Kanye West Meets The Prez

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So, Kanye met the president. Over on Jack Dorsey’s echo chamber, libs and fags are screeching about “decorum.”

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Last I checked, Kanye was a natural-born U.S. Citizen. The oval office, therefore, belongs to him. I’m unclear on exactly how it’s indecorous to allow him inside for a chat. Bear in mind that these are the same people who thought it was perfectly cool for Bill Clinton to face-fuck an intern in the same room.

The real issue, as I see it, is the fact that libs have created a frankenstein-type monster out of a lot of disparate special-interest groups. One of the largest is African-Americans. For better and for worse, African-Americans are tremendously disadvantaged by illegal immigration and crappy trade deals. Thus, Frankenstein’s monster is coming apart at the seams.

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18 thoughts on “Kanye West Meets The Prez”

  1. Of course libs would scream about the superficial garbage…they never see the essence of the matter.

    The black men in America are probably one of the most emasculated group and that’s saying something in this gynocracy. Between the majority growing up in single mother homes and having to resort to gang and crime as opposed to honorable work…it’s no wonder things havent’t got better. And as long as the libs can keep making them think it’s about racism and not emasculation…things won’t get better.

  2. LOL .. beat at their own game .. oh the oval burn .. Good job Mr POTUS.

    Once again this meltdown is showing that those stepping outside the box the socialist libs place you in will get you whacked.

    To me .. I have to get why Black Americans haven’t stagged massive protests to foreign labor in the USofA.

    The Dem Socialist Libs want votes yest deny you school vouchers .. and the Repub Prog’s and the Dem Socialist Libs want cheap labor (thus keeping the Black Man down) and the Evil Anti-American Corporations want to leverage more debt (everyone is maxed out .. so new blood is necessary) .. all hurting the Black Man / Family.

    Why they haven’t revolted is beyond me.

    Heck they’ve spent the last 20 years undoing the labor and efforts of MLK .. we’re headed back to segragation by choice.

    Where are the real black leaders? Are you gonna let th Clinton family crime inc be your mouth piece?

    Frankly .. well played by the POTUS. This, his trade deals and his straight talk have been game changers.

  3. Dear Honeycomb:

    Those close to the 41-year-old ‘are telling him that he needs to get back on his medication, that he’s not doing well, that he’s not making any sense,’ a source told the mag.

    Yez Yez… those unnamed sources…

    Anyway, everyone who has ever seen Kanye (i’ma letchu finish baybeee) West knows he’s bombastic and often over-the-top. It’s his style. Also typical that the Daily Fail would try to paint anyone who meets Donald Trump as somehow mentally ill.


  4. They want Kanye back on his meds so that he’s back to being a good zombie music industry drone.

  5. Boxer ..

    Me thinks they’re gonna paint Mr Trump / POTUS as the evil puppet master (heh) .. and that he’s racist to use a weak black man as his puppet.

    They failed at mocking KW .. so how do they think they’ll affect the POTUS?

    They’re just using their 55 gal drum of smear bias in hopes that still works.

    Actually .. me thinks it’ll have the opposite effect come Nov.

  6. “Why they (blacks) haven’t revolted is beyond me.”

    Why haven’t most rational white people revolted against the globohomomegacorpgov forces arrayed against them?

  7. Why haven’t most rational white people revolted against the globohomomegacorpgov forces arrayed against them?

    True .. But to some degree men have been dissenting .. look at the manosphere and the influence it now has.

    Or the comments sections of articles. It’s at a slow boil right now.

    Though your point is well taken .. and I wonder why nothing YET has happened (re: both topics).

  8. I would hate for Don Lemon to get fired. His replacement wouldn’t possibly be as visibly stupid and obviously homosexual.

    Please, CNN, don’t go all Dorsey. Keep your most entertaining clown on the show. He does such a great job for our side.

  9. Don Lemon with husband:

    This is the mincing nancy who deigns to sneer at our president.

  10. Why haven’t most rational white people revolted against the globohomomegacorpgov forces arrayed against them?

    Because those conglomerates peddle most of the useless junk and garbage media we have these days.

    To me the easiest way to ‘revolt’ is pull the plug. Second easiest way is to quit with the ‘male thirst’ they use to peddle their useless junk and have their women threaten to not give you the sex they weren’t giving you in the first place.

  11. 180 observation. New post coming this weekend on exactly that. I’ll give you credit.

  12. It’s not like Kanye is all in lock step with the Trump-era GOP either. He’s outspoken about police brutality in a way that would most conservatives a bit uncomfortable, for example. So he’s obviously a free thinker and not a mindless clone, but even that isn’t good enough.

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