Kermit (not a frog)


Now in theaters: An uplifting cinematic event, and a truly great testament to the moral uprightness of America. Has anyone seen it yet?

Full disclosure: the producer of this film hates my guts.


My parents join ol’ Nick in wondering how I could have wandered so far astray. That aside, if anyone has the time to pen a review, I’d love to host it.

Only You…


And so it is I sit down at your feet, dear readers, and ask, who do you owe your loyalty to?

There’s a 19th century proverb, that supposedly inspired Bela Kun:

Ha nem lopsz az államtól, akkor a családtól lopsz.

This is crass, but it illuminates a timeless truth. Family honor, duty and loyalty is usually at cross purposes with patriotism.

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 19.51.25

I guess Mueller is getting the #metoo treatment. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy, and all that. Incidentally, all the same people who claim that we should #believeallwimminz and that #wimminzneverlie are now frantic to spread the story that this wimminz is a paid shill.

Sure, it’s probably bullshit. But, if I’ve learned anything, it is that feminists are on the right side of history, and that I should believe all wimminz, and that wimminz never lie about rape. So I think I’ll believe this wimminz, and I believe we should hear her courageous and inspiring story.

Counseling, Feelings, and the Roles of Husband and Wife

A brother gently admonishes yet another so-called “conservative” religious feminist. (Courtesy of Heidi & Family)

Lazy Mother Musings

If you consider yourself a feminist, you won’t like this post. Be warned! Heck, maybe I’ll offend you if you don’t consider yourself a feminist….

My husband and I are Christians and consider marriage to be between one man and one woman; divorce is not okay except in case of adultery, and the husband is the head of the wife and loves the wife, while the wife submits to, respects, and helps the husband. Marriage is a model of Christ and His church. A friend of ours is a chaplain who is in our denomination and holds to the same basic description of marriage. He is also a kind, intelligent, passionate evangelist for Christ, and he is married to a loving, diligent, intelligent wife and mother who supports him and also loves the Lord.

However, even our friends are susceptible to the error of elevating women’s emotions to an objective…

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I made a phone call on Tuesday night, and did not speak a word to anyone until this morning (Thursday).

Wednesday was a training day for the rest of my staff down in Oakland, they left for the training before I even arrived to work. I had the office to myself. Maintenance requests by business owners are done online, and go directly to the Facility Supervisor. Rent was already collected, books balanced, conference calls caught up, and I am exceptional at what I do for a living, which means usually in this building, fires are put out even before they are ignited……..the phone didn’t ring, no deliveries. No small talk with business owners. No complaints from the neighbors.

I could have stayed home. It was one of those days when everything was already handled, and the building just ran itself. The boiler and chiller units ran automatically. The lighting system pre-programmed by me worked seamlessly. The doors to the property locked automatically at 6PM. The alarm-security system kicked on by itself.

Millions more people are going to be obsolete in the next decade or so if this keeps up. I include myself in that list. If not obsolete….it will be a one or two day a week thing with fewer benefits and lower wages……..

I did get caught up on our own filing system with contracts, reports, revenue and cost analysis. All done in silence. Not a word spoken. All day, and into that afternoon! The sound only of flipping pages, a cross pen on paper signing documents to be locked in a filing system. Cabinets and file drawers opened and closed. The hum of lights. The sound of a passing car outside. It was even a light business day at the property. Not many clients or visitors. It was just one of those rare days when nothing happens at work………

You are probably wondering about “the phone call” that I had Tuesday night………it was to a woman who “doesn’t like me that way” or is put off by my Christian beliefs and practice. We had a good date the Saturday before over dinner. I like the conversation. I liked her company. She was cute, half my age and it was the first real date that I had, well……probably ever. Group dates from college years don’t count in my book. Going out with guy-pals in the halcylon-electric nights of the late 1990’s with their girlfriends to the reflection of neon on wet pavement, crowded Taxi rides, all in a haze of marijuana smoke and ties askew with unbuttoned collar don’t count either.

