Wimminz and My Epiphany

There is no group of subhuman scum that I hate worse than establishment politicians. In this regard, feminist wimminz have done the unthinkable. I actually feel some sympathy for these vultures. From the phony #metoo accusations against Chuck Schumer, to the unhinged ranting at Mitch McConnel as he’s trying to catch a plane. I’m actually starting to identify these cretins as human.

Only the feminist is so loathsome, so disgusting, that she could stand next to a soulless parasite, and make him look accessible, identifiable, and worthy of my concern. In that regard, perhaps the screeching wimminz do serve a purpose, however ignoble.

Author: Boxer

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4 thoughts on “Wimminz and My Epiphany”

  1. Lou Dobbs was the one to initially open my eyes to the uni-party running the government. When asked about “gridlock” in Washington, he said there wasn’t any such thing and both parties thought everything was running just fine.

    Hell, gridlock is probably the best possible outcome for us outside the beltway types in the current scenario.

  2. Feminists are so stupid they don’t realize they are biting the hand that feeds them.

    Be it a male feminist liberal who wants to give women unlimited access to all the sexual perversions she wants and the right to kill her children or a tradcon feminist conservative who knows his daughter could emasculate your son’s ass and shoot a gun better than him…I regard both in the same bin of ire.

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