Goodlookin’ Aztec Chickie Trolls Libs


Who is the purveyor of such zfg trolling?

Her name is Zina Bash. She’s Jewish, and her grandparents were from Mexico, but that doesn’t matter to the capitalist press, who are now labeling her a NAZI!1 and WHITE SUPREMACIST!!1!.

Newsweek Ragazine said so, so it must be true.


Zina sez: He’s getting the job, and there ain’t shit any of you faggots can do about it.


Author: Boxer

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11 thoughts on “Goodlookin’ Aztec Chickie Trolls Libs”

  1. HA HA HA HA! One has to wonder if she really did this stuff with the intent of trolling or if she was responding to something else. I hope it was on purpose if only because its time the political right started actively doing something besides responding to the political left. Drive them to madness! Make them so frothing at the mouth angry that they trip all over themselves!

  2. When you’re in that position, with the camera’s red light on you, you don’t do some shit like this “on accident.” This was planned, and the only question in her mind was whether the liberal cucks were dumb enough to take such low-effort bait (they always are.) She’s laughing her ass off, right now.

  3. When I saw this earlier .. no one was saying anything about it .. I thought .. she placed herself right in the line of the camera’s .. she’s doing this intentionally and the press is ignoring it ..

    After the meltdown of the Dem’s intro to this dog and pony show .. She’s TROLLING’em masterfully.

    I love it.

  4. I love it.

    I love current year as well.

    Imagine yourself alive ten years ago, at the tail end of the Bush regime. This woman would have immediately been fired. She’d also have been forced to do the talk show circuit, tearfully apologizing, after having been denounced by Dubya.

    Under our President Trump, we mock our enemies openly, as a precursor to the day when we’ll witness Zina drive over them in a deuce-and-a-half.

  5. Speaking of “deuce-and-a-half” (i.e. BOSS .. pro-noun-sensed .. BAUCE in lower alabama) behavior ..

    This guy had a Deuce-in-a-Half and his neighbor complained.

    He politely told’em he’d hide it .. LOL .. [1]

    This is my kinda trollin’ rat here .. As for our younglady above .. my she’s showing all the right moves for this ole’boy .. me likie .. (I realize she’s married and I wouldn’t dare .. but if she was single .. I’d consider coming out of retirement .. HEH).


  6. What a time to be alive…a Hispanic Jewish woman is a white supramacist.

    Funny how it’s usually echo chamber living, fedora touting white people who seem to accuse others of this. They must be on the white inferiorist team.

  7. One theory is that a liberal asshole was questioning Kavanaugh.
    And Zina Bash was flashing the American sign language sign for Asshole.

    Apparently giving a bit of commentary for deaf viewers.

    Is a confirmation hearing even something a person should watch if they’re hearing impaired?

    Apparently the whole idea that the OK symbol was White Power, was initially a 4chan troll.

    However some actual neo-Nazis thought it was funny and started using it to troll too. So now it has a life of its own.

  8. “However some actual neo-Nazis thought it was funny and started using it to troll too. So now it has a life of its own.”

    This drives me nuts. I’m too honest for this world.

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