The System’s Perverse Incentives


Feminist Parasites Keep The Worker from His Labor!

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If you decide to visit a blog in the women’s auxiliary, please mind your manners and respect your host’s requests.

Over in Sister Lori’s comment farm, Kate notes:

Lori you would be shocked at how many men do not want a stay at home wife. My mother stayed at home and although I went to college (a gift from my parents, I have no debt) I plan to stop working after I have my first child, and my husband supports this. However in college some of my male friends were appalled. They said their wife would work and that they would expect nothing less.

I think many people miss the underlying motivation for a young man, who wants his wife to work. In most cases, I’ve found that this is due to the social engineering of the divorce-related legislation, which has become progressively more perverse in the last couple of generations.

A young man intuits that when (and it’s when, not if) his wife divorces him, he will lose less if she has an established income. Specifically, the divorce courts will cripple him financially if she is a stay-at-home mother. Her status will entitle her to lifetime alimony and often most of his pension, also. That same young man sees a working wife as less expensive, overall. He intuits this through the experiences of his father, his uncles, and the male relatives of his friends.

So, while a stay-at-home wife would be a much better mother to his children, the striver wife will at least allow for a normal adulthood and retirement. He is voting with his feet, as his survival depends upon it.


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Author: Boxer

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16 thoughts on “The System’s Perverse Incentives”

  1. Dear Boxer,
    while there can be something to your explanation, I don’t believe the men have it this well rationally thought out (we speak college attending young men here – which fact can give some perspective about what sort of worldview leanings to expect among this demographic in the current society, or at least what these men will *say* they think and want). I think it’s much simpler – the men are just brainwashed by the dominant narrative, so to them having a stay-at-home wife equals (or they think that’s what is a right proper thing to think) being patriarchal oppressive insecure brute, who can’t handle independent woman with career aspirations etc., or, from other perspective, it is part of being a true man to want a woman with a career etc. Plus they can be of course afraid of the sh*tstorm of feminist outrage, that is pretty much a given to follow after one would state, especially in the realm of academia, that he expects his wife to stay at home with kids.

  2. Sorry, correction – men in college was what Kate mentioned in her comment, but your argument is probably meant in general, that can be different.

  3. Ofelas (re: young-men who have working wives -v- SAHM/W’s) ..

    Yes .. most (youngmen today) are simps. I’ve seen it first hand (and again this weekend). They buy into “if momma ain’t happy ™ ..” .. what b.s. .. so they allow public cuckdom .. it’s cheaper than an unhappy wife and possible divorce.

    You see the dynamic has changed my friend.

    It used to the wives held the family together.

    Now it’s the menz that have to hold a marriage together. They know what divorce costs .. but that FI must be meet (re: waiting to marry and have kids .. and you are responsible for her and HER goals .. i.e. not family goals).

    For the younger men they have working / non-complamentary / combative / dominate wives.

    As for the older guys (like me) .. yes we were trained to have SAHM/W’s. But we, older guys, demand they work to avoid the divorce trap Boxer speaks of.

    They both look the same from the outside.


    This is a gross generalization. I know exceptiins exsist. Derek is such and exception.

  4. ‘A young man intuits that when (and it’s when, not if) his wife divorces him, he will lose less if she has an established income.’

    Is this true?

    In theory Angelina Jolie shouldn’t get a dime from Brad Pitt…and yet she’s certainly getting plenty of his income.

    Sure if she doesn’t bring in any income it’ll cost a guy plenty, but it seems even if she does bring in an income it’ll cost him plenty too. He might get 10% savings.

    Really between the constant threat of cucking and divorce…it doesn’t matter what job a woman does or doesen’t hold…it’s the woman herself that’s the reason why marriage isn’t very attractive.

  5. Today a guy might also be thinking, “What the hell is she gonna do at home all day? She doesn’t know how to cook or clean house or do laundry properly (wash/dry/iron/fold or hang) and shows no interest in learning, AND she’s carrying $50k+ of college debt. Frankly, she’s useless when she’s not sucking my dick.”

