America’s Future is Israel

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People often point to Sweden as a feminist state, but I have come to doubt the analogy.

In Sweden, shared parenting is assumed upon divorce, child support is ordered only in extraordinary cases, and people who deny visitation to the other parent are punished.

Contrast this with the Feminist Republic of Israel, where men are regularly served house arrest notices, along with divorce papers. It is quite common for an Israeli man to have his international passport seized, for no fault or crime of his own, but just as a “precaution,” lest he decide to leave the country before the faggots down at the divorce courts rob him blind.

We have already seen that Israeli bitches have the social and political power to imprison any man on false charges, and we have also seen that Israeli sluts are so shamelessly careless, that the government now bills their cucked fathers and husbands for their abortions. Here’s some more realtalk from our brothers across the water.

It is Israeli wimminz who have the upper hand in all arenas. Even still, Israeli feminists slander their men as hateful monsters and misogynists. (That never happens here — just ask Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh.)

In the following video, a divorce attorney shares the truth. Marrying any wimminz in Israel is a very risky proposition. I recommend all North American men watch this video carefully. The future of North America is not Sweden, it is Israel. The Israelis are not any different from us in kind or potential. They’re just a bit further along than we are.

We love all our brothers around the world. Make sure to visit these youtube channels, and tell them that Boxer sent you.

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29 thoughts on “America’s Future is Israel”

  1. Ahhhhh .. leave it to the NYT ..


    Is-Real is a hot mess .. and a dangerous place for all men.

  2. Dalrock was talking about females in the military and I made the comment the only reason Israeli women get into the military was so they could pose in bikinis with guns.

    Then Spike revealed this video to me…when a man presents what actually happens to women in combat (namely they get injured)…all the feminist overlords can do is emote it’s not true and say he doesn’t ‘respect’ them. This is the feminist state…if it doesn’t line up with their feelz, it can’t be possibly true.

    Meanwhile another 1 out of 2 Israeli wimminz has another injury.

  3. I’m still not sure about how the slut-walks are supposed to work. So, you just show up, grab one and start banging her? Is there a limit? Can you throw a couple in the trunk for later? Can the men work in teams? Any help would be appreciated.

    Sweden is a feminist state (see feminist snow-plowing for example) but it appears that Israel is worse.

  4. I’m still not sure about how the slut-walks are supposed to work. So, you just show up, grab one and start banging her? Is there a limit? Can you throw a couple in the trunk for later? Can the men work in teams? Any help would be appreciated.

    I think it’s mainly wimminz who are unable to get any male attention at all that participate. It’s the most extreme form of advertising. Note the hilarious Reuters shot, which captures the two outliers who might actually (if they were modest) be attractive, along with a couple of older, totally unimpressed brothers in the background.

  5. Ahhhhh .. leave it to the NYT ..

    Here’s what “Life with no males” actually looks like:

  6. I think it’s mainly wimminz who are unable to get any male attention at all that participate. It’s the most extreme form of advertising.

    It’s certainly the wrong way to get male attention. They are basically advertising they are irresponsible and that’s the type of man they’d most likely attract.

  7. Here’s what “Life with no males” actually looks like:

    It must be torture being a woman who thinks like this…

    It sucks that men figure out systems to make things work like fire and cooking food and I like these things…I’d rather hate men and be alone, cold and wet.

    Reminds me of something I thought with higher beings

    It was recently the feast of the archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael…and I read how God gave these particular angels specific missions and as such they are honored. But I came to the rhetorical question…what was Lucifer thinking? It seems whether angel or man…some beings just don’t know how good they have it and would rather rule in poverty and misery.

  8. You notice that “It sucks that we need BOYS

    This is not a slight by accident. They want boys .. they can be man-nip-you-lated as utility pieces. Men take charge and demand from th wimminz better behavior.

    They don’t want MEN .. though they need us. And, if they have a chance they will indicate what they really want. A boy. Which makes since if you read the newspapers. Teachers and other OLD(er) wimminz abusing boys.

