The Christine Fair Thread

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The so-called “public utility” entitled Twitter, which permanently banned me at the IP level over a year ago, and which recently suspended James Woods for making a joke, has briefly suspended a miserable old hag for her illustration of feminist hatred. They let her come back, of course, as she has a cunt, and not a cock.

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As a free-speech absolutist, I deplore Twitter’s continued censorship of humor, whether the humor be skillful (as in James Woods’ case) or inadvertent (as in the nutter, above.) Said nutcase has done a great job for our side, introducing her employer (Georgetown University) into the brave new world of legal problems with her looney tirade, and serving to illustrate the depths of feminist kookery.

I truly hope that Mizz Fair will continue posting. If people like her didn’t make their presence known, all of us normals might forget that such deranged outlooks were possible.

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Incidentally, it’d be truly awful if some hard brothers did some propaganda action on the campus of Georgetown U..

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11 thoughts on “The Christine Fair Thread”

  1. Good Lord…can you imagine the depth of mental illness in that cunt. One thirty minute coffee talk with her – face to face – would reveal more slime than a Calcutta sewer.

  2. Mizz Fair is the fruits of feminism. The combination of man hatred, a barren womb…and cat lady rants that would make the drunk homeless bum down the street look like the sane one.

  3. Even if the Twit CEO hadn’t come out as an unabashed Liberal .. and by Liberal I mean COMMIE .. their actions speak loudly (re: unequal treatment of differing views than theirs).

    I’m tired of using their language. The called GW Bush an Ultra Conservative .. when in fact he is a LIBERAL PROGgressive.

    They don’t get to hide behind “liberal” any longer.

    The fact remains .. she was not really bannished or banned or censored in any meaningful way.

    So we need to TROLL Georgetown Unnie .. they care about their image.

    C. Christine Fair and Twitter do not care (re: image .. in fact they are proud of themselves) .. and are unabashedly unashamed / threatened .. for now.

    And if she can lie about threats by “terrorists” (sic) causing her no pain (i.e paid leave) .. I pray she really see’s real physical in person threats. Maybe then can she feel the burn .. which is only a portion of what her and her ilk perform daily to those of differing points of view.

    I pray GOD holds it against her.

  4. This is par for the course in ac’uh’damia ..

    Oh the parade I’d have if I was POTUS .. and by parade .. I mean it would be full of rope and lamp-posts .. or helo rides .. or 5th story building free-falls.

    If it isn’t ibvious by now I’ve had my fill of the academics in this country. JP .. you are an over-educated fool .. and a you have zero common sense.

    Piss-Off and don’t let the door hit-cha in the azz on the way out.

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