The woman and I met for Indian, and I was kind of surprised she agreed to a date with me. I met her a few weeks prior at an “English Beat” concert down in nearby Petaluma. I was expecting “dad” jokes from her, or her just using me for a “nice dinner” while she then went out afterward to go blow Chad on her knees in a urine-soaked men’s bathroom floor, then submitting fully to him only to complain to her bitchy-but-cute girlfriends that “men are jerks” over Sunday brunch in Marin, Larkspur, Novato, Santa Rosa or Bodega…….

She gave me her celli after we were both thrown out during the last thirty minutes of the above mentioned concert, and after toying with the idea for almost a week, I did. I asked her out to Indian, she agreed.

Low heels, skirt, blouse….she wasn’t dressed like she was at the concert in keks, dumps, and a sleeveless top.

The meal was a pulling-burn of curries, pungent spices, creams, naans, marsala, tamarind, and chutney…..we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The conversation was fantastic, lots of laughs, and I learned a bit about her and myself if truth be told.

She is a native of the area (which means family has some wealth), parents are still married (they both are a hair older than me), and she works as a payroll accountant at a local, but famous winery. She shares a house with a few other women that she overall gets along with. She has a younger brother who is some golf prodigy or has the potentials to be semi-pro or even pro someday.

Plates, picked up, a large crowd all around us and when the check was dropped, she said “First date right? Dutch down the middle, including the tip. Sound fair to you?”

I nodded and smiled as I reached for the check, she said “The damage was worth it, I really had an awesome time!” She then added, “I do tip on the heavy side because I was once a waitress at Denny’s, and these folks live on their tips….so I always tip heavier….because you know…..waiters put up with a lot of nonsense.”

I agreed. Check split and paid. I took her hand, and escorted her out on to the busy downtown street. I lit a cigarette and asked her if she wanted to drop by for tea at my place….it was only a few blocks away. “Totally!” she smiled looking up to me…….

The street was packed with white lights strung through the trees, bustling cafes, crowded sidewalks, loud brew pubs and shops that seemed abustle even at this time of the evening. It was a gorgeous California night. We walked and talked all the way back to my place, holding hands sharing a laugh here and there…..

So this is how it is???????????? Is this what guys always talk about? I feel good. She seems really receptive to me……..I like her, I would totally do this again, and I like the conversations we have been having…..she loves music, wait til she sees my vinyl collection!!!!

At my place, the cat immediately noticed I had a guest with me, and made a fast dart n’ dash for the safety of the closet and my laundry basket. She laughed, and seemed surprised I owned a cat.

“Don’t worry,” I smirked, “He’ll be out in a few minutes showing off to you and demanding to be petted. He’s a bit shy.”

“Like you?” She replied, looking up and smiling at me.

I began to make a pot of tea, and she then noticed all my records……..a few thousand of them……I told her to have fun, and go ahead and swim in the collection…………

Note: This is the first part in a series of works by Emil Marchand. Find the second part here.

Updated U.S. Custody and Child Support Data (2015)

2015 Marriage and Divorce Statistics (Courtesy of Dalrock)


It has been over five years since I’ve posted new data on this, so I found the latest publication of Custodial Mothers and Fathers and Their Child Support  (cached) from the US Census and updated the charts below.  The basic narrative is unchanged:

It starts with who is granted custody.  This has been moving slightly in recent years, but 80% of the time custody goes to a parent* it is the mother and not the father:


For those few fathers granted custody, they are less likely than mothers who are granted custody to be awarded support, although interestingly mothers are slightly less likely to be awarded child support now than in the past:


When I first posted data on this the few fathers who were awarded support were awarded less on average than mothers who were awarded support.  This now appears to be a wash:


Percent received also…

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The Global Realignment Continues

So, this weekend I was out in the sticks, and I returned from my holiday to nowhere to find Senhor Bolsonaro to have won the presidency of Brazil.

