The Sad Saga Of Jessica Edens


Regular features of my blog include the violence of single mothers, and the dishonesty of establishment journalists. This story has it all.

Newly released evidence about murderess Jessica Edens paints a dark picture of marriage to a single mother. Trying to decipher the actual history, viewed through the lens of corporate media scumbags, is likewise difficult. My job is to give it a shot.

First the backstory. Here’s what we know, no thanks to the dishonest hacks in media.

The skank-ho born as Jessica Dingee got pregnant at age 25. The supposed father of that first child, whose name is Nate King, is reported by the media to have been married to Jessica. I can find no evidence of a marriage between Nate and Jessica, and I’ve looked.

At some point, Jessica dumped Nate King, making his young son, Hayden, a bastard. Hayden King was likely bounced around a few years, until parasite Jessica found a new host. The new man’s name is Benjamin Edens. He still lives in South Carolina.

Jessica Dingee-King moved in with Benjamin in 2009, bringing along her little boy, Hayden. Benjamin “did the right thing,” and welcomed this skank-ho single mom into his home and life, paying the bills for her and her boy.

Benjamin Edens married skank-ho Jessica on 10 April, 2010. According to all the rules we follow here, she ceased to be a skank-ho on that day, and became the honorable Mrs. Edens, wife of Benjamin. Hayden ceased to be a bastard on the same day, and became the son of Benjamin.

One would think that a wimminz would be incredibly grateful to this man. Let’s keep reviewing the details, to see what happened.

Almost immediately after the wedding, Jessica quit her job, informing Benjamin that she would be a “stay-at-home mother.” Benjamin agreed to this, and Jessica devoted herself to looking after Nate’s son.

In the summer of 2012, Benjamin and Jessica welcomed a daughter into the world. They named her Harper. Unfortunately, things were already going downhill.

Describing her marriage as boring, Jessica demanded that Benjamin fund a small business. Amazingly, Benjamin agreed to this, too. Jessica opened up an online storefront in 2012, and pretended to be a “professional photographer.” Her online autoencomium read, in part:

I wanted to turn my passion for photography into a career. I decided I wanted nothing more then to become a stay at home working mom.

In April 2017, Benjamin moved out of the family home and filed for divorce. The complaint and subsequent writs are interesting. According to Benjamin — who is now the only living witness to the marriage — Jessica had thrown him out of his own bedroom almost immediately after the wedding. Benjamin writes:

I slept on the couch for almost the entire time we have been married

He went on at length, describing his wife as “distant,” and his marriage as “unloving,” and “stressful.”

Here we can review, and see another example what my man AfOR called “wallet seeking mode.”

A single mom with few prospects and a little boy needs a sucker. She subsequently puts on a show of being submissive, sweet and loving. She keeps up this charade only long enough to get your ass to sign that legal document, pledging your life and property to her. Once the deed is done, she has no further use for you, and off you go, to live a celibate life on the sofa. You exist in her mind; but, only as a strange combination of livestock and furniture. You live to bring her money. That is the sum total and extent of you.

Doesn’t this life sound good to you, brothers?

So, Jessica again became a skank-ho, and she wasn’t too happy about her uppity slave leaving the plantation. In the mean time, Benjamin got a cheap apartment, and began rebuilding his life. He fell into the same trap that many brothers do, initiating a relationship with another wimminz almost immediately.

As an aside, I have seen this play out a number of different times, in completely independent settings. It’s absolutely surreal to watch the filthy wimminz begin to swarm, and it happens immediately after a breakup. Only minutes after a man becomes newly single, every skank within a 1000-m radius seems to know it. In they come, to see if they can take advantage of his ass and use him for all he’s worth.

In Benjamin’s case, it was a co-worker who won the prize. Her name was Meredith Rahme. She was 27: The classic “younger, hotter, tighter…”

Back to the story… Enraged by her husband’s move, Jessica’s first tact was to deny him access to his children. In an affidavit to the feminist divorce courts, Benjamin writes that his skank-ho ex was “using the children as a weapon against him…” He petitioned for custody of little Harper, due to skank-ho mommy’s repeated refusal to let him see or speak to his own daughter.

Naturally, the black-robed faggots laughed in his face. Benjamin was told to keep paying, and keep his mouth shut.

Such are the fruits of marrying a single-mom.

While Jessica had her children, which she had kidnapped from two different fathers, and while she had a steady stream of money from her slave, what she clearly wanted was control. Her host had left her, and was now shacked up with a better-looking and better-behaved wimminz. This Jessica could not abide. And so she hatched her plan.

She first cornered Benjamin’s new wimminz, Meredith Rahme, and gunned her down in the parking lot of her apartment. After making her getaway, Jessica sent her ex-husband a series of texts, designed to lure him into meeting her. In hindsight, she clearly planned to off him. Unfortunately, he was wise to her. He brushed her off.

His newfound ability to say no to the ho’ ended up saving his life. She sent him a chilling reply:

You will have exactly what you want. No wife. No kids.

