Enter The Mystery Wimminz

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Last week, in the early morning hours (of Wednesday, 28 August 2018), a Houston area homeowner was awakened by frantic pounding on his front door. When he answered, finding no one in sight, he probably assumed it was assholes, doing what assholes will. (Boxer was exactly such an asshole, ’round about age 13.)

Thinking he’d get a bit of payback by identifying the culprits and waking their parents, he immediately scrolled through surveillance video of the door-ditcher. What he saw was considerably more concerning than teenage pranksters.

The video, which has now gone viral on social media, depicts a strange wimminz, wearing only a t-shirt, who can be seen running to the poor guy’s door, knocking and ringing, then looking around, frightened, before she quickly scoots back into the darkness. Both wrists trail chains and shackles, and she doesn’t appear to have any pants on.

I’ll let the “fair and balanced” conservative faggot media take the story from here:

Authorities in Texas said Wednesday that they have identified the woman whose appearance in a bizarre video led to speculation about who she was and what she may have been running from.

Officials launched a search for the woman after she was videoed ringing a stranger’s doorbell early Friday in a Sunrise Ranch subdivision north of Houston. The woman, clad in only a T-shirt, ran away before the homeowner could answer the door.

The sheriff’s office released the video on social media earlier this week, prompting a flood of tips suggesting the woman was a missing person from as far away as Canada.

However, on Wednesday, Sheriff’s Lt. Scott Spencer said the 32-year-old woman was originally from the Dallas area and had not been reported missing at any point. Spencer added that the woman’s name would not be made public because she was a victim of domestic violence.

mmmm… yesss… domestic violence. Some man must be at fault.

A day later, some new developments. Here’s Faux News, again with the fair, balanced, totally not pro-feminist interpretation of events:

A woman, who was seen in surveillance video ringing doorbells in Texas, told police she was a victim of sexual assault and had broken free from bondage handcuffs used to restrain her.

Officials launched a search for the woman earlier this week after she was captured on video ringing doorbells in the Sunrise Ranch, a Montgomery subdivision located 50 miles north of Houston.

The woman, clad in only a T-shirt and with restraints hanging from her wrists, left before the homeowner could answer the door.

On Wednesday, police announced they found the woman. Her boyfriend, Dennis Ray Collins, 49, was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at his home in the same subdivision.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office released more details about the case Thursday.

Of course, it’s “a boyfriend” who did this. Men do this shit all the time, and no one should trust her “boyfriend.”

“The female described the restraints seen on the previously released video as restraints commonly used in private intimate encounters,” Lt. Scott Spencer told reporters.

It was not immediately clear if she was held against her will.

Well, well. Isn’t this interesting. We had to dig through dozens of stories, pages and pages long, to get to the real truth of the matter, buried on the last page.

As an aside, I can’t imagine why so many people hate journalists, either.

Spencer said she was able to “break free” from the restraints and flee the home. The woman rang the doorbells of two neighbors that night. When no one answered, she returned back to Collins’ home. She then got a car and drove to the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

I wonder if she told her “family” where she’d been in the interim? I’m guessing no.

“Due to the allegations made by the female of sexual assault we will not be naming the victim in this case,” he continued.

The woman was described as a 32-year-old female from the Dallas area and is safe with her family.

Now we’re getting the picture, no thanks to the dishonest feminist media.

For those of you brothers who are slow on the uptake, here is the best possible interpretation I can come up with…

1. Wimminz leaves her “family” (I’m guessing a husband) in the Great Plains, and drives four hours south, to the tropics, to have kinky sex with a man she hardly knew.

2. After wimminz arrives and goes to her “boyfriend” house (who she probably had never met before,) she gets chained up, and lets him do all manner of nasty shit to her.

3. So-called “boyfriend” (in-reality, he’s just an anonymous hookup) is likely cheating on his own wife with this skank. He feels guilty, probably for this reason, and pens a suicide note, then eats a bullet, because he knows he’s just fucked over his wife and kids.

4. OOPS! The swinging dick forgot to unlock the handcuffs. While the twisted bitch probably got off on seeing him kill himself, the wife will be home in a few hours. Bitch frantically breaks free, busts a window, and leaves, pretending she is being followed and chased.

Now, I mentioned that this is the best possible interpretation. I don’t think it’s very likely, however. A more probable interpretation involves a suicide pact that she backed out of, or, possibly, her murdering this guy, and concocting a story (thanks to the nice folks who penned VAWA) which will immunize her from prosecution for the mayhem she caused.

No matter what the truth really is, the poor schlub she’s now back with really ought to head on down to the divorce courts, and get those papers filed.

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7 thoughts on “Enter The Mystery Wimminz”

  1. Suir I saw this movie it was called gone girl. Woman run way from her husband because he unhaaaappy and put a guy in supporting when he talking you fulfill her she killed him and go back to her husband…..

  2. “The female described the restraints seen on the previously released video as restraints commonly used in private intimate encounters,”

    Just remember that the next time wimminz go off about ‘oppression’.

  3. “It was just kinky sex, and that was the extent of it,” said Jeff Collins, the only brother of Dennis Ray Collins, who was accused of sexually assaulting the woman before killing himself. “It wasn’t like what people are saying — she was never a captive or being kept in his house against her will. … Jeff Collins, who said he spoke to his brother often, said Dennis Collins had mentioned his girlfriend in glowing terms. She had attended a birthday party of Dennis’ 13-year-old daughter and had lived with him at the house for four months, Jeff Collins told ABC News. …after the surveillance video gained nationwide attention. “He killed himself not out of guilt, but because he couldn’t stand his daughter thinking of him that way and because he had been unhappy for a long time,” Jeff Collins. “My brother’s come out looking like a monster in all this but he wasn’t. … Lt. Scott Spencer said the woman is “upset” and “embarrassed” about the incident.

    It sounds like everything was entirely consensual, right up until the last night where she took off. The brother has a copy of the suicide note. Apparently the boyfriend didn’t kill himself until after she was long gone. Perhaps because she was claiming to be a sexual assault victim and he knew he would end up in jail for a very long time, regardless of whatever he might claim. I guess it is time for the girlfriend to find a new bondage buddy. I never thought about it, but bondage play could become a certain trip to jail if your female friend ever feels like sending you there. She secretly dials 911 and then hangs up, and says; “tie me up baby! and F*CK me rough”. Police show up, and find the “victim” bound to the bed, claiming to be the victim of horrible abuse, rape, unlawful kidnapping, Etc. Yada Yada. That might just become the preferred breakup technique for the wimmennzz.

  4. How do Nondisclosure agreement work and friends with benefits relationship. Are used to work with an organization that would try to help children Who had been sexually abuse As a result if I had ever lost my virginity and begin to have exactly how we’re going to. Of time I will bug them myself I would need to find a way to make sure I don’t end up on the Internet. I decided that being a frustrated virgin was better than being a hole on the Internet
    Super boxer your mentorHad a section of one article that said he videotaped it by giving him a blowjob on the night that he supposedly right time. His wife had nothing to say because it was very clear that she initiated the intimacy. I think he had a rule ABT always be taping

  5. That might just become the preferred breakup technique for the wimmennzz.

    How many stories, incidences, tales, and the like is it going to take? Fornication (and adultery if married) seems to be the preferred physical tactic of wimminz to trap men. Scripture points out the spiritual aspect.

    ‘And I discovered more bitter than death the woman whose heart is snares and nets, whose hands are chains. One who is pleasing to God will escape from her, but the sinner will be captured by her.’ Ecclesiastes 7:26

    Which is why I hope at some point Boxer has his own conversion from that lifestyle. Why does he keep bringing up stories like this?

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