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Let me tell y’all an inspiring story of our nigga Brandon, who met a fat slut named Ryann on the Stumble dating app.

For those of y’all who do not know, Stumble is a “feminist” dating app, which only allows skank-ho wimminz to make the first contact.

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 13.36.51

With this in mind, skank-ho princess clearly wanted to see our Brother Brandon nekkid. This is evinced by the fact that she made first-contact, subsequently begging for his schlong so annoyingly that he eventually relented, and decided to take her out.

Rather than act like a decent human being, Skanky Ryann decided to follow the feminist script, and act like a total cunt upon meeting Brandon. Let’s hear her tell it…


Props to my man for that beard and ‘stache. Let’s read on and hear about the “date from Hell.”


Riann complains:

The whole way to the bar he talked about bad dates he had.

What this means is that Riann was shaping up to be a bad date upon meeting, and our brother Brandon did her a favor, politely and patiently illustrating by analogy just how unattractive she was becoming. Bitch had zero self-awareness, so she didn’t get the lesson.

I know feminists are stupid, but Jesus Christ, does this bitch really expect us to believe that she doesn’t know why he’d do this?

Riann then whines:

He’s 38, by the way.

He’s a 38-year old brother who knows exactly what he wants. Moreover, he’s a 38-year old brother who Riann clearly wanted to stretch her pink sleeve out.

Riann continues:

…he was completely rude to our waitress… threw his menu on the floor… spoke to her in a degrading tone…

Clearly bullshit, recounted through the twisted lens of feminist ideology. Here’s a more plausible scenario:

  1. Waitress comes over, making eyes at Brandon
  2. Brandon “negs” waitress.
  3. Brandon drops menu.
  4. Waitress bends over to get menu, showing Brandon her tits and ass.
  5. Brandon “degrades” waitress by complimenting her on her ass.
  6. Waitress slips Brandon her number.

O.K.: 6 is something of a longshot, but the rest happened. I know this, because ya boy Boxer has run this script countless times, with an endless variety of waitresses, both with and without a dumb slut at the table. Waitresses are expert flirts. Their tips depend on it.

Riann reconstructed the interaction in the most negative possible way, because she’s a stupid feminist whore who can not even outcompete a cocktail server at a seedy bar.

Conclusion: preselection works.


Brother Brandon has clearly followed the rules found in this post code. Note Paragraph 41 at the Field Guide to Smashtown, hosted right here:

41. The moment a bitch pulls an attitude, the moment she is rude to the wait staff, the moment she trash-talks any family member or her ex-boyfriend, the moment she displays an attitude of entitlement, the moment she confesses to an STD or a prescription for psychiatric medication, you get up and tell the slut you have to go to the men’s room, then scoot on out the door. Leave her with the bill if possible.

As an aside, if we had any doubt that the waitress was listening quietly, while laughing inside, at Brother Brandon’s antics, those misgivings have now evaporated. My money is on his meeting her near the door, slipping her some tip money, and getting her phone number, before beating feet.

Ask me how I know he did this… It’s because I’ve done it myself, more than a few times.

You can read the rest of this entitled cunt’s whining on Twitter, here. Why she thinks our Brother Brandon had some sort of obligation to put up with her for one minute longer is an open question.

And by the way, Ryann, you are a fat bitch…

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 13.22.37

Author: Boxer

Sinister All-Male Dancer. Secret King of all Gamma Males. Member of Frankfurt School. Your Fave Contrarian!

18 thoughts on “This Week’s v5k2c2 Resident of Note!”

  1. Ha, ha!

    In the past I might have thought this dude was a douche, except I now know that if a woman did this she would be paraded around the room and told what an awesome, self-sufficient and powerful woman she is! She knows what she wants and she didn’t settle for anything less! If she had ditched out on the bill few would bat an eye because they have been trained that it is somehow the mans responsibility to pay out cash! Sorry! Feminist app, women initiate, women can foot the bill.


