Cellular Resistance


When the word ‘terrorist’ appears in print, we generally don’t think of the British, and that’s a mistake. The first international terrorist was a British Army Officer named T. E. Lawrence. He’s popularly known as Lawrence of Arabia. While Lawrence used violence in a military application against the Turks of the Ottoman Empire, many of his tactical ideals can easily be adapted to our ends.

When an oppressed people are outnumbered by a much superior force, fighting is useless. Moreover, the hierarchical structures taught in unconventional warfare classes tend toward penetration by the enemy. This is our situation today. We live in a feminist state, and the feminists are our deadly enemies. They want to stamp out our free speech. They want to break up our families. They want our children raped and brainwashed, and they intend to laugh while it happens.

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The feminist controls the judicial system. The feminist controls the police. Right wing faggots (you’ll find them in Dalrock’s comment section) who vote Trump and who think that the police are their friends… they’re idiots. The police love nothing more than killing people just like you, and the feminists who sign their paychecks have given them permission to ice you the minute you become uppity. Don’t believe me? Just question them at the door, as they arrive after your skank-ho wife calls them on.

With such overwhelming power at their disposal, it seems like the feminists have already won, and the proper response is merely to prepare to be marched away to the gas chamber. This is where Lawrence of Arabia appears, to tell you that you’re wrong. The system is overwhelmingly powerful, it’s true. The system has nearly all of the automatic weapons, tanks and artillery pieces. The system has unlimited funds. The system has an entire ideological apparatus (called the faggot divorce courts) to separate you from your life’s produce, under color of law. You’re only one man. What can you do?

Tuten_maoThe same materiel which gives the system its power also gives the system its lag. The feminists are strong but they are slow. You are weak, but you are mobile.

The feminists employ armed men. When foreign antifeminists need to be wiped out, the feminists who kill them are called “the army.” When domestic antifeminists need to be wiped out, the feminists who kill them are called “the police.” These armed feminists have weapons and body armor, but they are also corrupt and shiftless. You are ideologically pure, motivated by a love of your people, high culture, and civilization. They are motivated only so far as their paychecks keep arriving. Moreover, most of them are vulnerable to the same injustices that you intend to resist. Whether the feminist killers admit as much, they are forced to admire you.

Feminists are uncreative. They need leaders, to tell them what to do. If you needed a leader, then that leader will sell you out to save his own ass. You do not need a leader. You have superior intellect, and what Che Guevara called a “leading idea.” The ideals of the patriarchy are your leader. Thousands and thousands of winners, your ancestors, call up through time to inspire you. The words and deeds of great men are recorded in the archives, and these men appear on demand to give you your marching orders. Thousands of little children, yet unborn, count on you to do your part.

T. E. Lawrence lost most of his battles, but the Turks lost the war to his Arab forces, because his goal was to survive, and his strategy was to use all of his inherent weaknesses in an asymmetric contest to his advantage. If you want to prevail in the war, as it is, you will do the same thing.

Author: Boxer

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  1. Feminists are uncreative. They need leaders, to tell them what to do.

    The best(and probably most hypocritical) part of feminism is that they still need some form of the patriarchy (structure and order) in order to exist. They need academia, churches, careers, groups, organizations stuff that men created…otherwise how would their zombie ethos survive? That’s the part those cat ladies hate the most.

  2. Fembots and MGTOW are polar opposites.

    And this is the fundamental error of th wimminz .. they are “leader” (aka the herd) / “in-group” driven. MGTOW are not .. and thusly driven by self-actuation.

    It’s important to note that the “grey-man” ™ really scares’em (re: invisible & mobile).

    And by them I mean the globo-homo-governments. Hence why they wish to end cash and off-grid living. They want to keep tabs on you .. everything you do is for sale to somebody .. and there is a big marjet for it. So .. it stands to reason they want you to establish and provide all of your digital data to them. You can’t be allowed to not participate in their schemes.

    They want you consuming and obeying their every desire. Keeping you broke in materially and spiritually. Spend it all on worthless crap. No thanks!

    Th wimminz wouldn’t survive without their help and the help of all the simps around you and them.

    Hurt the simps and globo-homo-governments / corporations bent on your destruction.

    Th Wimminz will fall into line as soon as more men “ghost-out” and tgey lose their protectors.

    Stop consuming and save for yourself. And for the love of GOD .. fella’s .. stop watching TV.

    Let’s bankrupt theze bishes!

  3. Earl .. (re: handwriting)

    The “Count to 10! Then open” [sic] with 90% certainty a womminz.

    The “You should smile even if the world’s getting you down” is interesting. Could be a man or a womminz. They are cumulative learns (e.g. slow learns .. but once learned .. not forgotten) .. open minded .. average to low self-esteem .. physically frustrated (e.g. sexually) .. a sexual deviant .. tactful .. OCD type person.

    I don’t have enough to do a proper analysis .. but it could be either a man or a womminz. Frankly though .. the 1st one is almost certainly a womminz. So, take that for what’s worth.

  4. @Boxer

    I lol’d at your “right wing faggots” quip.

    Dalrock and his red pilled wannabe’s are so cucked they can’t see the truth of it was staring them in the face.

    The cognitive dissonance being shown by Dalrock is incredible to behold…..him and his right wing faggots who religiously follow him, moan and bitch about gynocracy, the evil nature of women, the nasty pitfalls of marriage, the gynocentric laws that protect women and destroy men, yet they then have the gall to preach that marriage is the best thing ever, that fornication is so wrong, that good men should get married and lead his wife blah blah blah

    Nah, fuck off Dalrock you simpering cuck, you want men to be slaves to women whilst critiquing those who are smart enough to avoid women and just enjoy some good ole hot sex with them without getting committed and having our lives ruined

    Edit: Minor spelling errors at VIP request.

  5. WordPress`s auto correct is insane…..I said “hot sex” NOT “got sex” ….there’s also a whole lot of spelling errors in there as well grrrrrr

  6. Lol ok
    Much appreciated Boxer and keep up the fine work you’re doing here, I might not always comment but I read ALL your material and love it

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