Skank-ho Jessica drove to a remote part of Pickett County, South Carolina. Police think she first shot Hayden through the head. After watching him suffer and die, she shot little Harper through the throat, with a .40 caliber bullet. The baby certainly died in horrible agony.


Hayden King and Harper Edens

After enjoying her “revenge” against the men who she had hated — the same men who had both given her the honorable title of “wife,” when she clearly didn’t deserve it, she penned a few final words. Here they are…

For my parents and sister, I am so sorry for the pain I am causing all of you. You’ve all always been there for me and I love you all so much. I know what I have done is selfish, but I cannot live with this pain any longer. I just cannot handle it. It is too much. It hurts too much. I will no longer be in pain and my children will no longer hurt either. I am so so sorry. I love you all.

It’s always my children, to a slut like this. Note this well, brothers.

To Nate, I don’t know what to say. You gave me my first child. I will forever be grateful because of you. i never meant to cause you so much pain as this. I am sorry.

Yeah, she’s really grateful to ya, Nate. So long, and thanks so much for giving her a hostage she could ice.

To Ben, You have caused me more pain that I’ve ever been in in my life. You have caused my children pain. i hate you. I hope you rot one day for what you have done to me and my kid. you can no longer hurt us, We are at peace. hope you live with pain and shame and guilt for the rest of your life. And I hope that everytime [sic] you look at your whore… you know that you & her did this. Live with that. Both of you.

My children. My children. It’s all about me.

In the old days of patriarchy, a man would meet a woman, and they would have children together. Those children were seen as the joint responsibility of both parents. This is no longer the case, and this example is an illustration.

In our feminist society, the basic family unit is the skank-ho single mom, and her children. Any men that are attached are temporary, and last only as long as they have utility to the family unit.

Had the faggot judge, down at the divorce courts, enforced his own order for visitation, that little kid would be alive today. He didn’t, because he respected the rules as they exist. As a father, you will not matter. Legally, you will have no rights, only responsibilities. Your skank-ho ex can snuff your kids, and the media will either erase you from the story, or they’ll blame you for the violence.

Never forget this story. Your life, and the lives of your children, depend upon it.

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10 thoughts on “The Sad Saga Of Jessica Edens”

  1. 1st) She has a man-jaw and a thousand cock stare.

    2nd) Alpha widow (re Nate); ref the letter for validation.


    Doesn’t this life sound good to you, brothers?

    No .. sigh

    4th) She was angry at a man who gave her everything (so beta) and she resented HIM for it. She admired Skittles Nate.


    In the old days of patriarchy, a man would meet a woman, and they would have children together. Those children were seen as the joint responsibility of both parents. This is no longer the case,

    I gotta take a lil issue here about this .. how far back in history ahould we look?

    Because .. in the ole’in days of Patriarchy those kids are his .. marriage was about property rights .. he had exclusive (property) rights to her reproductivity and she had sole (property) rigjts to his excess labor. Those kids were paid for him .. and his at the end of the road. He also had the resources to care for those kids.

    Only recently have th wimminz plundered the marriage (property) rights of the men .. while maintainimg their rights in whole.

    It’s a bloody (ugh .. bad pun) mess.

    This judge should be hung at noon by this husband Ben on whatever day he chooses.


    Never forget this story. Your life, and the lives of your children, depend upon it.

    Agreed .. but you’ll never read about this one in the msm bro .. you have to go to the edge’s of the interwebz (like I do) to find this stuff ..

    but the msm published this one .. (this is a follow-up to something Earl posted at Dalrock) ..

    Of course he was a bad man .. pushed to the extreme .. sigh .. I left my color commentary at Dal’s place so I’ll suspend any further discussion on this one .. I bet she gave him a dead bead too .. like Ben (above) .. and much debt .. and was probably like Jenny Erikson with her fake happy life story and it drove over the cliff.

    In SUMMARY .. stay single my friends.

  2. ‘Jessica had thrown him out of his own bedroom almost immediately after the wedding. ‘

    I’d have to do some more research…but I believe in the Catholic church if you don’t consumate the marriage you can still get out without having that adultery thing tied to your neck. I think that’s annulment territory.

    Long story, short…if a wife did that to me that soon…I’d be heading for the door. It would be better than her killing my future kids because she has behavioral problems.

  3. Shoot the new gal might of actually liked him too. That would drive any dead bedroom control freak nuts.

  4. Maybe… but really, a wimminz who is willing to shack up with a still married man with two kids is not someone I’m going to take too seriously.

  5. ‘Maybe… but really, a wimminz who is willing to shack up with a still married man with two kids is not someone I’m going to take too seriously.’

    True…perhaps if this fella didn’t make a HUGE mistake before…this would have worked out better.

    That being said…I no nothing about the other woman he was with…he could have been a terrible picker too.

  6. The MSM (tv; Fox and other networks) are running the Colorado (man kills wife and kids) story .. I bet they never ran the South Carolina (wife kills kids and mistress) story.

    Typical bias on display .. FOX is CNN just 8 years ago. I don’t watch TV / CABLE .. but work has one TV set to Fox and another to CNN (or the other networks) all day long.

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