Katie Is Still A Ho’


Typical Skankface

It has been a very big summer for my fave radical feminist, Sheila Gregoire. First she was curb-stomped after attempting a pathetic game of Let’s You and Him Fight, between her henpecked husband, and a Christian priest. Shortly thereafter, she published some essays that I believe to be flagrant examples of plagiarism. We all had a good conversation over here, about the problem with stealing the work of others, and passing it off as our own. It is a mark of intellectual laziness and dishonesty, and should never be tolerated.

Then, as immoral wimminz always will, Sheila got very upset about Lori Alexander’s good advice to young girls. Sister Lori wrote a quick essay, warning young women away from the stripper’s pole, and encouraging them to get married.

Why would a supposed Christian priestess be filled with white-hot rage, simply at the prospect of other people reading a few bible verses? The answer is simple. Hate-filled feminist lunatics, like Sheila, can not abide the possibility that females may grow up exercising the self-discipline she lacks, and as such, the filthy wimminz must react.

In the process of lambasting our Sister Lori, Sheila ordered her lackwit daughter to publish a “rebuttal” on her youtube channel. What followed was twelve minutes of horsey fake-tears, as the poor damsel pretended to be triggered into a laughable mental breakdown.

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 18.39.46

Skank-ho Katie “…just read the most horrifying thing…” 

The reaction to skank-ho Katie’s stupid hack video was less than acceptable to mama, and so Sheila had yet another embarrassing public meltdown on twitter. This garnered lots of laughs from our end of the spectrum. In the interim, she did bring up something interesting. Brother Earl picked it up


According to Sheila, Katie was a virgin until her wedding night. Sheila is shocked and horrified that the rest of us still call her a slut, and because she’s such an empowered feminist heroine, she’d like to get some men to shut us up.

The fact is, Katie is a slut. She is a skank-ho wimminz, just like her mother, and her own behavior (or lack thereof) doesn’t factor into the reality of the label she wears with pride.

I should probably explain.

As a secular Mormon, I don’t really pay much attention to most of the rules of my folk-religion; but, one of the things I have always done is to refuse alcohol or any recreational drug. We call this “the word of wisdom,” and it’s actually pretty good advice.

Now, suppose clean-cut Boxer was approached by couriers for one of the Mexican drug cartels, and offered a sweet gig as a dope mule. “You’re perfect,” they tell me. “You’re a soft spoken white dude who speaks English, and you travel for work occasionally.” They wear down all my knee-jerk refusals. “You don’t have to join up officially, or use the stuff yourself,” they assure me. “You just stick some baggies of crack up your asshole, and walk across the border…”

My day job is boring, and I have wanted to make some extra dough. They pay well enough to make it sound like a pretty great deal, so I accept the job.

Now, suppose, five years hence, the IRS and Revenue Canada start wondering why I have an eight-figure bank account, and they start poking around, and learn the truth. Naturally, I’m arrested, and my mansions and Ferraris are seized by court order. The newspaper headlines describe me as a DRUGGIE.

“But,” whines Boxer, “that’s not fair! I’m not a DRUGGIE — and I can prove it. I’ve never indulged in drugs before! I would never allow anyone I care about to be a DRUGGIE, either. just made extra money smuggling the drugs that were sold to your kids, and I lived large on a cut of the profits…”


Is She Hot, Or Not?

I trust this simple thought experiment is sufficient to illustrate my point. Not only would I be a DRUGGIE thanks to my career choices, but I would be an especially loathsome example of a DRUGGIE. It’s easy to make an argument that the garden variety junkie is (at least partly) a victim, but I couldn’t be a victim, since I made all my bad choices with a clear head and a sober mind. I took the filthy money and enjoyed the benefits of it, even as I spread around misery to others.

Katie is still a ho’. Katie is an especially loathsome example of a ho’, in fact, because she runs interference for hoez, and attacks the people who are constructing a critical theory of our immoral society. She makes money spreading her immorality thanks to her youtube channel, which generates ad revenue, and garners donations from thirsty simps.

Author: Boxer

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19 thoughts on “Katie Is Still A Ho’”

  1. I trust this simple thought experiment is sufficient to illustrate my point.

    By the fact Katie endorses the behavior despite the fact she didn’t do makes her essentially the same as the people doing it.

    And I’d imagine there is one term Lori wasn’t called when she made her initial post about what men prefer.

  2. I clicked the link to Shelia’s retort I noticed the title immediately…

    ‘I Didn’t Really Care if My Sons-in-Law Were Debt-Free, Tattoo-Free Virgins’

    Not a retort, Shelia. The article was what men preferred for women…not what women prefer for men. Did she bother to ask her husband if he would prefer a debt-free, tattooless, virgin for wife material?

