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Cinema attempts to manipulate its viewers, usually by shoehorning tragic characters into heroic roles. It does this by emphasis and omission. One of the most common characters in film is the divorced father, who finds peace in the raw deal he is forced to suffer, and turns around to become an action hero. Another common character one sees in the movies is the overworked single mother, who nonetheless lovingly cares for her children, and who doesn’t hate her ex-husband, despite his cruelty, and despite his part in forcing her into an unenviable position. In repeating these stories, movie producers normalize the divorce industry. They humanize the vultures who make an easy living, feasting on the decaying carcass of society.

Nearly all divorced men, in reality, are men who have been victimized by an unfaithful woman who made their lives intolerable, before dumping them. Nearly all such men did their part, while their ex-wives took them for all they were worth. In contrast, nearly all divorced women filed for divorce, and during the divorce process, did everything they could to inflict as much harm as possible, on the men they promised to respect and obey, for as long as they lived. This is the situation as it plays out in the world, rather than on the movie screen.

Seeing Hollywood films offers the viewer a glimpse of a fantasy, which at first seems only a short way removed from his everyday reality. It offers hope to the hopeless, who would be better off working through their anger at being shafted.

3 thoughts on “Boycott Hollywood”

  1. That’s a good start .. but don’t stop there ..

    All of the media and entertainment industries need a thorough scrubbing of our money and viewership (i.e

    I work with younger men that enthusiastically await (i.e. consume) and go to watch anti-male/father/dad/family/heritage american sjw troup at the theaters.

    They think my views on TV / Movies / Entertainment are wierd (i.e. non-consumership). I don’t watch or spend a dime or my time on them.

    This relief from the real world is so engrained that it makes them feel normal. They even spend a large amount of their days talking about every detail as though it is important to life itself.

    They have bought the lies. And if you point any of it out you are the wierd one and in a way (i.e. basic mental self-defense) .. I am the odd man out regarding Hollywood and Trash Inc in the USofA.

    Sports are the same way. I do travel for some College football. But it’s not my life. It has become rife with SJW themes (moreso the professional sports). But .. so many find relief from their pain of a normal life thru sportsball.

    The Anti-(Heritage-)American MSM is our enemy. Hollywood is also our enemy. Every one of our consumable industries demands we pay our hard earned dollars to be infected with their rat poision.

    In the end I feel a kinship with our divorced men .. because all 3 (three) of my brothers have been divorced by our modern american wimminz. 2 of them are repeating their mistake. 1 listened to big brother and cut all the rat poision out of his life.

    To avoid being compromised and being taken advantage of by our elite [1] .. stop Obeying and Consuming. Homeschool your youngins .. and may God bless you with a loving helpmate.

    [1] It really is a war between the Cloud and Dirt people. Act accordingly.

  2. Great article Georges St-Martin!

    Yes my wife is using the court system to torture me, and people thinks it must only be what is fair, because it was done by a court. Hollywood is full of evil and deception. I’d pay good money to see an anti-Feminism movie, and I’d buy the DVD when it came out.

  3. ‘ But .. so many find relief from their pain of a normal life thru sportsball.’

    I like watching the games…unfortunately the SJWs and media need to fill the time between games with their agenda.

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