Always Believe Wimminz!


Edit: Thanks to Earl for breaking this story for us to enjoy.

The filthy trick ho’ above is one Teresa Sue Klein, age 53, of Flatbush New York (USA). Teresa clearly felt “empowered” by her feminist sisters, who have spent the last several weeks publicizing their sordid rape fantasies about a handsome Supreme Court justice. Not wanting to miss out on the attention, Skank-ho Teresa decided to wander down to the grocery and find some unfortunate random man to falsely accuse.

Once in position, this vile wimminz started screaming and cursing, claiming someone had “grabbed [her] ass.” When asked to identify the culprit, skank-ho Teresa fingered a nine-year old little boy.

Here’s The New York Post with more on Teresa-kook’s destructive public meltdown.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 22.34.22

(lolled hard at: “paying for two bags of cat litter…”)

When passersby did not pay proper deference to this heroic feminist, she decided to call the police. Amazingly, local police dispatchers corroborate witness reports, all of whom stated that this whore accused a nine-year old little boy of raping her in the supermarket.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 22.38.26

When the young brother and his distraught family, who had clearly done nothing whatever to this stupid bitch, attempted to leave, Skank-ho Teresa impersonated a police officer, and told them all that they were under arrest.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 22.43.01

If this is the new way of things, then truly, the fun is only just beginning. No man is safe in our feminist paradise, even the little ones…

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16 thoughts on “Always Believe Wimminz!”

  1. “lolled hard at: “paying for two bags of cat litter…”

    These jokes write themselves.

    Unfortunately this hysteria from toxoplasmosis causing wimminz to blame men for all sorts of things is becoming no joke anymore.

  2. I’m all for teaching wives/mothers how to cold clock others when appropriate and this skank needed to be punched in the face the moment she tried to prevent this lady and her kids from leaving. At minimum a generous application of pepper spray would have taught “desperately seeking Teresa” who’s so hard up for manhood to penetrate her that she accuses a nine year old kid of sexual assault, that she isn’t a cop and that stupid actions have painful consequences.

  3. I demand my pound me too! What won’t some man pound me too?!

    Hell Naw! for th dis-cuss-sting skank ho!

    Verdict: PASS .. even our young (9 yr old) brother knew this was a skank ho and passed.

    Good find Earl .. Boxers right (re: lolled hard at: “paying for two bags of cat litter…”) .. HEH

    KHH’s right .. we about to have open hunting season on these wimminz with no bag limit.

  4. S 190.26 Criminal impersonation in the first degree.
    A person is guilty of criminal impersonation in the first degree when
    1. Pretends to be a police officer or a federal law enforcement
    officer as enumerated in section 2.15 of the criminal procedure law, or
    wears or displays without authority, any uniform, badge or other
    insignia or facsimile thereof, by which such police officer or federal
    law enforcement officer is lawfully distinguished or expresses by his or
    her words or actions that he or she is acting with the approval or
    authority of any police department or acting as a federal law
    enforcement officer with the approval of any agency that employs federal
    law enforcement officers as enumerated in section 2.15 of the criminal
    procedure law; and
    2. So acts with intent to induce another to submit to such pretended
    official authority or otherwise to act in reliance upon said pretense
    and in the course of such pretense commits or attempts to commit a
    felony; or…

    Criminal impersonation in the first degree is a class E felony.

    Let’s us see if the magic vag “shields” her from prosecution. Little black boy has more diversity pokemon points, but methinks Klein’s obvious mental health issues will give her a “deflect ” move to help offset that.

  5. I imagine this poor kid and his mom are just trying to forget about the whole thing, but if they wanted to go after the “unemployed feminist and humanist” at least her name is published. Doubt they’d get much more than cat litter, though, so probably not worth it.

  6. BwhaaaaaaHaaaaaaaa ..

    WANTED: Strong Independent Womminz


    AKA: Awesome Police Womminz .. 911 speed tramp .. Corner Care-O-Line .. 2-Bags-Cat-Litter-Care-O-Line .. may go by other names; just don’t discount her verison of her truth (not supported by video).

    REWARD: An ex-plan-naw-a-shun that explains how a 53 year old womminz can claims to be both.


  7. Ok .. Ok .. I can see that the Award isn’t sufficient to make many attempt such an explaination ..

    So .. I’m raising the stakes ..

    Surely .. someone will attempt to wreck-un-style this beast above and her claims .. re: SIW ™ -vs- Weak Victim Womminz.

  8. You can’t use Mental-Illness ™ to collect on the “mo-nop-uh-lee money” .. that one is already taken.

    Please be original .. HEH!

  9. I couldn’t find the original posting of this video ..

    So here ya’ go .. Some of you might know what the markers are for .. but she doesn’t .. you have to ask .. if she grew up in a snowy place .. shouldn’t she know this kinda stuff?

  10. Ok .. found it ..

    This is troubling behavior .. I hope she doesn’t reproduce.

  11. Of course this bitch is too stupid to realize that she has probably just created another one of those misogynists she loves to hate.

    Seriously, any young boy growing up in any part of the Five Boroughs nowadays probably learns to despise women at a very early age.

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