Popular Misconceptions

-kklKNWvaUVs9K-Pvu2MfE7EYFB9gNNagHaQ7eCWMCICertain meatspace friends of mine let themselves be treated like warmed-over shit, by whatever wimminz they happen to be plowing at any particular moment. We could take my pal x, who follows his ho’ y meekly through the supermarket, as she berates him in even tones, in front of me, his friend. Roosh would probably argue that she does so because she wants me to hit on her. It doesn’t work.

We can also look at the strange case of a, who lets his wife, b, make every decision. Last night, I was out for a beer with a. I don’t drink beer, so I had club soda.

I don’t drink beer, but don’t fault a for doing so, as his life seems so utterly miserable that it would drive any man to drink.

About an hour into our personal time, he interrupts me.

“I have to call my wife,” he says, fumbling around in his pockets for his phone.

I simply look at him blankly, as he rudely takes out his gay electronic device, and frantically starts dialing numbers.

“Hi honey, I’m gunna be a little bit late. Is that O.K.? Yeah the meeting is running a little bit longer than I expected. Oh. I’m sorry honey. Yeah. I’m sorry baby. O.K., I’ll make it up to you…”

“Wow!” He exclaims, as he slides his phone back into his jacket. “I musta lost track of time!”

Less than an hour after this silly ordeal, he ordered a 20 dollar dessert, to go, to take as a peace offering to his woman. Our server blandly slid a melted chocolate brownie across the bar in a styrofoam container.

It will interest the readers here to note that neither x nor a are the sorts of simps we’d expect. Both are athletic. Both are moderately successful.

My man is an African-American business owner who has a very nice house in the suburbs. Of course, this isn’t enough for y. She truly believes that she can do better.

My brother a is a tall, slim, good-looking blond farm boy, from Iowa or Nebraska or one of those fucked up states. He just got tenure in the department he works at, at a big public research university. Of course, this isn’t good enough for b. She is sure she can do better.

The ladies are really not much to write home about. Neither is dog ugly. That’s about all I can say for them. They aren’t much alike. The first bitch is black, and the second bitch is white. The first bitch likes to berate her husband in public, and the second bitch keeps her man on a tight leash, just like a dog.

The men, for all their superficial differences, are almost precisely similar. They’re both far too compliant. They’re both far too devoted. They’re both prone to falling in love. This leads each, in his own way, to tolerate the intolerable.

The phenomenon is so inexplicable, that I had to play amateur psychoanalyst, and try to figure out the common motivations that underly this personality type. My first thoughts run toward a common delusion, shared by many men, about their individual wimminz. These delusions include…

  • This cunt is the best cunt that has ever existed, from the beginning of humanity.
  • No cunt will ever be as good as this.
  • This is the hottest bitch I will ever get.
  • If I don’t do what this bitch wants, no other wimminz will ever part her meatflaps for me again.

A number of collective memes also take root, and when combined with these silly ideals, make the conditioning difficult to break.

  • Grandma and Grandpa were married for 50 years. If I can’t keep this silly ho’ interested in me, then I won’t measure up.
  • Janice dumped me in High School. If I can’t keep this stupid cunt yapping at me, then Janice will be proved right.
  • God expects me to be married and start pounding out little (Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Mormons, etc.) and I owe it to God to do His almighty will, and keep enduring this bitch’s humiliating taunts.

Earlier I noted that there were not too many similarities between these two wimminz, and these are only two of countless examples of lousy partners among North American hoez. Be that as it may, they all seem to have one thing in common.

They all hate me.

Every time these bitches see me, at work-related functions, around town, at the gym, they note that I am either alone, or I am with a brand new skank.

I am free. I have no wife. I have no girlfriend.

I get all my needs met without the use of a parasite, bleeding me dry of time and money.

I am not a compliant slave. I have left the plantation.

These bitches don’t hate me just for that reason. If these bitches were single themselves, then they’d either ignore me, or come on to me. They hate me because I am an existential threat to the scam they are running.

Earlier I mentioned that my brother lied to his wife about where he was at. He was with me, at a low-key restaurant. He told her that he was in a faculty meeting, or busy with one of his dumbass committees, or some such nonsense. I said nothing to him about this. I politely pretended not to listen in. I said nothing about it when I recounted it, for all you brothers, either. Even so, it is the climax of this dumb tale.

Why did he lie? He lied because he knows that his wife doesn’t want him hanging out with Boxer, and especially without her loving guidance and supervision.

I know that these men don’t have to put up with the shit they regularly endure. Their wimminz, different as they may be, sense instinctively that I am demonstrating a way-of-life that would put either out of business, very quickly, the minute I convinced their men to dump their asses, and follow me into MGTOW.