Naturally, the dishonest media is calling him “The Brazilian Trump,” and forecasting their own demise. It’s a shame their predictions never come true.

There is a historical cycle that capitalist societies go through. In the first stage, things get more and more decadent as people vote themselves increasing levels of privilege. Eventually, those same people who asked for the life-without-working awaken, horrified, at the danger to their children. They then create the most masculine government they can manage.

If the people are successful, then the masculine government rapidly burns out all the pillage and excess and corruption in their society. At this point, the people find all those rules boring, and go back to asking their capitalist masters to manage their lives for them again.

Case in point: UKIP, after Brexit.

Brazilian society is now at the apex of dissatisfaction with the pointlessness that is commodity capitalism. They’ll be grateful to a Bolsonaro government that imprisons the rich commodities traders and throws a few entitled pseudoleftists out of random helicopters. Eventually, these same people will have the luxury of electing more libertarian overlords, and the cycle will repeat anew.

Truly, people get what they deserve. The people of Brazil have a strongman now. History suggests that he’ll do a good job and then be cursed by the same people who begged him to serve.

A Real Halowe’en Horrorshow


Carolyn Jones: Murdering Whore

Ya boy Boxer is truly shocked by the following story of the murderous trick slut named Carolyn Jones, pictured above.

Like many young skanks, Veronica Shant’e Jones dropped a baby, father unknown, at some point this summer.


Stock Photos of Veronica Jones and Royalty Floyd

Having no prospects and not wanting to quit whoring around, she decided to pawn the child off with granny: skank-ho Carolyn Jones.

(Note: Bonus points to mom for at least giving the poor kid a surname other than “Jones.” Whether there’s a Mr. Floyd involved, or whether bitch just chose that name out of thin air, the pseudojournalists won’t say.)

In hindsight, letting granny watch the baby while Veronica was out tricking at the club turned out to be a huge mistake.

From Faux News:

A 20-month-old girl found stabbed and burned inside an oven at a home in Mississippi last week was still alive when her grandmother allegedly stuck her inside, an autopsy report revealed.

Royalty Marie Floyd died “from sharp stab wounds and inhaling the heated air in the oven,” according to the coroner’s report.

So granny decided, just for kicks, to stab the little baby with a kitchen knife, and then roast her for dinner.

It is clear that Veronica was a single-mom, and that she was raised by single-mom Carolyn, given granny’s surname. My best guess is that granny herself was raised by a single-mom. Does anyone want to argue this? I contend that if granny ever had a father around, she wouldn’t kill babies for sport.

Truly, this is the single-mother apocalypse which America has engineered. The chickens are now coming home to roost.

From New York Compost:

“Royalty Marie Floyd was the best thing that ever happened to me,” Veronica Jones wrote on Facebook “She’s my one and only daughter. My first love. The hardest thing that I ever had to go through in my life. My heart has been ripped from my chest.”

Veronica Jones said she was told by authorities that her mother “stabbed my daughter and baked her in the oven,” but insisted her mother loved her daughter.

“She always treated Royalty like royalty and everybody that knows us knows that,” Jones wrote. “To my daughter Royalty, ‘Mommy will always love you and you will live in all our hearts forever.’”

Granny didn’t give a shit about anyone but herself. Neither did Veronica. If mother loved that baby, she would have married the father, and spent the rest of her life working to build a decent home for it.

Single mothers are truly a supernatural scourge on this society. How many more children need to be tortured to death, before America pulls its collective head from its ass, and deals with this problem?

Incidentally, where is Mr. Floyd? He is the surviving victim in this hellish drama. Why are these so-called journalists not tracking him down for a quote? My guess is that if he knew he had a daughter, he was probably warned by a faggot divorce-court judge to steer clear of his own kid. What a total waste.


Royalty Floyd: RIP