Deconstructing Catastrophe (Part 2)


Yesterday we got acquainted with the Smith family, which consists of my childhood pal Jenny, her husband Joseph Smith, and their daughter Susie. I say their daughter because Brother Joe legally adopted Susie, prior to her fourth birthday.

Yes! Joe married a skank-ho single mom, who had been twice divorced. Moreover, Jenny had no idea who the biological father of little Susie was, when Joe met her. She only knew that neither of her husbands had sired her baby. Joe brushed such trivialities aside, and he used his patriarchal right to make an honorable wife of this whore, and to remove the shame of bastardy from her little girl.

We can only speculate as to what motivates a man like Joe to shoulder such a responsibility. I suspect that many such men imagine that their wives will appreciate and respect their willingness to overlook these shortcomings. Such an assumption entails that their wives are self-aware enough to fully realize their own disastrous positions, based upon a lifetime full of poor personal choices. We shall shortly see that this is often a mistake.

So, how did this little experiment work out for Joe? Fast forward to the present day, several years after he met his loving bride at the altar, and we can hear it from Jenny, the lucky lady who (somehow) managed to convince this simp to marry her.

In the spring of this year, Jenny decided to divorce her husband. Her daughter, now a teenager, tried living with both dad and mom, eventually to pack up and go to grandma and grandpa’s house in Mississauga, because she can’t stand either one of these self-centered morons.

Jenny and Joseph now live in apartments, in different suburbs, and are wrangling over who gets the dining set and the patio furniture in endless court hearings.

Jenny decided to text me after midnight, a couple of days ago, and update me on all the trivial details of her life. We will thank her for giving the young brothers yet another warning about the dangers of dealing with a wimminz like her.


Jenny (12:03 AM): I’m up, are you awake?

Boxer: Yes

Jenny: Whatcha up to? Did you have a good day?

Boxer: I got some of my lectures done. Just winding down now.

Jenny: Nice.

Jenny: I’m a little upset…

Jenny (12:06 AM): Actually I’m a lot upset…

Boxer (12:16 AM): Ten full minutes of typing.

Jenny: Joe told Susie today that he is done with her and I. He told her your mom and I are done so I think its time that I move on from being your dad. She called me at 4 something and was crying… he said your mom made her choice… we are divorced… so you and I are done. You’re not a Smith… you’re not my blood… so I am and moving on from being your dad. Susie told him… I have been your daughter since I was a little girl… your saying you don’t want me… he told her… I have to move on with my life I am done. You’re a good girl but I’m not biological your dad. So… I do not want to be your dad anymore. It has been devastating to her… she has cried… Joe’s brother and sister in law actually called me and said how they can’t believe he has said this. She will always be their family! They said Joe isn’t taking his medication and is spiraling out of control. Her Uncle told Susie she has been family since she was 4! To not listen to him. It’s been an awful day. I can say I actually hate him.

Jenny: This is a nightmare

Jenny: I have cried nearly all day. At 4 this afternoon I left work… I cannot believe he can be so cold. His mother who loved and adored her would be devastated by this. She left Susie with her jewelry… her bible… I can’t believe he just did this to her.


Boxer: So, tell me, what would you like him to do?

Jenny: He is an ass

Jenny: He adopted her… he told her I am no longe married to your mom… so I am done. The Smith family is so mad at him. It’s a mess.

Jenny: Her uncle Jimmy went to Mississauga and told her you are and will always be family.

Boxer: So, tell me, what would you like him to do?

Jenny: I will say this has been a nightmare

Jenny: Honestly, I am done and divorced from him. I’m so glad the Smith family has rallied beside her. It just breaks my heart how he treated her. Jimmy said its a control thing… he can’t control you anymore so he is doing this through her. We love her and please know we love her.

Boxer: You still didn’t answer my simple question.


Jenny:I would love for him and her to have the dad and daughter relationship… she always tried to please him and make him proud. I feel so bad for her. She is a good girl.

Boxer: Is there anything in it for him? I mean, he raised her from a baby, and has been dumped, and probably feels like a chump. I must say I feel sorry for him.

Jenny: Seriously… even his own family don’t feel sorry for him. I was treated like a servant.

Boxer: Well, I don’t know the whole story. All I know is what I hear. I’m glad I’m not him. It seems like he has been used and disrespected and thrown away. She is grown now and doesn’t need him any more anyway.

Jenny: His Uncle Demetrio is coming to Mississauga to see Susie she is devastated by all this. I found out for 3 years he had an affair with Janice.

Jenny: She was crying… it was so sad… she loves him so.

Jenny: His mom left Susie all her jewelry and her bible in her will.