    And of course she does the classic undermining her own argument…just the very thought of virginity seems to sicken her.

    ‘Now, is it a good idea to wait until you’re married to have sex? Yes, it is. It’s certainly what God wants, but I believe He wants that for our good, not because He’s just making a rule.

    That being said, virginity is not the be all and end all. And, in fact, ultimately virginity means nothing. It’s just a pile of horse manure.’

    Sure Shelia…I suppose we call her the Virgin Mary because virginity means nothing.

  3. “It has been a very big summer for my fave radical feminist, Sheila Gregoire.”

    These Gregoire family posts must give your blog a lot of traffic and clicks. Not that I’m criticizing. I read every one. It is like watching the aftermath of a massive highway pile-up, you can’t tear yourself away.

  4. “Katie is still a ho’. Katie is an especially loathsome example of a ho’, in fact, because she runs interference for hoez”

    A couple days ago I came to this same conclusion and posted a Twitter response to that very tweet. I pointing out that her daughter is called a slut precisely because she is rejecting consequences for promiscuity, which is implicitly pro-slut. Sheila didn’t reply, but at least she didn’t embarrass herself by blocking me.

  5. ‘Purity, you see, is not something you can lose. Purity is something that you gain in Christ.’

    Purity is certainly something you can lose, Shelia…like doing things outside of marriage that make a person not a virgin anymore.

    ‘It is not virginity that makes us pure. It is our relationship and position in Christ.’

    Purity of body can certainly be an example of purity of spirit. Just like losing the purity in the body can lead to spiritual corruption.

    She seems to have this disconnect thinking things of the body don’t affect the spirit…they most certainly do.

  6. Is She Hot, Or Not?

    NO .. she’s not hot .. eewwwwww .. next time please warn me before I see those teeth .. I’m gonna need a minute to recover ..

    Anyway .. where was I .. oh yeah .. I don’t believe her daughter saved herself for marriage. In fact I’d bet a large sum of money on it. I think she has had (either or all) PinV .. PinA .. and PinM multiple times before marriage. I’d be more willing to bet her husband was a virgin on their wedding night than her.

    An old country saying goes like this .. “when you throw a rock into a pig-pin .. the pig that squeals is the pig you hit.”

    Shelia had to come to her daughters beat-down and try to salvage her honor .. 🤣 .. ain’t that rich!

    Anyway .. What WHOREz!

  7. A good mother should promote that her daughters love Jesus, find a man who loves Jesus and shows it through tangible actions, and tells them to preserve their bodies from any man who could spiritually corrupt her through fornication.

    I mean we could take this to the far fetched levels of the wimminz hamster….she could of said ‘I didn’t really care that my son-in-laws are violent, unemployed, drunks to my daughters…they love Jesus.’

  8. It’s possible she was a virgin in the conventional way…but not a virgin in the digestive way.

    In either case I’ve never seen such negative emoting wimminz about virginity. Now I get why a lot of women who still are…seem to be under a lot of pressure. They are still showing at least some obedience to either God or their future husband and that makes the rebellious female wail and gnash teeth.

  9. I mean we could take this to the far fetched levels of the wimminz hamster….she could of said ‘I didn’t really care that my son-in-laws are violent, unemployed, drunks to my daughters…they love Jesus.’

    She might as well have .. I mean if you were her son-in-law wouldn’t be a lil pissed rat-about-now .. here’s why ..

    She effectively said .. you’re not special or unique or of value .. you weren’t first .. you’re next in a long line of john’s that came (heh) before you. Now shut-up and pay her bills.

    Frankly anyone debating her should ask her if .. “it’s her body .. her choice .. right Shelia?” .. when she sez yes .. slap her with .. “why do you think men are any different? You do believe in equality don’t you Shelia?” .. “It’s his wallet and his choice. So stop victim shaming these men and women who have made this sacrifice.” .. “Bless your poor little heart ™ Shelia!

  10. “why do you think men are any different? You do believe in equality don’t you Shelia?” .. “It’s his wallet and his choice.

    I’ll have to remember that one.

    At the very least it’ll pull off their equality mask and reveal they are actually all about female supremacy.

