A Gift That Keeps On Giving


No, not herpes. I mean twitter. Here’s more of the story of everyone’s favorite blushing bride, who we met last week, thanks to our favorite antifeminist social media network.

Go back and read that shit, if you didn’t get it the first time, then sit back as her own cousin flames her on facebook.


Apparently, the entitled cunt’s name is Susan. Hopefully she’s “finding herself” on her South American fucking hiking trip, right now. I’d hate to imagine the cringe of her coming to her senses and reading some of this shit in real-time.


Remember, boys: If you object to this sort of behavior, it’s because you’re a pathetic Peter Pan slacker. A “real man” would have done what it took to get her that Aruba wedding.




Author: Boxer

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11 thoughts on “A Gift That Keeps On Giving”

  1. ‘A “real man” would have done what it took to get her that Aruba wedding.’

    Ah yes….there’s nothing like the ‘real man’. The guy who gets her best because he can handle her worst. The guy who 20 years later will find blogs and tell us of tales about his NAWALT (almost virgin) wife whom he got because he’s such an alpha male of the group. Although it will irrate him when the Peter Pans all see through his facade.

  2. hmmmm ..

    I knew I’d seen this kid before ..

    re: Gamer shooter

  3. One look at those twelve-year old hookers in the first photo, and I know there’s a single-mom someplace close by.

  4. re: single mom ..

    Check-out da red-head on da social-media-device (on the left).

  5. lol .. I’m not interested .. HEH

    Just pointing out .. you’re correct .. a single mom was hovering around trying to scoop-up any available teenage boys .. (single moms = predators).

    Whats Boxer got against red-heads? LOL

  6. OT….it’s the guns.

    ‘Jacksonville Madden Shooter: ‘I Wish I Had A Dad”


    ‘While the media loves to talk about “toxic masculinity,” it appears Katz may have been raised largely by his mother.

    On Katz’s Reddit account, he responded to a trivial story from someone joking about their relationship with their father by writing, “I wish I had a dad.”

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