Violent Sluts


Canadian men often describe themselves as “second class citizens.” I never describe myself that way, though I often talk about how glad I am to have left Canada.

The following document serves as an illustration. Every man in Canada should read it carefully.


Now, it may seem like a boring legal document, but as you read it, you’ll soon uncover an unpleasant truth about the world, and your place in it.

Nicole Patricia Doucet married a man named Michael Ryan in the 1990s. In 2007, after having a kid, Nicole decided she was “not happy,” and moved out of the family home with the child. Rather than drive down to the divorce courts, Nicole decided it would be more profitable to have her husband killed. She thereby stood to inherit a farm and over a million dollars in assets. She started shopping around for a murderer.

The killer that skank-ho Nicole hired was a police informant, who worked closely with the RCMP. Nicole was videotaped conversing with the murderer in furtherance of the crime. She was seen on tape, laughing, as she dropped the killer 25,000 CAD. Skank-ho’s ex-husband had begun dating a 20-year old woman. Nicole alluded to an extra reward if the killer happened to ice the girlfriend, also.

When asked “did he ever beat on you,” Nicole shook her head and said “no.”


Skank-ho Nicole laughs with the murderer

Needless to say, Nicole was arrested. Immediately, the bitch changed her story. Nicole suddenly “remembered” being a victim of Michael Ryan’s horrific abuse, despite the fact that she had earlier denied any such thing. During the criminal trial, the judges decided to disallow any testimony from the victim, Michael Ryan. The judges also decided they would not hear testimony from the RCMP. They simply acquitted Nicole, because she was a wimminz.

The crown appealed the decision all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. Their honors admitted that the silencing of the victim was a gross mishandling of the trial; but they decided to order a stay of proceedings, so that no new trial can be held anyway. Skank-ho Nicole has been immunized from any punishment.

The murderess is now free, and she has her job back, as a school teacher. I’m sure fathers in Nova Scotia are grateful for such a stellar role-model, daily interacting with their kids.

The connection every Canadian man should make is obvious, and if you’re not frightened, you are an idiot.

Every single Canadian wimminz now enjoys this same immunity from prosecution, and every single Canadian wimminz knows this.

The typical simp will immediately start yapping about how his girl is “one of the good ones,” and how she would never, and yap yap yap.

The reality is that every single wimminz in Canada is a human being, and like everyone else, she will take full advantage of a stacked deck, the minute she finds it advantageous. That isn’t a wimminz’ weakness. That’s simply the way of human beings.

Should your wife find it profitable to have you murdered, that is what she will do. After you’re buried, will the RCMP even investigate your murder? Why would they?

If they did, the bitch would just concoct a story about how you were an asshole. The judge will “listen and believe,” and that will be the end of it.

Canadian men are not “second class citizens.” Canadian men were stripped of their citizenship in 2013.

Canadian men are not even properly called “slaves.”

If a plantation slave was murdered by his master, in the American South, the master was subject, at least in theory, to a prison sentence and a stiff fine. Arthur William Hodge was hung by the neck until dead, for killing one of his slaves. Nicole Doucet will never spend a day in jail.

Canadian state-run media has made a hero out of this murderous slut. She is lauded in reports by the CBC as “courageous.” Incidentally, the CBC also pulled the video of her laughing and joking with the killer she hired to off her husband. History has been rewritten.

Canadian men no longer enjoy ordinary human rights. You faggots are cattle. You may be slaughtered at any time by your owners. That is the reality of the situation on the ground in Canada, and the Supreme Court has upheld this simple fact with their ruling.

Author: Boxer

Sinister All-Male Dancer. Secret King of all Gamma Males. Member of Frankfurt School. Your Fave Contrarian!

31 thoughts on “Violent Sluts”

  1. They had a woman dead to rights and that’s what the justice system came up with.

    Dang it wouldn’t surprise me if the Canadian justice system would let a woman go if she had videotaped herself murdering her husband, saying she is murdering her husband, and pleads guilty to the crime.

  2. *comes

    After Canada made it more diffucult for man to prove he didn’t rape a women, this is no surprise.

  3. Boxer sez ..

    The connection every Canadian man should make is obvious, and if you’re not frightened, you are an idiot.

    FIFY .. no charge brother.

    Canadian men are not “second class citizens.” Canadian men were stripped of their citizenship in 2013.

