Two Wimminz, One Question


I’ve recently refined one of my own, personal “shit tests” into a single question. It appears to be working out well.

Hint: No wimminz yet has admitted that “yes, I need a man.” In the subtext we find the truth, however.



Author: Boxer

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41 thoughts on “Two Wimminz, One Question”

  1. So .. YES they need a man .. it’s in their hard wiring / nature (i.e. they are not a self sustaining organism) .. and yet they still feel compelled to lie to themselves (aka self-deceit).

    I have no time for these wimminz .. they can’t go 30 days without a man .. much less .. an adult lifetime.

    Silly wimminz .. let the menz folkz stop maintaining the very items they find beneath’em and we will see this “chit-show” come to an end. Heck with more menz folkz earning like a womminz .. it may not come to that .. without tax theft red-dis-true-bue-shin from men to wimminz it might produce a “happy ending” on its own.

    Also .. REPEAL the 19th Ammendment!

  2. So .. YES they need a man

    The most simple reasoning behind this is we all need a man’s seed to be born.

    And then afterwards all the thing men do. Even as a guy I wouldn’t ever be so dumb as to say I don’t need a man. I need men plenty to keep the lights on, the plumbing working, my vehicle maintained, and the other things I just flat out have no knowledge of.

    The only thing I need a woman for is if I want to get married and have kids.

  3. So long as no fault divorce is a thing and a woman can get away with leaving a man while taking most of his assets, his children and leaving him struggling to make a living husbands will ALWAYS be an accessory, no different than a purse or a necklace. Why? Because if the option is on the table for women it will, at some point, be considered “as an option”, just like the option of tossing out an old rag she doesn’t wear anymore and going out to pick up a new one is an option. So, no matter what the answer is, even if it was “oh, well, I’m a good Christian girl who believes marriage is for life and I NEED a man to be my husband”, its a lie. At some point the lure of divorce will enter her mind and she can easily pull the trigger on it. She will realize she doesn’t need her man, but may opt to keep him around anyway.

  4. Find it amusing how all your posts are filed under “general nonsense”.

  5. They always try to change the question from ‘do they need a man’ to ‘can they pay their own bills.’

    It has nothing to do with bills. Or sex.

    Women need a man to keep them from going crazy.

  6. The only thing I need a woman for is if I want to get married and have kids.

    Oh and I’ll add…my mother. Certainly don’t want to forget that part too.

  7. Women need a man like children need their parents.

    Oh and Valenti just hates being a woman…she just can’t say or dictate it out loud.

  8. What ?!?! .. SnapperTrx, she put on bright red lipstick for yenz .. so you know she’s about to hit-ya with truth bombs .. of projection .. bwhaaaaa

    You’re right .. her ugly is a crazy 500 lb will-da-beast attitude showing thru her forehead .. and that doesn’t help .. ah what fun .. zero to career dis-uh-pay-shun light in overdrive in less than a year .. (the wall waits for no womminz).

  9. What is wrong with you guyz .. obviously some other (soy-)boy put on his big-boy pants & wifed her up .. yenz are just to picky .. bwhaaaaaaa

  10. She obviously needed a bish for her sub(-miss-ive) .. found’em .. he’s almost visible in that pic.

    She’s repulsed and he is en-thuse-ee-ass-tick-lee happy as her side-kick.

    This marriage is made to last. He’ll beg for more gimp-suit cuck time .. and she’ll gladdly ride any real manz rooster (aka cock) that wants a turn.

    A true example of marriage bliss these dayz. /S

  11. But .. even she (Jessica V.) .. needed a man .. even if ge’s juat an object for her to torture.

  12. A true example of marriage bliss these dayz. /S

    She found herself a fine wife.

    And make no mistake that’s what those wimminz are looking for.

  13. obviously some other (soy-)boy put on his big-boy pants & wifed her up ..

    LOL…you and I both know who wears the pants in that marriage.

    She’ll say they are ‘equal’…we know the score.

  14. A lil note from our sponsors .. it’s dead-uh-kate-titted to all those womminz out there .. who don’ ™ ..

    When you go to the auto-parts store looking for that perfect gift for the MAN in your life .. you know the one .. Captain Save-A-Hoe .. so he can fix that broken down POS lip-stick less-be-an SUV .. you so proudly pay more than a house payment each month on [1] .. and attempt to drive around town ..

