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Ain’t she a looker? Here’s another pinup…


Never mind the forehead… How about the facial hair?

And now, an extra-special wedding story, which was originally posted to facebook. This may be the greatest thing I’ve read this month.






Edit: A statement from this bitch’s cousin is now online here.

Author: Boxer

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12 thoughts on “Found On Twitter”

  1. This shit is EXACTLY what happens when bitches esteem the fucking “wedding” as more important than being with someone. When she didn’t get the wedding she wanted, she baled
    Let this be a stark reminder to guys that American skanks prize an actual ceremony as more important than actually being with someone
    I hope this mentally deranged bitch ends up alone forever with just her 50 cats to keep her company

  2. Bitch is nuts if she thinks I’d pay 1500.00 to attend her wedding in fookin’ Aruba, too. If I want to go on a long plane flight, I’ll go for me.

  3. That dude dodged a bullet. Bridezilla!

    Oh, by the way, Boxer, since I consider you a friend, Please send me $1500, for my dream. I want to be a Kardashian for a day. LOL

  4. I especially enjoyed, “After giving birth, I knew the next step would be to focus on my career…”, but a close second is slipping in how expensive her engagement ring was.

  5. Personally, my favorite part was the “local psychic” who convinced her to live her dreams with lots of “you go girl” predictions. My suspicion is that guy was hoping for some shit to happen exactly like this, and I’m sure it played out better than he could ever have hoped.

  6. Yeah the fact there was a kid out of wedlock, she’s focusing on career, the expensive engagment ring…doesn’t shock me she went that route.

    I know I harp on the revelations from some saints like John Bosco and Bishop Fulton Sheen…but there is something to lust being tied to pride ane greed. Well just look at how prideful and greedy she became.

  7. Psychics don’t reveal anything…much like your common playa or the serpent…they tell the woman what lies she wants to hear, only they do it for the money.

  8. I consider you all friends…and as such I demand you all give me $1500 for my dreams…what are friends for?

    I think a man’s worst enemy is nothing compared to a wimminz best friend.

  9. Holy FIVE head bat-man ..

    What’s a five head .. well a normal forehead fits about four of your fingers .. five head is all five digits tall .. it’s funnier if you demonstrate while telling the joke .. heh!

  10. Yep (re: esteeming a wedding more than the husband or marriage).


    If the justice of the peace ain’t good’uh’nuff .. fo’get’uh’bout’it!

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