    Canadian men are not even properly called “slaves.”

    I’ve called for a border wall for years (re: USofA -v- Mexico). But, it’s my firm belief that the day that wall gets built .. is the day men in the USofA should be concerned.

    Because that wall will be to keep you in. Welcome to surf-dom brothers. It’s coming. Walls and Armed Guards .. to keep you on the plantation. No need to build a wall with Canada. They’ve already plantationed their menz. Only a few (aka Boxer) have escaped .. and soon they too will be back where they want them.


    Love that intro pic .. what a heart warming story!

  4. I decided to take a look at how Canadian media mind controls their populace.

    ‘Nicole Ryan, a small town school teacher from Digby County, N.S, was desperate to escape a loveless marriage.’

    Sure Canadia.

    Also I noticed this little blurb…it appears father ‘Joe’ (Dalrock reference for those who don’t get it) didn’t like her husband either. He probably never offered to help her move her belongings into another house before they were married.

    ‘A month later, Herbie Boudreau, her father, who allegedly put up the hit money, is also charged with the same offence.’

    So I ask who is the greater danger…wimminz or their white knight man-hating fathers? I’m beginning to think the later is.

  5. One more point ..

    VET your future Family .. not just your fling .. THE WHOLE FAMILY! (1)

    (1) View the above dead-beat drug-heads and the (embedded) video as exhibits A and B.

  6. Earl sez ..

    So I ask who is the greater danger…wimminz or their white knight man-hating fathers? I’m beginning to think the later is.

    Yes .. this ^^^^

    As a man with many decades experience regarding Dad’s and Daughter relationships .. whether loving or un-loving .. it’s the Dad’s that are ruining their daughters.

    And, they make every excuse necessary .. and all I say is .. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” (1)(2)


  7. Searching the interwebz this is what I found ..

    Interesting .. (1) .. paints the story from one side .. guess which side that is?

    Wiki .. (2) .. offers a little better over-view .. but .. doesn’t harm her character at all .. odd right?

    It takes the third most searched article before it is admitted that she tells the under-cover RCMP .. “NO” he never beat me. (3)

    And, the fourth search yielded the MSM complete DISHONESTY in reporting .. (4) ..


    The Supreme Court may have given a victory to the Nova Scotia woman who tried to hire a hit man to kill her abusive husband, Michael Ryan. But the justices couldn’t give her what she fought so hard to protect five years go — her daughter.

    It doesn’t mention that she freely gave up custody and was found un-fit to have any unsupervised contact with her daughter.

    Now more intellectual malpractice ..

    Ryan said Friday she just wants to get her life back on track.

    “I will continue working, hopefully just to re-establish my life, put my life in order,” she told a news conference at her lawyer’s office in Halifax.

    “I’d like to thank the Elizabeth Fry Society. Hopefully, they will be able to help me now to re-establish contact with her.”

    Ryan, who has resumed a teaching career, also said she has drawn support from her students.

    Well put the Elizabeth Fry Society on the short long list of untrustworthy organizations.

    The court also raised serious questions about the conduct of the RCMP and Nova Scotia prosecutors in the case, saying it was “disquieting” that the Mounties chose to mount a sting operation to arrest her rather than respond to her husband’s “reign of terror” over her.

    “It’s sad,” the soft-spoken Ryan said when asked about that part of the ruling.

    And .. more journalistic malpractice .. above .. I agree this case is VERY “DISQUIETING” [sic]!

    I won’t quote anymore of that Huff-Puff piece .. it’s a smear campaign mounted by the simps in the media.


  8. I’m not a lawyer (and would support a “shoot on sight” policy), but that does seem like an amazing legal precedent. Be taped hiring a hit, and laughing while doing so, then be let off Scott-free after claiming some kind of abuse (which seems to have not been supported by any objective evidence?) by the victim.

    I wonder what kind of bounty the government will be paying for (white) penises up there in a couple of years.

  9. “The Supreme Court may have given a victory to the Nova Scotia woman who tried to hire a hit man to kill her abusive husband, Michael Ryan. ”

    Well, that would be a lawsuit in a country that actually had a legal system.

  10. Of course the paper (or whatever) also states (not alleges) the woman tried to put to put a hit on her husband. Of course we know she did more than try, she actually paid for it and seems to have attempted to have the girlfriend killed as well.