  11. I like your old country saying. Lori Alexander Said men preferred virgins, and Katie was suddenly squealing like she’d been stung by rock to her pork-loin. As boxer points out her passionate defense of whoring, body desecration, and enslavement to debt, makes her a party to those sins, even if she “wasn’t” before. Also, if Katie maintained her virginity while encouraging others to incur the wrath of God, and the dissatisfaction of their future husbands, by doing what Katie herself, was wise enough not to do, then she is in fact a fool for becoming a hypocrite after working so hard to remain sexually pure. But was she really wise enough to remain a virgin when raised by parents who think virginity is horse manure? Why did she not insist on a virgin husband, which are plentiful in comparison, if she had kept herself pure? Probably because, like her mom, Katie thinks virginity is horse manure, and she avoided the horse manure, by sleeping around, before lying to her future husband, and now the whole world, about it. Was Katie really wise enough before God to remain pure, while being fool enough before God to preach immorality to others? It seems odd, and unlikely, that someone young would make a courageous moral stand against their worldly desires on a matter they claim to not care much about. How could the plagiarizer’s daughter have learned to falsely pass off something like virginity as her own, when it wasn’t? Also, Sheila wouldn’t look like an ass(donkey) if she would keep her mouth shut.(literally and figuratively) But Sheila’s haircut has to be intentionally to make her look unattractive to her husband. It just has to be. Who could not know that her gloryless butch hair makes her look like a involuntary dyke by lack of heterosexual options.

  12. I forgot to mention .. Katie’s eyes ..

    In her video she has either 1) Coked Out eyes or 2) Cocked out eyes ..

    IMO she is either using the party favor .. or she was the party favor (3).

    She’s so fake and spaz-tick though I’d need to see more videos of her not acting. I’m not volunteering so .. I’ll go with option 1.

    (3) College (for th wimminz) = Slut Finishing School.

  13. Well if you want consistency….I can see where Katie got the purity doesn’t matter & ‘virginity is horse manure’ thought process. The reason why young people are warned about impurity is that it takes us away from the Lord. Thanks Shelia!

  14. I don’t onow who I hate more after that video .. me (for watchin it) .. you (for sharin it) or her (for bein a complete idiot) .. I’ll need a moment .. stand-bye ..

    Her .. obviously .. she’s an idiot .. and after further reflection .. She definitely rode the Cock Carousel.

    Secondly (to her eyes) .. I have just realized .. if you put her face in that no-make-up app .. would it un-mask a zombie?

    I noticed something else in that video .. her nose kept gettin longer .. does that mean anything?


  15. I’d need to see more videos of her not acting.

    A good detective always looks for consistency. Even if it means having to reveal some uncomfortable things to do it.

    It also shows the power of influence a mother has on her kids. She’s basically repeating what Shelia said in the link Boxer provided. Do I need to repeat why it is important to chose the mother of your children wisely (if you are looking to have kids)?

  16. It also shows the power of influence a mother has on her kids. She’s basically repeating what Shelia said in the link Boxer provided.

    Really this is true of ALL Feminist(s). Not just this mother and daughter. In the grand-scheme of things they don’t want other wimminz stating the obvious about a man and his preference regarding wimminz. If you step out of line and dissent you will be scolded by the herd by any means necessary. They’ve already (and continue to) shut down men who do that .. how dare a man tell a womminz what he prefers .. we don’t “need no-man” (r) mansplainin ™ .. male tears are all we want .. but if another womminz does it .. no ma’am .. it’s not allowed .. therefore now they have to eliminate that (typically) lone voice of dissent.

    That’s why they hyper-vent-uh-late about wimminz speaking (i.e. voiding the hard-work of the HERD) for men (on any male subject). But, particularly about a manz preference’s in wimminz.

    The wimminz have spent a lot of time convincing a lot of young wimminz that men prefer male traits in there spouse. So, they have told wimminz to act and behave like a man. When a feminine woman is seen .. she is shamed immediately by these wimminz.

    Shaming is effective (on wimminz) .. and these feminist know it. Hence, the tactics used by wimminz is always shaming the offender of the tribe (i.e. feminists). That’s why that meme is so effective at tweeking the Fem-Botz. It is a cleaver shaming offensive (attack) by Lori. Look at all the ‘lil pigs she hit with that rock’.

    It should be noted that no scripture is used to justify their (i.e. Sheila or Katie) position. Just shaming feelz. Hyper-vent-uh-late all you want (fem-botz). Throw all the fits you want. A real man will end this convo’ with .. “SO WHAT, I DON’T CARE.” .. and walk away.

  17. You hit a milestone when you figure out how crocodile tears don’t affect you anymore.

    If they are crying over the fact somebody still thinks purity, virginity, and chastity are things worth striving for…the problem is them.

  18. Katie is affected. She also makes it clear that she has little or no respect for her future husband. According to her mom, respecting anybody but herself or Jesus is idolatry. A clever lie used to get out of reverencing their husbands like the Bible tells them to. I was appalled to see how many views the video already had. Apparently Feminism(a supremacist ideology) is quite popular still.

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