Feminists Worthless, News At 11

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Recent legislative changes, forced by wimminz, require corporations to place wimminz on their boards. Wimminz, however, are so useless as workers, that putting a wimminz on the board of a corporation means that corporation’s doom, mass unemployment, and shareholder penury.

Enter the obvious solution: dressing capable men up as wimminz, and putting them out as wimminz. I’m sure “Pips” is getting a heavy bonus and other perks for saving his company. That’s as it should be.

More generally, this trend is obvious in every industry — including traditional female industries. Examples: the best cooks, nurses and elementary school teachers are men. This despite their usually being a tiny minority of such workers.

Author: Boxer

Sinister All-Male Dancer. Secret King of all Gamma Males. Member of Frankfurt School. Your Fave Contrarian!

8 thoughts on “Feminists Worthless, News At 11”

  1. I often wonder if wimminz motivation is not to help industry grow or gain power…but to emasculate men out of envy.

  2. In my previous post .. in the first link .. which is broken .. here is a replacement ..

  3. I saw the crotch bleacher…I got to say that was probably staged. She just casually walks up to men assumed to be strangers and pours on them…either she knows them or assumes they are weak they wouldn’t retaliate.

    However that wasn’t the part of the story that drew my attention…the dumb broad wanted attention brought upon herself was raising awareness for upskirting by flashing her underwear to commuters.

    Chad sees easy strike right there.

  4. I saw the crotch bleacherā€¦I got to say that was probably staged.

    You would think it so .. but a lot of folks on a train (e.g. other public spaces) are so compartmentalized (i.e. in their own world ignoring everyone else) .. who can say?

    The camera-MAN shouldda been a wake-up call to their possible danger.

    I’m super alert in public spaces. Though I notice far to many are not. We can’t place our personal alertness to the (forced / trained) human nature of non-conflict in others.

    CONCLUSION .. So it’s plausable.


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