Torvalds Rolls Over

Linus Torvalds, Teaching Us How To Respond To Feminists

In the past, Linus Torvalds has been something of a beacon for the antifeminist activist. He is something of a communist (he believes that source code belongs collectively to humanity) in the Stallman tradition, and he has been outspoken about his preference for quality over ideology. He also explicitly stood up for men on several occasions, while feminists continued to chip away at the quality and stability of his work, with ridiculous false accusations.

Apparently, all that is over. Linus has caved.


We thank those who have a solid history of antifeminist action, and we admit that we do not know the full story. Even so, this doesn’t appear to be a prank.

In the past, Torvalds justified his behavior, saying back in 2015: “I’m not a nice person and I don’t care about you. Really. Seriously. I care about the technology and I care about the kernel.” Prior to that, he said, “I simply don’t believe in being polite or politically correct.”

While I loved that old Linus. The new one seems sorta unremarkable.

Generally speaking, projects and industries tend to collapse with the topheavy introduction of feminist bureaucracy. If Linux gets too repressive or too ridiculous, remember that you have other options, including FreeBSD.

Read more at PCMag and at ExtremeTech.

This Week’s v5k2c2 Resident of Note!


Let me tell y’all an inspiring story of our nigga Brandon, who met a fat slut named Ryann on the Stumble dating app.

For those of y’all who do not know, Stumble is a “feminist” dating app, which only allows skank-ho wimminz to make the first contact.

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 13.36.51

With this in mind, skank-ho princess clearly wanted to see our Brother Brandon nekkid. This is evinced by the fact that she made first-contact, subsequently begging for his schlong so annoyingly that he eventually relented, and decided to take her out.

Rather than act like a decent human being, Skanky Ryann decided to follow the feminist script, and act like a total cunt upon meeting Brandon. Let’s hear her tell it…


Props to my man for that beard and ‘stache. Let’s read on and hear about the “date from Hell.”


Riann complains:

The whole way to the bar he talked about bad dates he had.

What this means is that Riann was shaping up to be a bad date upon meeting, and our brother Brandon did her a favor, politely and patiently illustrating by analogy just how unattractive she was becoming. Bitch had zero self-awareness, so she didn’t get the lesson.

I know feminists are stupid, but Jesus Christ, does this bitch really expect us to believe that she doesn’t know why he’d do this?

Riann then whines:

He’s 38, by the way.

He’s a 38-year old brother who knows exactly what he wants. Moreover, he’s a 38-year old brother who Riann clearly wanted to stretch her pink sleeve out.

Riann continues:

…he was completely rude to our waitress… threw his menu on the floor… spoke to her in a degrading tone…

Clearly bullshit, recounted through the twisted lens of feminist ideology. Here’s a more plausible scenario:

  1. Waitress comes over, making eyes at Brandon
  2. Brandon “negs” waitress.
  3. Brandon drops menu.
  4. Waitress bends over to get menu, showing Brandon her tits and ass.
  5. Brandon “degrades” waitress by complimenting her on her ass.
  6. Waitress slips Brandon her number.

O.K.: 6 is something of a longshot, but the rest happened. I know this, because ya boy Boxer has run this script countless times, with an endless variety of waitresses, both with and without a dumb slut at the table. Waitresses are expert flirts. Their tips depend on it.

Riann reconstructed the interaction in the most negative possible way, because she’s a stupid feminist whore who can not even outcompete a cocktail server at a seedy bar.

Conclusion: preselection works.


Brother Brandon has clearly followed the rules found in this post code. Note Paragraph 41 at the Field Guide to Smashtown, hosted right here:

41. The moment a bitch pulls an attitude, the moment she is rude to the wait staff, the moment she trash-talks any family member or her ex-boyfriend, the moment she displays an attitude of entitlement, the moment she confesses to an STD or a prescription for psychiatric medication, you get up and tell the slut you have to go to the men’s room, then scoot on out the door. Leave her with the bill if possible.

