14 thoughts on “The Rulez…”

  1. Poor Bastard .. frankly tho .. a skank ho has to be controlling .. she knows all the other wimminz are skank ho’s too .. and that skank ho’s are always tryin’ to score another skank ho’s man.

    TL;DR version .. A Skank Ho is gonna Skank Ho.

  2. But you got to understand…it’s because she really loves him.

  3. If yiu drug them at their request and have sex with them .. you go to jail (e.g. Bill Cosby) .. years after it happened with no police report.

    If they drug themselves and you refuse’em sex and you get attacked .. and you’ll still have to defend yourself later as well.

    Imagine the moxxxy it takes to file a police report and admit you started the fight .. but insist you’re the victim because you took an ass whoopin .. She wouldn’t have filed a police report if she had been the one to inflict the damage. Wonder-Woman she is not.


    Sounds like she got what she was asking for .. an ass whoopin. [1]

    [1] .. I tell th wimminz .. “If you take the position of a man .. you’ll take the ass whoopin of a man.”

  4. I beginning to think women instigate their own ass whoopings so they can post it to instatwitface and up their victimhood cred.

    Seriously…it’s like they watched Fight Club or something.

  5. ‘Rae (pictured) took to Instagram on Monday night to share a slew of texts she has received from Bush, claiming the Instagram model has been incessantly harassing her’

    Instagram…where any woman can be a ‘model’ or a ‘victim’. However none of them are learning how to be a wife or mother.

  6. Did the new owner check the car trunk for blood spatter? That chick’s boyfriend just got rid of his car… probably his only friend…

  7. However none of them are learning how to be a wife or mother.

    Sadly .. they (th wimmimz) bring nothing (of value) to the table .. (except de-gen-err-uh-see).

  8. “If I catch you around girls I kill you”

    She probably fell into a wood-chipper .. or a thick plastic tarp.

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