  6. Earl sez ..

    Is this true?

    In general .. yes. But, as always .. It Depends.

  7. In general .. yes. But, as always .. It Depends.

    The wildcard (and I’ve seen this from my coworker’s divorce situation)…is the wimminz decides to go fully self-destruct (because that’s what divorce does) and doesn’t work anymore because she’ll get her ‘welfare’ from her husband to be spent for her trips to find FB and downing the finest drugs.

    Now do the courts recalculate the funds she gets because she decides to go unemployed? I’m not sure…but I’m just saying, it happens.

  8. I suppose it’s about whether the woman acts somewhat like an adult will work well in marriage whether she’s a SAHM or working. When the woman acts like a common drug addicted prostitute who when given the choice always chooses the rebellious route…neither her degree, work history nor her homemaking skills will overcome that.

  9. Earl: “‘A young man intuits that when (and it’s when, not if) his wife divorces him, he will lose less if she has an established income.’ Is this true?”

    Yes, subject whether the frivorce judge follows the rules or soaks the man. But the nature of frivorce court guarantees unreliable outcomes. Child support appears the be greater threat to the lower class while alimony is the greater threat to the upper class. But men are desperate to manage the risks of marriage; therefore, Boxer’s theory makes good sense. As good as a SAHM is for kids, a mother who doesn’t frivorce Daddy is better.

    Sad to see how many men will jump into the marital meat grinder with eyes wide open.

    “I plan to stop working after I have my first child, and my husband supports this. However in college some of my male friends were appalled. They said their wife would work and that they would expect nothing less.”

    Sounds like white knighting to me. Pedestalizers would be aghast to see a glorious Wimmin self-humbling into patriarchal oppression. Muh’Lady shall never be chained unto the humble kitchen! I will die for you! I will do dishes for you! And so will that man over there!

  10. “They said their wife would work and that they would expect nothing less.”

    This could be read multiple ways if desired:

    1. White knight version which would never oppress a woman by having her stay at home.

    2. Economic pragmatist version which realizes that stuff is expensive and if princess wants stuff she’s gonna have to pull her share of the load.

    3. Pimp version, “Bitch better have my money.”

    4. INTJ version, “If you want to be treated as an equal you must prove yourself my equal.”

    Males who “are appalled” are not men.

  11. Lori has another wonderful post which would cause feminist meltdowns.

    ‘Only 12.3 Percent of Females are Virgins After College’

    ‘Sixty percent of teens have had sex by graduation. The average “American loses his or her virginity at age 17. Virgins make up 12.3 percent of females and 14.3 percent of males aged 20-24.” Yet, don’t try to teach young people to be virgins until marriage or you will be blasted even by other Christians! Ridiculous. I aim to obey God rather than man (or woman).’

    Think she might have noticed Shelia and her ilk?

    ‘Did you notice that more males are virgins between 20 – 24 than females!’

    Thought that was interesting too…not sure if it’s because of incels or more guys have found other things to do than hang out with destructive females.

  12. Ahhh yes .. SLUT Finishing School (aka College).

    Note: Only 2% more men are virgins at the same age range.

    That puts this whole incel debate to rest.

  13. “If you will live like no one else, later you can live like no one else.” – Dave Ramsey

    Long live the Free Man .. whom everyone tries to contain.

    And may Lori’s blog continue to shine a light on their criminal enterprise(s).

  14. So, Boxer, are you saying you got asked not to comment further? Or have been blocked from posting?

    I see that your post is still up there. I thought I would be the first to get the boot. LOL

    I only got to post about 3 comments before I got the boot at Sheila’s “Love to Vacuum” site. And that was about 3 out of 6 that I tried to get posted. Strait up mansplanin with some Bible verses to back it up. The truth was too much for her “Seekers” apparently. She’s got to ease them in with a bunch of half truths she feels, I guess.

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