Tellin’ All The Truth (Slant-Like)


Some woman (or convincing transsexual) posted this on the gab social network. I thought it was interesting. Comments below…

Modern life has broken too many women. They have been on birth control pills for 30 years, their hormones are shot, they have had multiple abortions, they live with the regret of killing their own children. They drove away any man who ever loved them or tried to love them. Their grown children (if they have any) can’t stand them. They are pleasant to their face but they feel like strangers.They tried to find love in wild sex and found it hollowed them out like empty shells. They take medication for their depression. When the vegan restaurant down the street gives them food poisoning they are all alone, with no one to care for them. They vomit into an apartment toilet among silence. They own nothing. They have built nothing.They cry every day. They look at younger women who didn’t take the feminist path and fume with hatred. They can’t stand their sweet children, their loving husbands, or their happy life. Their hate consumes them. Co-workers and family members whisper behind their backs.These people avoid the woman’s phone calls and mute them on Facebook, sick to death of their ranting and lunacy. They have become a joke. They are desperate to hear the words “mama” and “grandma” but the words never come and so they fill the empty place with binge eating and more hate. They thought they fought all their lives for “love” and for women to have it “better” than it used to be. They cannot confront the truth and so they double down, becoming more extreme, more irrational. The tradmoms grow happy in their old age, wrinkles do not dull their rosy cheeks, but the bitter women look around and see only people who are waiting for them to die. They are a burden and they know it. It eats at them every day. One more check, one more group, one more protest, one more Tweet, one more lie and they will finally feel whole…..but the wholeness never comes.

That nice, successful husband and father she knew in high school…ya, he wanted her so bad, he tried to rape her. That’s it. Ya, that makes her feel better. For the moment.

I actually find it easier to believe that the typical wimminz knows exactly what she’s doing, when she fucks and chucks random Chads during her late teens and early twenties.

It’s better to burn out than fade away.

Only later does she realize her error. But, acknowledging the error would be a dent in her precious ego… sooooo… she re-writes history, and suddenly declares she was used and thrown away.

Thoughts? Discuss.

Also: Praise be to Honeycomb for this lifted content.


Author: Boxer

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5 thoughts on “Tellin’ All The Truth (Slant-Like)”

  1. I actually find it easier to believe that the typical wimminz knows exactly what she’s doing, when she fucks and chucks random Chads during her late teens and early twenties.

    As mentioned above .. wimminz double down on their mistakes ..

    While men learn from their mistakes ..

    It seems th Wimminz have no moral keel [1] to keep them from moving to and fro with the tides / currents (i.e. herd thought) and preventing cap-sizing in heavy winds (i.e. life hard-ships).

    She only regrets she didn’t know when to settle before her lottery ticket expired.

    If men want “chaste” women .. then you must have a strong patriarchal society .. without that .. nations collapse.

    [1] .. Not a moral compass .. because they know its wrong .. their feelz sez .. have a good time girl .. you’ve earned it .. and by earned it .. I mean her V-Card hasn’t expired yet .. they know right and wrong when their nose is rubbed in it.

  2. Thoughts?

    They thought they could do no wrong because women are good no matter what they do. Turns out you reap what you sow.

    You choose the path of death, you get death…you choose the path of life, you get life.

  3. Well apparently .. all you divorced men out there in Red-Pill-Land .. are terrible men if you still don’t care about your skank ho ™ ex-wife (who probably divorced you) ..

    Verdict: HOME-LESS [1]

    [1] .. Funny how one home-less womminz can drive this kind of report and digging .. but never for our men folks that are in that position. And they are 90% of the homeless. Most shelters are made and funded for wimminz only. Where is the ambush tactics toward th wimminz who drive men to the streets or suicide (due to divorce)? Cowards!

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