Torvalds Rolls Over

Linus Torvalds, Teaching Us How To Respond To Feminists

In the past, Linus Torvalds has been something of a beacon for the antifeminist activist. He is something of a communist (he believes that source code belongs collectively to humanity) in the Stallman tradition, and he has been outspoken about his preference for quality over ideology. He also explicitly stood up for men on several occasions, while feminists continued to chip away at the quality and stability of his work, with ridiculous false accusations.

Apparently, all that is over. Linus has caved.


We thank those who have a solid history of antifeminist action, and we admit that we do not know the full story. Even so, this doesn’t appear to be a prank.

In the past, Torvalds justified his behavior, saying back in 2015: “I’m not a nice person and I don’t care about you. Really. Seriously. I care about the technology and I care about the kernel.” Prior to that, he said, “I simply don’t believe in being polite or politically correct.”

While I loved that old Linus. The new one seems sorta unremarkable.

Generally speaking, projects and industries tend to collapse with the topheavy introduction of feminist bureaucracy. If Linux gets too repressive or too ridiculous, remember that you have other options, including FreeBSD.

Read more at PCMag and at ExtremeTech.

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3 thoughts on “Torvalds Rolls Over”

  1. The convergence of Linux is happening so fast that a third party we haven’t been told about obviously got leverage over Torvalds and made an existential threat.

    Torvalds broke but he didn’t bend. I can respect him. We all have our breaking point; few of us resist evil long enough, firmly enough to reach that point.

  2. Its a shame about Linus, but no man can go on forever. I installed OpenBSD in a VM on one of my home servers yesterday, but its looks like FreeBSD has more mind-share, so I ‘ll give that a look tomorrow.

    We use Red Hat in house for our heavy-duty (moved over from AIX a couple years ago), not sure what upper mgmt is going to think about this (if anything).

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