  2. I’ll say again she was mad a guy did something a lot of women do on dates.

  3. LOL Boxer .. great story bro. Good find.

    She’s mad because it comes rat outta da fembot wimminz playbook .. that’s why it’s so effective .. and ..

    His last text is be-ute-ee-full .. he didn’t want to see her pink taco anymore than we do .. he made money on this gig .. bravo sir .. bravo.

    Frankly .. I always insist on drinks on a first date. I tell the waiter to start two (2) tabs.

    It goes rat over da wimminz head. When 2 (two) bills show up .. they get concerned real quick.

    Good times .. good times!

  4. Ahhhhhhh darn-it .. she deleted her gofundme account with only $1,240 (of $10k goal) raised.

    HEH! πŸ‘Œ

  5. SnapperTrx sez ..

    Feminist app, women initiate, women can foot the bill.

    TRUTH bro .. if you ask someone out you are on the hook in my book.

    Or you can ..
    1) ask for tabS (plural) or ..
    2) do what our home-run-king just did ..

    Plus .. remember .. ge that waitresses digits for the win.

  6. TRUTH bro .. if you ask someone out you are on the hook in my book.

    I agree…if I ask them I take up the tab (which is why I keep it as inexpensive as possible). However I have had a few women say they would get the bill which I gladly accepted.

  7. It’s still up. She’s had it up for 53 months, though.

    FYI: It’s clearly a scam. Who needs to pay for fuck’n graduate school? If you don’t get funding for your MA/PHD/ETC then you’re either an idiot who doesn’t qualify (and shouldn’t be doing it), or you’re a spendthrift who needlessly squanders money when she could ask and have it given to her.

  8. Boxer I read her bio it’s clinical .. you brothers should read it

    “I love it when a train-wreck comes together” .. lol .. (a take on an A-Team [tv series] quote) .. regarding her failures.

  9. True. Moreover, she admitted she was texting during her date (no doubt other dicks she planned to ride).

    If you young boys pay for a woman’s taco, then you’re paying for that bitch to sit respectfully, look pretty, and give you her full attention. If you decided to jump up into the ceiling, then that bitch needs to have her eyes locked onto the soles of your feet.

  10. I was fortunate enough to receive a substantial amount of grants and loans for my undergraduate education, but this year FAFSA has offered me a significantly smaller amount that doesn’t fully cover the cost of tuition. This is why I am turning to the internet for some help. I don’t believe in settling for anything less than what I want as far as a career goes, and I truly place value on my education to help me pursue my dreams. I feel strongly that settling for a career that I can’t use my degree for is a waste of the last five years I spent at ASU, and the thousands and thousands of dollars I spent doing so.

    A career woman with lots of debt…where do I sign on the dotted line to commit to that?

  11. For those that don’t know .. ASU is almost always ranked the top party school in the USofA [1] .. she was a Sore-or-Titty girl to boot.

    She, most deaf-un-tee-lee, wasted those years fo sho yo!

    [1] I know a few Engineer grads and they tell me it’s like two (2) different campuses. Those Engineer dudes aren’t wasting their time .. jus sayin’. They are raking-in those bigs bucks now .. & those aging ASU sluts aren’t holding their market value .. lol

  12. Just so yenz’ know .. I just finished trying my AmberJack catch [1] grilled .. blackened .. smoked .. and pan fried .. between posting .. cooking .. and eating [2] .. I’m a very happy dude rat now 😊

    It could also be the beer I just finished off .. lol

    [1] Deep Sea Fishing adventure in La .. very south of New Orleans La .. dang good time out in the Gulf of Mexico this weekend.

    [2] Dang fine eatin’ .. I liked the blackened best. They were all excellent .. especially the medalion sized bacon wrapped grilled pieces .. okay .. I have to liked best servings.

  13. You were absolutely correct, and it was a good tip. She shut down her twitter account for about 12h, while she negotiated the extortion payments from her victim.

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