    Just remember .. it was probably a MAN that made that part .. sold that part .. transported that part .. installed that part .. and put up with complaining azz .. about how expensive that dang part is .. “PAY THE MAN” .. and please drive safely .. that means inflate those flat tires .. lol .. and stop blaming MEN for not fixing the roads .. Sexist bishes!

    [1] Not including that insurance you forgot to pay .. that gas you sometimes run a 1/4 tank below empty .. the tires you don’t inflate or rotate .. that oil change you don’t need because it blows more .. oil .. than you do and your already adding 5 qts between oil changes .. who needz oil changes anyway .. lol it changes itself .. am-I-right? .. suckers that do car maintenance .. oh yeah that brings us back to Capt SaH .. he’ll do it for free and run you around town while he’s fixin’ your broken down ride .. you’re right .. there aren’t any good menz left.


  15. ‘She seems nice .. and sane .. heh’

    Single mothers…is there any destructive act they won’t do?

  16. “She seems nice .. and sane .. heh”

    She seems to have gone off her antipsychotics but maybe that’s just the tilt of her head.

    1. Upturned, concave nose and round eyes indicate a preference for emotion over reason.

    2. The downward corners of her mouth indicate a preference for negative emotions over positive emotions. Normally this is associated with jowls or aggression lines between the eyebrows. Perhaps she’s too young to have developed them, or she death-spiraled quickly on the cock carousel, or she’s fat & hasn’t had time to deflate.

    3. The article’s bikini pic confirms she’s fat so poor impulse control.

    She could be a poster child for solipsism. The story has a happy ending, though: “Her baby girl was left in the care of the biological father.” I’m guessing she ain’t getting baby back, either, because: “She was also arrested in July 2018 for domestic battery.”

    *digs deeper* Per, she was charged with one count of domestic battery on 27 July 2018… and TWO counts of domestic battery in Hernando County on 27 June 2017! Hah! Why was she allowed to keep the 2yo kid this long? In both mugshots as well as the new one, her lower sclera is showing. Emotional instability confirmed. Look under the name “Breanna” Bristol not “Breanne” for her records.

  17. Bet-cha she gets preggers in jail .. jus’ sayin’ .. she likes to ram strange poles .. bwhaaaaaaa

  18. I wondered the same thing GQ .. with DV’s in her past why was she allowed to continue to maintain un-super-viced care of her child.

    And .. yes a happier ending than the other story .. the dad has taken the lead .. regarding his child. As it should be.

    Her agression lines are not showing because of her age & fatty-ness.

    Her very low ebrows indicate very poor impulse control.

    She looks bi-polar or maybe she has a lil ASD .. either or .. she’s not sane .. I was joking .. though she is all to normal among these young wimminz nowadays .. yuck.

  19. ‘Upturned, concave nose and round eyes indicate a preference for emotion over reason.’

    That and the fact she’s a female.

  20. ‘Why was she allowed to keep the 2yo kid this long?’

    You do know what country you live in, right? United States of Feminist Dystopia

  21. “Moseley opened fire using a .9mm Glock ”

    BB’s are 4.5mm. How the fuck did she(?) kill people with a gun that shoots .9mm projectiles? Were they smurfs?

  22. ‘Why was she allowed to keep the 2yo kid this long?’

    “You do know what country you live in, right? United States of Feminist Dystopia”

    Three battery arrests in thirteen months, she should have been in jail. Even Child Services prefers not to let wimminz keep their kids while in the frickin’ slammer. I hope Daddy didn’t refuse to prosecute. I seriously hope Daddy didn’t post her bail (only $150 but I doubt she had even that much in her wallet).

  23. She looks just like David “Camera” Hogg. Probably Williams Syndrome.

  24. @Gunner and Honeycomb, can you really read faces is this a real science? Notice these comments on mugshots are quite common (dead eyes etc), but is it predictive too?

  25. Dear He-man:

    is this a real science?

    At face value, anything can be called a real science. Astrology, for example. People actually study it (the definition of ‘science’ as such). That doesn’t mean it provides us with any empirical results worth having.

    I think the ‘physiognomy is real’ meme is funny, because often people who do bad stuff to others have a long history of doing bad stuff to themselves. Facial scars and bruises, dermatological effects of alcoholism, tattoos, etc. do indeed show the world an aspect of the bearers immorality. As for simply looking at features and deciding character flaws upon them… well, let’s not be silly. Some of the coolest and best people in history have been less than attractive, and a lot of the hottest and most physically perfect wimminz I know are trash.