Jenny: My sister in law called me and is so mad at Joe. Apparently he hasn’t taken his bipolar meds since I left… he is drinking… he lost his job in CP… he is a mess.

Jenny: It’s a horrible day. Susie is a trouper… she said I am going to Toronto this weekend with Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Janie they told me the truth about you and dad… and doesn’t blame you for getting divorced.

Jenny (12:41 AM): I kept a lot secret from her… anyhow… what a horrible day.


Stay tuned for part 3 of this article, where we deconstruct this scenario to gain some wisdom from this poor man’s misfortune.

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12 thoughts on “Deconstructing Catastrophe (Part 2)”

  1. ‘My sister in law called me and is so mad at Joe. Apparently he hasn’t taken his bipolar meds since I left… he is drinking… he lost his job in CP… he is a mess.’

    Sounds like he’s back to being the alpha male of some slut’s dreams.

    All kidding aside sounds like a terrible situation…then again when you sire a kid into the world without knowing the father and then divorce the only dad she knew…this is the effects it does to children. Then again it does seem the skank-hos never really think about their children…but rather their bad feelz.

  2. I don’t think she’s that bad. To me she just looks like a normal skank-ho wimminz. Even so, I’d have climbed a mountain to get next to the younger model. This year’s edition might be worth crossing the street for, on a good day.

  3. I’m not down with brown, so its not a problem personally. I’m just more agog over rate of inflation seen here. We’re talking Venezuela levels. A silhouette of 2017 would cover 3 of same for the 2013 version.

  4. You’re right about that; but, even the chubby chasers would agree that there’s more to it than poundage. Look at her face. She’s got those jowls starting to form. The boobs are bigger, and saggier. New skanky tatts give her the elderly prostitute aesthetic. The nose is larger, and there’s a slight hint of a droop in it. The turkey neck is on its way. Ten more years, and she’ll be the stereotypical old witch… the dried out old prune that is angry at every man, everywhere, for not remaining interested.

  5. It is rather surprising how little care is actually given to the child’s wellbeing. Everybody seems most interested in their own personal justification of their part in all of this mess. the biological father either doesn’t know, or doesn’t care. The mom is upset about what is happening to her daughter, but every bit of it is a direct result of all her own choices. The simp is being selfish, emotionally to the child, but he is indubitably a victim also, just like the child, even though he himself blundered into their lives of his own choice. He got conned by the mom. And all the relatives seem to be taking sides and weighing in with the mom and child, like that does any good, after the fact. It seems that the grandparents are the only ones that sound like they’re doing the right things for the child. What a mess!

    It reminds me of what my wife is currently putting my children through. I wanted to see them today, The kids wanted to see me. I have every bit of everything needed to rescind the supervision requirement on my parenting time, due to her false accusations, but our court date is still a month away. I haven’t been able to see them in about 3 weeks now. My wife’s minivan broke down.(which I’ll be forced to pay for) I offered to take them out and do something fun. However, my wife who tells everybody that she wants to reconcile, had a friend pick her up and dropped the kids off at a neighbor’s house for 6 hours while she went out with her friend. My wife is just pulling every possible bit of legal crap to punish me to the fullest extent she can, for not submitting to her fully, and she couldn’t give a crap how that affects our sons. She can dump my sons off at the neighbors all day, just so long as she can keep them from getting to enjoy time with their father, until even the feminist family courts finally makes her share them when she finally runs out of false shit to accuse me of.

  6. The guy was made into a fool, so he wants a clean break, maybe its not the kindest decision in the world but its perfectly understandable. Plus if he is truly bipolar then he was really taken advantage of, people with that condition tend to make extreme and rash decisions. Cutting off Susie is probably just another one of those.

  7. Sharkly,
    Happening on a Sunday can only make a crime against your God-given authority worse. It doesn’t seem possible but I am praying for you to get full custody.

    That coloring of the second picture makes it look worse too, but that should be Showcase A for how even a small tattoo degrades one’s appearance. Are those zaas just from having kids? She’s not 30 yet I think. If so, that could just be natural. She’s got an odd shape, so I can’t guess how much weight she needs to lose. 10? 30? 4 from each fun bag, 18 from the caboose and 2 from each arm?

  8. Pack your bags fella’s .. we’re goin’ on a guilt-trip .. round-trip-all-expenses-paid by Jenny a skank-ho-womminz.

  9. Thanks Swanny River.
    That would be great. Plus, she’d probably quit her craziness and want to reconcile if I got full custody of the kids. I’m praying for all sorts of things too, and I pray occasionally for you, Bee, Jason, and Boxer, and sometimes others.

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