This One Is For The Hoez

NSFW: It will probably disappear from YouTube within hours. Enjoy!

Author: Boxer

Sinister All-Male Dancer. Secret King of all Gamma Males. Member of Frankfurt School. Your Fave Contrarian!

16 thoughts on “This One Is For The Hoez”

  1. Sir it was not that brutal but it was very funny Brother boxer where you behind us? And if not do you know any more if so do you have anymore?

  2. You win the prize for finding the most fucked up shit for me to comment on. If you ever get a blog, I’ll be a daily reader, incidentally.

  3. Thanks Boxer (findin chit .. I’m part hound-dawg) .. I have my phone set to .. walmart mode ™ .. heh

  4. Let’s not forget she drove / tuanted a man to commit suicide on social media (re: A.B. .. a famous chef).

  5. Poor AB .. Simp’ing ain’t easy .. sigh .. fella’s please don’t simp your life away ..

    Taken within a few days of his suicide .. with his whorez’ee womminz.

  6. I guess this reverse mentoring (1) thing isn’t going as planned … bwhaaaaa

    Funny, He (Mr. Homer Hickam) didn’t complain (because of conditioning) and it was her friends (those bitches) that circulated this till someone took action .. which then they decline the opportunity to say this tweet was the reason for her departure .. before arrival .. talk about touch-and-go-landings .. bwhaaa.

    They even go so far as to say that she can reapply with no hard (heh) feelings. Would that also apply to the penis and ball envy she has (i.e. re-applying)? (re: above quote)

    And, that’s the feminist womminz privilege that not one single man would get. Of course any man would’ve known who Mr. Homer Hickam was (i.e. he would’ve known his His-Story) and also would’ve never been this disrespectful .. EVER. Feral Wimminz have no fear of men taking action. And, because of that her friends acted proud and showed her “kick-azz fem-bot” attitude toward an old whitey manz .. smart move ladies .. smart move indeed. Keep ‘kickin-azz’ ladies .. and keep posting about it. Mr. Homer Hickam may be a distinguished senior space agency .. but more than that he has been “MENTORED” to do nothing to such wimminz because he would be the villain .. and it’s so automatic (HIS SIMPING) that he doesn’t even give it a second glance.

    I hope she re-applies .. and I also hope she gets struck by a (HIS-Story) bus on the way to re-applying.


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