  26. He-man ..

    can you really read faces is this a real science?

    Yes ..

    and a lot of the hottest and most physically perfect wimminz I know are trash.

    Attractive is about faical symmetry (mostly) ..

    I think the ‘physiognomy is real’ meme is funny,

    Characteristics can be determined with a high probability of success.

    I’m certified to analysis handwritting .. it’s more a hobby .. but mostly a hobby. After years of seeing wimminz characteristics in hand-writing .. I noticed common facial traits and gestures to certain questions .. I’m wrong sometimes. But if you give me 10 minutes with someone .. I can give you a good idea who you are dealing with .. kinda like pro-filing.

    Anyway .. I’m wrong from time to time and realize it’s more for funz-ee’s than anything .. I get a ton of free beer outta my trade secrets. People love to hear about themselves

    PS .. I vetted bishes for years this way. Instant pre-selection once the first one sits down for a HoneyComb scrubbin’ .. HEH!

  27. He-man @ 14:34:
    “@Gunner and Honeycomb, can you really read faces is this a real science? Notice these comments on mugshots are quite common (dead eyes etc), but is it predictive too?”

    An art, not a science, because physiognomy is about association. Correlation, not causation. Face-reading is particularly effective because the face has no moving parts except the jaw; it’s all about muscles. If the corners of someone’s mouth point down then that’s most likely because he often frowns. It’s no different than assuming a guy with bulging biceps is a gym rat. You look at what muscles get the most exercise in someone’s face, well, those muscles are probably the most used. Even bone structures in the face can be modified over years by muscle tension slowly guiding development.

    Another example: if you see a woman with proportionately large, natural breasts then you can reliably assume she’s promiscuous. That’s not because the gene for boob size is the same gene for cheating. It’s because women with large breasts attract a lot of male sexual attention, and often from a younger age, than normal. It’s not always true–she may have been raised in a nunnery or be legally blind–but it’s true so often, you’d be an idiot to ignore the indicator.

    You can even apply face-reading backwards; it’s called biofeedback. When I have a bout of depression, forcing myself to smile improves my mood for a few minutes. Stand in front of a mirror and practice making faces, and see if you don’t start feeling the way you choose to look.

    Physiognomy shouldn’t be used predictively. A textbook pedoface with pedo sexual urges might be a Christian who works hard at curbing those urges, in which case publicly blaming him for being a pedophile would be a gross injustice. We all have darkness inside, innocent until proven guilty is a good idea, but again, you’d be an idiot to let your child play with Mister Pedobear.

    Online, I can only see the major features like eyes, ears, jaws, brows, sometimes noses. Not enough resolution in most pics for stress lines and fine detail. But the advantage is I can know the general life path of those celebrities. I don’t want to approach a stranger on the bus and ask, “Excuse me, sir, are you a bitter tightwad? Because the tip of your nose points at your feet.” He is not likely to share my academic curiosity.

    Western physiognomy has fallen out of favor because it’s not !science! and was associated with racism. The other school is Chinese face-reading which was very nearly lost during the Cultural Revolution. The Chinese system is good because it takes the entire head into account and bad because it focuses mainly on how wealthy and lucky you are.

  28. As GQ said .. there is a proficiency issue and .. so, yes it it can be art .. BUT ..

    With hand-writing you can fix behaviors / characteristics .. AND you must use that knowledge careful.

    People have self-defense mechanisms .. and you can make a monster by changing aspect without treating the whole person.

    For me cursive hand-writing is a science .. as for body / facial reading its a sport (i.e. art) for me.

  29. @Boxer, Honeycomb, Gunner:
    That was illuminating thanks. I’m a bit aspie myself so do not have this ability and find these type of comments fascinating for that reason.

  30. I had trouble looking people in the eyes before finding physiognomy. Not badly but it was a thing. Now I have to be careful not to stare.

  31. They would never “lie or embellish” about assault .. nevva ..

    Funny thing is .. these wimminz (of sons) are finally offering our advice to their sons .. which they deride us for saying .. [re: DO NOT TRUST WIMMINZ]

    Glad these moms are finally seeing the wisdom of our advice.

  32. Yes. Of course women need men.

    As to the title of your post…I am coming round to the idea that it would be sensible to restrict the right to vote to those men with skin in the game, including landowners, business owners, and military/veterans. (Probably not in accordance with your Marxist principles.) Until such time as the 19th Amendment is repealed, however, I’ll continue to vote…after consulting with my husband.

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