Do You Know Justin Bieber?

This is pretty funny. Probably NSFW.

Author: Boxer

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3 thoughts on “Do You Know Justin Bieber?”

  1. Tatted up skank hoez gettin trolled .. heh


  2. The writer described a man aboard a plane who propositioned a woman sitting next to him for one million dollars. She glared at him but pursued the conversation and began to entertain the possibility of so easily becoming a millionaire. The pair set the time, terms, and conditions. Just before he left the plane, he sputtered, “I—I have to admit, ma’am, I have sort of, ah, led you into a lie. I, um, I really don’t have a million dollars. Would you consider the proposition for just—ah, say—ah, ten dollars?”

    On the verge of smacking him across the face for such an insult, she snapped back, “What do you think I am?”

    “That has already been established,” he replied. “Now we’re just haggling over the price.”

    That video reminded me of the fact that certain people are always for sale. You just have to meet their reserve price.

  3. Celebrity: You ever been in a Rolls Royce before?
    Cheap Ho: Yeah … One other time … I think.

    LOL Make up an Obvious lie, and tell it hesitantly. I’ll have to remember that next time folks get to talking shit.

    Well, have you ever dropped a guided bomb on a terrorist cell?
    Yeah … One other time … I think.

    Have you ever brought someone back who flatlined twice during a coronary artery bypass graft surgery?
    Yeah … One other time … I think.

    Have you ever been shot down, then pinned down by Jihadis in a fire fight and single handedly fought them off with just a sidearm?
    Yeah … One other time … I think.

    Well, have you ever won the Daytona 500 and set a new race speed record, after starting in back as a replacement driver?
    Yeah … One other time … I think.

    Have you ever won an international championship and an Olympic gold medal in the same year?
    Yeah … One other time … I think.

    It works for everything! But it sounds more Alpha if you say”All the time, Bro! Back before I went Big Time.”

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