As an aside, if we had any doubt that the waitress was listening quietly, while laughing inside, at Brother Brandon’s antics, those misgivings have now evaporated. My money is on his meeting her near the door, slipping her some tip money, and getting her phone number, before beating feet.

Ask me how I know he did this… It’s because I’ve done it myself, more than a few times.

You can read the rest of this entitled cunt’s whining on Twitter, here. Why she thinks our Brother Brandon had some sort of obligation to put up with her for one minute longer is an open question.

And by the way, Ryann, you are a fat bitch…

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 13.22.37

Those Wonderful Muslim Wimminz


Arab Wimminz in “Modest” and “Traditional” Attire

As we all know, the Muslims have raised up generations of feminine, submissive, patriarchal women, all of whom are waiting for a sucker winner like you to migrate to their society, convert to their faith, and sign away your life and fortune to making one of the charmers a happy girl.

Here’s an inspiring success story about marriage to a Muslim wimminz, straight from Morocco

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 19.54.03

Hardworking Muslim teacher busts ass for thirty-five years, to give his ungrateful wife a good life. He dutifully puts up with her nagging. He puts their kids through school, at great cost to himself. He listens to her snoring. He watches her pick her nose. He gets some uninspired cunt, maybe once per month. He swallows it all without complaining.

At some point, he goes to the doctor, and is told: surprise, you’re sterile!

Now the truth comes out. The bitch has been fucking and sucking random cads, the entire time. All the kids this poor chump raised up are Chad’s. So long and thanks for all the fish, cuck!

The husband filed a lawsuit against his wife at Sidi Suleiman Primary Court.

He filed a legal petition to have a court appointed urological and gynaecological diseases practitioner examine his case to establish paternity.

He then demanded his paternity be removed from their nine children and filed for divorce on charges of adultery.

Tests revealed that for 50 years, he had a growth in his right testes which prevented him from producing sperm.

The children – carrying his name – are still awaiting the court order to strip them of their legal paternal rights.

In a more just world, skank-ho wimminz who defrauded this poor schlub would be put into a work camp. Not that she can ever repay him four decades of time, effort and humiliation… just for general purposes.

Will it happen? Not a chance! He’s currently being castigated in the Arab press, for being an asshole, merely for wanting his name back. The nerve of this guy.

Remember, boys. Say “no” to the ho’.

It Could Be Worse…


“Just a clump of cells… not a real baby…”

Those of us who live in North America complain about our tyrannical wimminz and their simp politicians, on both sides of the aisle. In fact, compared to some peoples in the world, we don’t have it so bad. Just think… we could be Israelis.

From the Times of Israel:

Israel, a nation with a forceful religious lobby and a conservative prime minister, is poised to offer its female citizens some of the most liberal abortion coverage in the world.

The nation’s Health Ministry commission, led by Dr. Yonatan Halevy, last week announced its state-subsidized “health basket,” the package of medications and services that all Israeli citizens are entitled to under the nation’s health care system. It was approved by the cabinet on Sunday.

There is a universal availability of hundreds of different types of birth control. Nevermind that, though. Israeli wimminz are too stupid to think before fucking with abandon. They must be allowed to murder the babies that somehow magically appear after no-strings sex.

The health basket is analyzed and amended on an annual basis, and among the many additional treatments to be offered to Israelis in 2014 are free-of-charge abortions for women ages 20-33.

And naturally, the bill must be sent to their cucked husbands, fathers, and grandfathers.

Israel has always had a liberal stance on abortion, allowing women facing medical emergencies or those who are victims of rape or abuse to receive subsidies to help them terminate their pregnancies.

Yes… We have a liberal definition of “abuse” here, too. It simply means someone disagreed with skank-ho princess.

Outside of those regulations, women can apply for abortions for reasons ranging from an emotional or mental threat caused by the pregnancy or for not being married to the baby’s father. All women who seek to end a pregnancy must appear before a three-member committee to state their case, but 98 percent of requests are approved.

Of course they’re approved. G-d forbid anyone tells a filthy wimminz “no” when she wants to kill her kids.

