First Thing We Do…


…is kill all the journalists.

Down below, Kentucky Headhunter writes

The media will be well represented when the time to line the traitors up against the wall.

While the dishonesty of journalists shouldn’t be minimized, there are a number of factors at play in the stories we read.

1. American society is hopelessly topheavy and needlessly complex. Part of the energy of Trump’s realignment is his astute knowledge of system dynamics, and his ability to leverage the potential energy in our unstable society for his benefit. It’s not that journalists lie more under Trump, than they did under Obama. It’s that Obama was too inept to call attention to it.

No disrespect to Obama, by the way. Bush and Clinton were also too stupid to see this golden opportunity. This was amply demonstrated in Hillary’s pandering to a hostile press, in hopes that they’d throw her softballs (they didn’t) as opposed to Trump calling them out, and becoming a people’s hero in the process.

2. There are a number of ever-shifting filters that shape the stories we read, and many of these are applied before the story ever gets delivered to the corporate press. Leakers exaggerate, PR people spin, and often sources will misunderstand what they’re telling a journalist anyway, emphasizing irrelevant points rather than laying out the details of the real story.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb has spent a large amount of time and effort criticizing supposedly “smart” folks (i.e. people in academia, big business, etc.) for knowing facts without ever understanding the machinations that bring them about. This is particularly relevant to the present, dreadful state of the fifth estate.

3. Specific to Trump, and perhaps a corollary to the first point, we have a president who is not only smarter than his critics, he is exceptionally adept at controlling and manipulating these self-important fools in the capitalist media. He has been honing his skills in this regard since the 1980s, when he was a favored guest of daytime and nighttime talk shows. The fact that he produced a television series qualifies him, by any objective standard, for a doctorate in media studies.

Does he care when the media puts out coordinated hit pieces on him? It doesn’t appear so. A glorified blogger from the NYT or WaPo is due to make his thirteenth straight front-page declaration that Trump is finished, he’ll be indicted this week, and all that. The handful of credulous fools (all wimminz and male feminists) who take such stuff seriously have set themselves up to have their spirits crushed again, and it is as likely as not that Trump leaked the coming impeachment to the idiots himself. He seems to use the news cycle to fan the flames of some irrelevant nonsense in his right hand, while he’s strangling his enemies with his left, all out of sight. About half the time he wants the story to upset his base, so that he can use that energy to push through necessary legislation that the CONservative capitalist republicans of the GOP would never touch otherwise.

I used to think that Trump was Gerald Ford reborn. A savvy liberal republican of the Rockefeller mold. Now I see him as a 21st century incarnation of either Lenin or Andrew Jackson. He’s winning, for you and for me, and every rich faggot and establishment hack who doesn’t want to get burned out of his mcmansion had better go along.


The G.O.P. is dead. Good riddance.

Author: Boxer

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3 thoughts on “First Thing We Do…”

  1. The Republican Party’s navel-gazing treachery has allowed the radical branch of the Democrats to pass a constant stream of unimaginably destructive laws over the last year in Sacramento, so quickly that I can’t track them all. Everything from dismantling the power grid (momentarily thwarted) to criminalizing enforcement of law to putting Commissars on the boards of public corporations. If the Reps had a soul of any size at all, they’d use that endless stream of political red meat to push back in the coming election.

    But no, it’s loyal opposition all the way. If you can’t say anything nice about the wicked then don’t say anything at all.

    I’d wondered if McCain’s funeral would be completely unattended as his fellow parasites rush for his seat in Congress, but it turned out to be a good anchor for an anti-Trump rally. Almost the same thing, come to think of it. Everybody came with an agenda other than respecting the dead.

    “This was amply demonstrated in Hillary’s pandering to a hostile press, in hopes that they’d throw her softballs (they didn’t)”

    I don’t recall this happening. The media were so allied to the Lizard Queen that Bernie’s political career almost ended. At the height of the primaries, I wouldn’t have blinked at a Bernie Arkancide.

  2. I don’t recall this happening.

    A quick look at the Matt Lauer interview will refresh your memory.

    Bernie’s political career almost ended.

    Bernie committed political suicide by being honorable, and refusing to stoop to the same theatrics that are the native language of The Cunt and The God Emperor. While populist idealists might have preferred a Bernie presidency, he proved himself too much a nice-guy to get things done. Trump might be an immoral scumbag, but that’s OK. Lenin and Andrew Jackson were, too. The point is that he’s our immoral scumbag.

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