    Seems like Michael and his new squeeze should flee the country just to be cautious.

  11. So we are clear .. this is what this monster looks like ..

    This is the best I could do for a mugshot ..

  12. Yo Boxer ..

    Incidentally, the CBC also pulled the video of her laughing and joking with the killer she hired to off her husband.

    These two links are 404 brother .. and I once again put myself in mod jail. Thanks in advance.

  13. Go fig’ger .. this whole thing stinks so bad .. I’m not surprised that they are in full cover-up mode .. I’m glad he made his rebuttal video .. so very glad .. thank you for providing it.

  14. I want you fella’s to look at that 1st pic .. and see the warrior she’s putting forward (after the fact .. i.e. legally free) .. her DEFIANCE .. her RESOLVE .. her PROUD EGO .. compare that to the woman in the bottom 2 pics.

    This is the effect our government support network has on our LYING FRUADSTER wimminz .. that upper pic is one of victory even though she is guilty as sin.

    In her mind she believes every word and detail falsified on and for her behalf.

    This is the kind of SMUG that needs a lamp-post and piece of rope to wipe-off. Barring that .. men have no hope of a course correction by th wimminz or their governments.

  15. The funny part of that story was she paid off one guy and he ran away with her money. Rather than thinking ‘this might not be a good idea or work’…she kept trying for that inheritence.

  16. I thought might have been archived links ..

    They’ve made this story a ghost hunt .. if you didn’t have little nuggets here and there you’d think this is a classic case of DV.

    Once again it proves the point we can’t trust a single statistic generated by the western countries.

  17. Earl ..

    I heard this years ago .. I forget where and by whom ..

    “Boys can learn from their mistakes, girls double-down on theirs.”

    Talk about an almost 100% fool-proof observation .. it rings true today just like those many years ago.

  18. I bet she was too stupid to realize at least half of the hit men are undercover cops trying to arrest people like her.

  19. Look at her perp walk / mugshots (bottom 2) and her then innocent and post supreme court ruling pics (top 2).

    I book-end-ed’em on purpose.

    Learn your ENEMY .. learn their weaknesses .. There’s only one thing that works with these wimminz .. (think witch-trials).

    Do all wimminz need that recourse .. no .. but a strong pimp hand is required with more and more wimminz .. and .. it’ll get worse before it gets better.

    When I choose to “cavort” with the enemy .. heh .. I only “cavort” with th young wimmimz. The older ones (>30 years old) are toxic waste dumps and should be avoided at face value.

    I have to professionally deal with with wimminz of all ages .. but post 18 to about 28 years old are a great target for my attention .. I know which ones would DTF and which ones that just want some attention that an older man is preceived to offer.

    It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Now .. not all 18 to 28 year olds show interest in my grey-ing beard. But I have found the type that likes my experience and I “cavort” as appropriate .. on my terms. It’s healthy banter for me and I get to keep in practice.

    The older wimminz have markers (in the face) that I notice .. and avoid .. I developed this skill because I have been analysing handwriting for years and I’ve put handwriting / personality traits to facial features.

    It’s a handy skill-set to have. In fact .. maybe 1 in 50 wimminz greater than 30 years old (i.e. single wimminz) is worth anyones time. The under 30 crowd of wimminz has much higher nublie-ness and fertility markers that seem render them more available for a good time. Plus they aren’t lookin’ for marriage in this age range.

  20. Wow! Maybe I need to get a will made up, to take away any incentive my wife might have to kill me for my property. Throughout our sixteen years of awful marriage I have never seen a speck of empathy in her. I don’t doubt that she could kill the father of her children and feel entirely justified and happy. She seems to torment me for sport. And I’m sure if she got caught, she’d have the entire justice system pulling for her, like the attempted murderess above.


    After fatally shooting her cheating boyfriend in the face, Shayna Hubers joked he should be grateful for finally getting “the nose job he always wanted.”

    Where is the evidence that he was cheating? Other than from the most reliable skank ho’ that shot him.

    Hubers, 27, claimed she shot Ryan Poston six times in self-defense at his Highland Heights, Ky., home, but prosecutors claim the motive behind the shooting was his dumping her for a beauty queen.

    So he went on one date with her .. after he broke up with you. Not cheating. Trigger warning .. Stalker alert .. hehehehe.