They know this, and I know it, and they know I know it. Thus lies have to be told, and hatreds fester, and your boy Boxer goes home to a peaceful house, at the end of a quiet hour of bullshitting, with only a small interruption to prove the point.

Author: Boxer

Sinister All-Male Dancer. Secret King of all Gamma Males. Member of Frankfurt School. Your Fave Contrarian!

7 thoughts on “Popular Misconceptions”

  1. I am not a compliant slave. I have left the plantation.

    My man .. you are travelling down the same dirt road I travelled for years.

    [OFF-TOPIC: Watch-out for playa burn-out / loss of desire to further debase yourself for any womminz .. it will happen bro.]

    I used to call my regular and best friends weddings .. funerals .. why? .. because it was the last I could see or talk to him without wifely permission. When he was single .. she couldn’t say a word .. once married .. I was operatin’ on that bitches dime. And his free time no longer meant single friends. The glare’s (from these hoez) I got would start a forrest fire in a monsoon.

    On a tangent .. I read an article, a few years back maybe, about being a dog or a wolf .. the dog needed an employeer and the wolf was a business owner who employeed people. The dog would starve if he didn’t have an employer and the wolf would survive just fine without a provider. In fact this wolf could provide for himself and others.

    I immediately took that analogy to mean Husband as a (pet) dog and a Bachelor (now MGTOW) as a wolf.

    Anyway .. Husbands are obediant pets or they get the shock collar .. and this only further re-enforces to their daughter(s) to learn how to mis-treat (heh) men like her mother. They learn man-nip-u-(re)lation (HEH) early by mom and dad further pampers his lil girl.

    Which leads to more Bride-Zilla’z and MOM-Zilla’z that think they can do better and deserve .. hell no .. feelz entitled to more and more and more and more .. to infinity.

    It’s good to hear I am not the only one.

    And though not every husband needs to be freed from his prison .. he did choose to be a pet .. I rub their nose in it .. how hard I rub their bose it depends on how much he can stand.

    But .. all you single brothers know this .. I don’t have one happy married friend that has been married for more than 5 years (caveat .. outside of my church beta married friends .. and they wouldn’t even say one bad word even if it was warranted .. what schlubs .. and I don’t broach the subject anyway .. they love them some wifey .. suckers).

  2. “They’re both far too compliant. They’re both far too devoted. They’re both prone to falling in love. This leads each, in his own way, to tolerate the intolerable.”

    This is interesting.

    I’m absolutely devoted to my wife: I treasure her. I’m also prone to falling in love. With regards to both, I’m fortunate I landed my wife, because I could just as easily fallen in love and devoted myself to horrible woman. If I did it again, I’d maintain high standards, but still fall deeply in love and be devoted to a new wife (presuming she was quality).

    I’m not exactly compliant, but I certainly tolerate things. Are they intolerable? Not to me, I suppose, but they might be to others. I think some manner of tolerance is required in any relationship. Ain’t nobody perfect. I’m happy and I know many people happy who swear by this. Of course, I’m more complementarian than most people in the ‘sphere prefer, so what do I know? I mean, I do chores because it makes her life easier with 5 kids.

    “Why did he lie?”

    You can laugh at me, but I think this is the way more important detail. I don’t lie to my wife, ever. There is a CCC for that (#2485), but not for the other things. This is significant.

  3. Derek ..

    Short answer (re: why did he lie) .. Because people want to be lied to.

    It’s human nature and science rolled into one hard fact; lots of studies prove this out.

    From King David’s mouth .. “I said in my haste, All men are liars” .. I believe David could’ve taken his time and arrived at the same conclusion.

  4. ‘I am not a compliant slave. I have left the plantation.’

    Really it’s a complete flip flop of how marriage should work (the way Paul states it).

    Husband represent Christ…and while that does require sacrifice…that also means you got to wash her in the Word and tell it like it is in regards to her evil ways despite the fact she’ll probably wail and gnash teeth and say you aren’t a ‘Christian’ like wimminz do (Shelia, Katie).

    Wife represents the church and submits to her husband. She doesn’t backlead or allow herself to submit when her husband tells her to do what she told him to tell her what to do (hopefully that makes sense).

    Now marriage is guys submitting to their wives emotions and the wives acting like tyrannical dictators because their emotions rule the marriage. I guess I see why people like Stalin, Hitler, Trudeau and the like rise to power.

  5. ‘I’m also prone to falling in love.’

    Every man is…but we got to face the truth about what that does to us in the long run.

    Sure things work out fine if you don’t have Eve or Jezebel as a wife. But the lionshare of them are that way so you either have to avoid them or get some industrial strength holy water and possibly an exorcism ready.

  6. t a ‘Christian’ like wimminz do (Shelia, Katie).
    Brother Earl, can you please stop referring to women like Kaylee Katie and Sheila as Christian ? I think that the Lord will call them Pharisees ….

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