An Open Letter To The People Of Kenya


Over on my favorite Christian blog, skank-ho Sheila Gregoire announces that our critique of her “work” has driven her into despair.

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In order to get her revenge on mean ol’ Boxer and the boys, she has decamped to Kenya, in a lame attempt to wreck that unfortunate nation.

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Sheila is now “helping” Kenyans, not by humbly volunteering her labor power, but by teaching Kenyan women and girls about sodomy, radical feminism, immodesty and hubris.

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In the first place, Sheila’s credentials are questionable. It is true she has a graduate degree, but her training had nothing to do with medicine or biology. Thus, she has no authority to teach anyone about sex, which is her stated intention.

I have known a great number of Kenyans in my life, and they’ve all been wonderful, bright people. One of the best qualities of the people of Kenya is the tight extended family structure that still exists there. The wholesome fabric of the Kenyan family is anchored in the lives of Kenyan mothers and grandmothers, who are modest, patriarchal, and respectful. This is a universal aspect of East African life, and it seems to transcend religion, being found in Christians, Muslims, Atheists and others. Kenyans should be extremely proud of their sensible females, and should work to keep their traditional customs intact.

By the same measure, the horrible dysfunction endemic to Canada should be seen as a grave threat to any society, and no sensible government official, with a knowledge of the facts, would permit foreigners to enter his country for the purposes of subverting the people’s way of life. Allowing this unqualified woman to influence the next generation of Kenyans is a very serious mistake.

My Kenyan friends who would like to express their reasonable concern about this “loud and proud” Canadian feminist, who has entered their country to teach impressionable children about sex, should contact:

The Minister of The Interior | Reliance Center | Third Floor | Nairobi

A respectful letter alerting your government officials about this woman will go a long way toward keeping your children and society whole.

Those of us outside Kenya might pen a quick letter to:

His Excellency John Lepi Lanyasunya | Kenya High Commission to Canada and Cuba | 415 Laurier Ave East | Ottawa K1N 6R4

As a Canadian, I apologize for the damage this malicious meddler is attempting to do to your society. Remember that she does not represent our country, and that all sensible people in North America stand with you in the struggle to maintain a high level of civilized life.

Ee Mungu nguvu yetu
Ilete baraka kwetu
Haki iwe ngao na mlinzi
Natukae na undugu
Amani na uhuru
Raha tupate na ustawi

Author: Boxer

Sinister All-Male Dancer. Secret King of all Gamma Males. Member of Frankfurt School. Your Fave Contrarian!

5 thoughts on “An Open Letter To The People Of Kenya”

  1. She’ll be on Dr Phil before this is all over .. [beware of bathrobe] ..

  2. In the first place, Sheila’s credentials are questionable.

    Yes .. in fact .. look no further than the wonderful success she has had with her own family. (/s)

    my epic tweet thread

    Poor Sheila and company. She had 10 times as many white-knights and fem-bots -v- trolls and she absolutely melted down with just a bit of dissent.

    And .. even then .. they still lost.

    So much so .. she had to devise a way to cope with being dissented to .. by .. no less than going to a patriarchial society and edge-um-Katie-ing themz poor oppressed women.

    As always North America exports the most filth (fem-bot-do-good-ers & media) of any con-tow-net .. it really has become 1st world problems .. she should be mocked for her better than tho attitude .. something she just admitted she can’t handle.

    We need to go back to NO household appliances and get these bitches doing the jobs these fem-botz won’t do (household-chores). It’ll cut down on the meddling these hoez can do even in their own local towns.

  3. HC,
    I think you are to something big. Most of the Christian wimminz are into a living simply fad based on a Japanese book, organic foods, and a sophomoric hatred of capitalism. Agree and amplify- what is more sustainable than getting rid of those patriarchal-designed and built vacuums, washing machines, cars, and grocery stores?
    Shoot, I forgot a basic rule, don’t listen to their words.

  4. This is how easy these bishes are to swin-dell .. (1)

    This man deserves an award for selling snow-cones to esk-key-mo’s.

    (1) In another thread we talk about da wimminz are paying a fortune in bad science (aka egg frezzing / IVF)

  5. Maybe Sheila will melt down when those savage Kenyans start speaking in Swahili. I always get a belly laugh out of monoglot Anglophones, “Christian” or otherwise, who travel abroad thinking that they’re going to spread precious wisdom to ignint ferners, not realizing that most of the rest of the world communicates in some language other than English, and from a decidedly non-Anglophone perspective.

    Sweet, divine justice indeed if Sheila and her nutty feminist family were to be denied entry or deported.

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