    Highland Heights Police Chief Bill Birkenhauer testified Hubers and Poston shared a contentious relationship. He claimed she would log on to Poston’s Facebook account to block women and pestered him with hundreds of text messages after one of several break-ups during their 18-month involvement.

    So she had access of his social media and she can’t point to a single time he was cheating? Honey you weren’t a side dish you happened to be in a voluntery on and off and on and off and on and off serial mo-nog-uh-male-ist relationship.

    He played you .. he was way out of your league ya’ stoopid bish .. it doesn’t sound like he cheated on you .. you were the inbetween girl .. inbetween other high value girls he was bangin .. Your own (bat-shit-crazy) value / worth dick-(heh)-tated your bottom tier status. And he treated as the cum-dumpster you were / are.

    You murdering him makes you an even better catch for the next man (or womminz) would be proud to call his (or her) own (/s).

    Verdict .. Mistrial

    Hubers was convicted of murder in 2015 but the ruling was overturned when the case was ruled a mistrial.

    Complete SHOCKER .. NOT!

    And with the industrial application of fake-up make-up applied ..–mobile–1_5x/public/shayna_1905.png?itok=bS1t2JyG&timestamp=1481526948

    Conclusion .. WOULD NOT BANG

    PS .. How many red flags can you brothers find (in the above links)?

    He obviously never got the memo on red flags .. you’ve been given the memo .. act accordingly.

  22. Hmmmmm ..

    You can’t make this stuff up ..


    He should’ve checked to see if her ray-bee’s shot was current ..

    Verdict .. Puzzy Pazz Accepted

    Delavega’s attorney Matt Silva says the verdict is “a poor definition of victory,” given that she “endured three years of being vilified.”

    Say what? It took 3 years! Da Faq you say .. smh.

    Conclusion .. WOULD NOT BANG

    Someone get this guy a bag of ice ..

  23. Sigh .. I don’t like admitting things like this bother me .. but .. they do .. especially this case ..

    [Forgive me if we talked about this womminz .. I did a quick search and .. well nothing popped-up.]

    It goes without saying that the State of South Carolina tried to do the right thing by having a provision for up to 30 days to drop-off a unwanted baby .. no harm .. no foul.

    I approve of such laws in every state with abortion. I’d prefer adoption to abortion .. but every bit helps.

    Anyway .. as we have covered in the VAWA & Mitt Romney .. these laws always tend to protect the wimmimz and never th men. This is different because of she had options she chose not to exercise.

    Look closely at your opponent fella’s .. she’s evil .. she can hide it in some of these pics .. this is truly a master chameleon ..

    With enough pics you can spot her tells .. but given sparse info she could foul the best of us.

    Verdict: Guilt

    Conclusion: WOULD(‘ve) BANG(ed) [even with an un-even face .. man-jaw .. problem glasses .. off angle selfies .. etc] .. I would’ve tolder her my name was Earl .. heh .. as I made for the door.

    (Jus’ messin’ with ya’ Earl.)

  24. ‘I would’ve tolder her my name was Earl .. heh .. as I made for the door.’

    You must know if you lay with the snakes eventually you’ll get bit. You could tell her your name is Ghengis Khan…her bonding mechanism will remember which cad drove her over the offended edge.

    One of my bro’s buddies was telling us tales of Tinder conquests (which oddly enough nobody seemed to care or give props perhaps we all know how little of an accomplishment that is)…he bragged about not getting any VD or bringing another bastard into the world. What he may not realize is that he’s also lucky he hasn’t been chopped up and put in a freezer or said hello to her little friend yet.


    Where do I start .. bad reporting .. drones catching it all unfold .. a tatted up meth head womminz evading th po-po (in a Mur-Say-Des Be-inz) due to outstanding warrants and an attempted car jacking all done with an infant in tow .. ugh

    When you can spy a tramp stamp from a drone a 1000 plus feet away .. you know this is a Florida Texas story. (1)

    (1) Everything is bigger in Tx.

  26. ‘Mum, 29, takes baby on 100mph police chase before crashing and attempting to steal another vehicle while carrying the child in a car seat’

    I’m confused…where was the part of the article that blames men (either the specific one or in general) for the fact she was acting this way? It’s what I’ve come to expect from the faggot media. In any case since she’s 29…she’s ready to settle down with the simp of her dreams to continue her drug/cock habit.

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