the tape proves otherwise. Doesn’t matter…she still thinks he did. Is it any wonder why more men don’t even what to mess with these childless harpies?

  5. Crazy ass bitch. ” I’m a cop!”

    Crazy ass bitch, “I did not say ‘I’m a cop'”.

    Just because there is irrefutable objective evidence that her claim is false and she is a nut-job, that doesn’t alter her “truth”.

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