Women under the age of 20 or over the age of 40 were also previously eligible for subsidized abortions, regardless of the reason.

Keep paying, you cucks. It’s a race to the bottom, and you must beat us to Hell.

Read the whole story here, then watch RT’s coverage of life in Israel here.

We Are All Nazis Now

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 19.53.29

The white-hot hatred, spewed by the feminist press, at anyone who dissents from the predominant narrative (rich liberal whites uber alles, welfare and warfare, etc.) is truly amusing. For days, now, we’ve been watching Zina Bash being excoriated in the press for making a Nazi hand signal. Mrs. Bash, who is married to judge John Bash, is a member of the Trump administrations SCOTUS task force, and a clerk for the (insufficiently feminist) Justice Kavanaugh.

Given that I was told (and told, and told) by the creators of public opinion, that Mrs. Bash was a Nazi and an avowed white supremacist, I got curious about her background. Here is a clip from the feminist NEW YORK TIMES, released some ten years ago…

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 19.44.37

This so-called Hitler-worshipping white supremacist, who we are all supposed to make the focus of this week’s ten minutes hate, is the daughter of a Jewish physician and a Mexican-American housewife. She grew up in (that hotbed of white supremacy) the Rio Grande Valley.

What I believe our feminist overlords hate most about Mrs. Bash is the fact that she is smarter than they are, far better looking than they are, and basically just a better person than they.

In 2007, young Zina Gelman married a young attorney, in a traditional Catholic ceremony, and has been a faithful wife to him. She and her husband have achieved greatness on their own merits, and have no need to march around wearing vagina costumes, or otherwise indulge in jackassery.

The neoliberal capitalist and feminist system hates healthy families, because healthy families make the system redundant. Children who are raised by parents like John and Zina don’t have mental problems that are easy to exploit by the system, and they aren’t susceptible to advertising or other scams. That’s the bottom line.

Oh, and Mr. Bash? He’s taking the fight to the enemy. That’s as it should be…

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 19.57.50

Goodlookin’ Aztec Chickie Trolls Libs


Who is the purveyor of such zfg trolling?

Her name is Zina Bash. She’s Jewish, and her grandparents were from Mexico, but that doesn’t matter to the capitalist press, who are now labeling her a NAZI!1 and WHITE SUPREMACIST!!1!.

Newsweek Ragazine said so, so it must be true.


Zina sez: He’s getting the job, and there ain’t shit any of you faggots can do about it.


Do What You’re Afraid Of


It was shortly after New Year’s Day, nine long years ago, that I got the talk. The divorced guys know the talk. It’s always some variation on “I love you, but I am not in love with you.”

I was thirty-nine, and terrified.

After the customary period of moping around, I realized that, at some point, I was going to get over her betrayal. Realizing the inevitability of overcoming gave me the power to face the challenges every day brought, and every day brought some. Her lawyer tried to humiliate me. Her family spread horrible rumors about me. I lost most of my friends. I kept it together because I knew, someday, I’d have forgotten her.

While my ex-wife tried to destroy me, she actually gave me the greatest gift that anyone could ever give me. She gave me the template to overcome any obstacle.

Most of us have reasonable fears. Fear keeps us alive and out of trouble. Some of our fears aren’t reasonable. These sorts of fears keep us in bad relationships, they keep us from growing. Unreasonable fears keep you from being the man you were born to become.

If you are afraid of something, ask yourself why. Often the reason will be nebulous and ill-defined. Ask yourself what is the worst consequence of your fear.

I used to be afraid of heights. I also used to be a roofer. My fear of heights motivated me to finish school and get a real job; but in the interim, it also kept me from becoming the best roofer I could have been.

After my divorce, I went skydiving. That fear was not entirely unreasonable. A fear of great heights is legitimate.

It’s possible I could have died, when I left the plane. If I’d have died, then I’d have done so boldly facing my greatest fear. I didn’t die. I twisted my ankle, and it was fine a week later. In return, I have the knowledge that I overcame.

Every man’s imperative is to become his best self. If fear is impeding your progress toward this destination, then do what you’re afraid of.