    Men would go hunting .. like KHH said .. NO BAG LIMIT .. NO CLOSED SEASON. And, that scares them that MEN would actually go “FULL Captain CAVEMAN” on them if it goes south. And, it will .. at some point.

    PSA .. just remember fella’s .. drag’em by the hair and not the feet. You can thank me later .. HEH!

  9. Those two do appear to be “bag-able”, but you’re correct that they are probably outliers.

    Check all the “dudes” in this slut-walk. Hey Chico, what would the Pope (well maybe not this Pope) say?

  10. My guess is they are probably in the 18-19 year age range so they haven’t hit the wall at 25 like those types often do.

  11. ‘Miss Briss is hopped up on a cocktail of SSRIs, toxoplasma gondii, and box wine.’

    I don’t read CH as often as I used too…but when it comes to getting down to it…he’s got what they are hopped up on to a tee.

  12. Also note…the problem glasses and ‘cultural’ nose piercing.

    I would guess a tattoo or three as well. The snowflake rebellious women are so conformative these days.

  13. Uncalled for honeycomb. Uncalled for…

    What .. you don’t like pig on cow .. heh

  14. I particularly enjoy the pastoral setting.

    I think those are elm tree’s in the background.

  15. The situation in Israel is far more complex then what you’re showing here. For example, there is no concept if alimony in Halacha, Jewish religious law, so it doesn’t exist in Israeli law. But, they are even more brutal in child support laws, though those have been softened recently.

    In Israel there is a huge internal fight between the traditionalist elements & the Hellenists. The Daati have been gradually winning, including recent positive changes to child support laws. The Feminists who control certain levers of government, such as the state prosecutor’s office, have lost their minds. Their war on the Daati has greatly intensified. One of their main targets are the rabbinate courts where every divorce must be finalized. These courts are generally fair to everyone involved, which is why the Hellenists have been trying to weaken them, in favor of the secular feminist courts.

  16. I tried to edit for spelling and minor punctuation issues. Let me know if I stepped too hard on the original.

    If you have the inclination, a more lengthy deconstruction would certainly be welcome. It’s difficult to get a clear picture from the feminist press here, on, well, pretty much everything. RT (itself less than objective) is the only major media outlet which has even opened the subject to an international audience.

    If you’re in Israel yourself, you can send whatever you want to box210 at protonmail dot com from a pseudonym, and I’ll mask the source. I’m not too worried about your “wimminz groups”. lol

  17. (Ex-) Associate Pro-fess-ur CatLady (update) ..

    A Georgetown spokesperson told Fox News Fair is no longer teaching students, but will be traveling internationally for university research.

    Joel Hellman, dean of the School of Foreign Services (SFS) where Fair is a distinguished associate professor, made the statement Friday afternoon pointing to the importance of a bias-free classroom where students can learn.

    “To prevent further disruption to her students and out of an abundance of caution for the security of our community, we have mutually agreed for Professor Fair to go on research leave effective immediately,” Hellman wrote in a statement to the SFS community. “Professor Fair will accelerate previously scheduled international research travel.”

    While the university had previously supported Fair and said her comments were made in a private capacity, Hellman noted the legitimate concerns of the Georgetown community

    Hmmmmmm .. what foreign nation will she be invading .. we could send them a warning letter [1] .. in advance of her terrorizing your children with bad-think ™. [2]

    [1] .. Boxer has experience in this area .. you might even call him a Subject Matter Expert (SME).

    [2] .. Notice they never mention where she’s going to do research .. or what Airline broom she intends to fly for her trip abroad.

  18. (Ex-) Associate Pro-fess-ur CatLady (update) ..

    Sometimes seeking attention has bad consequencez.

    Sad part is some other nation will have to deal with her crazy…perhaps Iran or North Korea.

  19. perhaps Iran or North Korea.

    HEH .. I’d pay for the ticket!

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