Cruel To Be Kind


Lori Alexander has dedicated her free time to educating young people — particularly females. I don’t agree with everything Sister Lori advises, but I know that it all comes from a good place. Lori is an authentic individual, who sacrifices her time and energy, in an effort to reproduce civilized mores and values across time.

The following film is before our time (for most of us, anyway). It depicts a group of teenagers, swaggering into a New Jersey prison, where they will shortly be told some unpleasant truths from the inmates.

In our liberal society, young people often get a pass for bad behavior. The adults around them will usually blame their parents, their teachers, and everyone else, up to the President of The United States, for their latest lapse in judgment. These adults think that they’re being “kind”or “compassionate,” but they aren’t. They are furthering bad behavior, and allowing petty crime to metastasize into hard-coded habit. The men in the video have dispensed with all this touchy-feely bullshit, and the kids they advised ended up thanking them for it.

Skank-ho feminists like Katie Emmerson will whine about how cruel Lori is. In fact, sometimes the truth is unkind. The truth will out regardless.

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4 thoughts on “Cruel To Be Kind”

  1. This and “Red Asphalt” were pretty big eye openers back in the day. Once kids hit a certain age its best to introduce them to reality quickly. Everyone learns hard truths as they grow and mature, but some hard truths are best introduced right away since learning them on ones own can result in death, dismemberment or being stuck with alimony and child support.

  2. In fact, sometimes the truth is unkind. The truth will out regardless.

    Mostly .. it’s called “hate speech” [sic] .. and banned because “feelz” ™.

    Anyone who knows me knows I troll in the real world. It’s a heck’va lot’ta fun. In the old days people thought I was just edgy. A sarcastic contrarian. Then it was .. he’s a “old salt” or “curmudgeon” .. or codger.

    Now .. I’m not funny because it hits home more-so now than just a few years ago. It has gotten real a couple of times recently. Yo’ boy is open carrying (-vs- concealed carry) more these days because it seems to proffer my intent clearly. No elucidating required.

    In my experience of trolling these “idiots” .. I’ve gotten better results with the live action role play than a keyboard altercation. Everyone is tough behind a keyboard.

  3. ‘In fact, sometimes the truth is unkind. The truth will out regardless.’

    The truth is always kind (although certainly uncomfortable)…allowing evil is unkind (and almost always comfortable). Feelz don’t necessarily determine truth.

  4. Here’s an ugly future jail-bird .. I know she’s not a schoold teacher .. this would’ve been allowed if that was the case ..

    A 5 year old boy .. womminz you raped a 5 year old boy!

    This has been my argument with these people that say female teachers should be allowed to have sex with their students .. (not men teachers because men are so evil) .. unless they (the boys) are being raped .. then they are lucky ..

    My argument is at what age can a womminz rape a boy and he con-sent? If 13 is good .. then why not 11 .. why not 7 .. etc?

    Of course you get a lot of wafflin & ugly words thrown your way for challengin’em for bad think.

    I didn’t think they would go through with my thought experiment. What sicko’s!

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