Troll Them Wherever You Find Them

ass2assMost of us realize, by now, that we live in a deeply troubled society. Human beings, meant to be producers, not only of goods via labor, but of their own historical way of life in toto, have been channeled into makework jobs, vacuous leisure activities, and thereby condemned to a meaningless existence. This is nowhere more evident than in the sphere of domestic life. Where our grandfathers had the ability to find a wife, to build a family, and to watch their children grow up, we now have to make do with a choice, consisting of banging skank-ho sluts on one hand, and marrying skank-ho sluts who soon will run us, face first, through the divorce courts, on the other.

Most of us see the problem, but we’re paralyzed when attempting to theorize a solution. We clearly need some help with tactical advice. Great old-time religions, like Christianity and Judaism, have proven to be completely worthless in the fight against feminism. Where, then, can we turn?

One obvious answer is post-marxist philosophy, specifically, critical theory. Most dudez in the manosphere don’t have any idea as to what critical theory is. Basically, it consists of applying philosophical and historical data to a materialist analysis of the world, in an attempt to solve contemporary social problems.

If natural deduction, and past experience, suggest that tactic α is ineffective, then it makes sense to abandon that tactic, and go with β instead.

Down below, Jason notes, about Sheila Gregoire, and her skank-ho daughter, Katie:

She’s not phased at all. Neither is her daughter. She pretends “shock” and “horror” but only to garner sympathy from men, pastors, publishing companies, podcasts…………

The best thing to do at this point? Is ignore her.

Jason is mostly correct. Even so, the “ignore the idiots and they will go away” tactic has been proven, over the course of 50 years, to be counterproductive. Skank-ho feminists and their dyke mothers have only grown emboldened with our silence. Good men feel dejected when they are alone in calling out the sluts. What, then, shall we do?

Jason is mostly correct, I repeat. One will note that I do not advocate going to Sheila’s blog, to try and win her over. As we all know by now, Sheila is a (loud ‘n’ proud) member of Set A. She will never (never, never) come over to our side. She will be a bitter, bulldyking, skank-ho feminist until her dying breath.

As our uncle Max will remind us, Sheila and Katie don’t really matter too much, anyhow. They are only relevant as symbols of the destructive forces they embody.

Thus Sheila is useful in the recruitment of normies, those members of Set C who do not agree with her, but who also don’t want to stick their necks out with criticism. By criticizing Sheila indirectly, such men are emboldened, and our ranks swell.

The fact that we don’t waste our time in direct confrontations with Sheila, does not mean that we ought to pretend she does not exist, or playact as though the sociocultural problems that she works so hard to further are not a big deal. As our Uncle Herb teaches us, playing the ostrich game deprives us of our own inherent subversive power, as well as depriving others of the knowledge that there are sane men and women in the world, who care about healthy families.

Karl Marx (1818-1883), philosopher and German poli

Your Uncle Karl trolled the hoez. Go and do likewise, gentlemen!

The effectiveness of trolling feminists is evident in the widespread censorship which is now taking place. First they banned guys like Boxer, Milo, Nigga Tyreese, Menaquinone and Ricky Vaughan. Guys like us tormented the feminists wherever we found them. Now they’re banning inoffensive people who merely express the most mild disagreement with feminism.

Seek out the Sheilas and Katies of the world, brothers. Troll them wherever you find them. Don’t do it for them. Do it for the children of the next generation, who will otherwise be condemned to grow up in a monolithic culture, where feminism is the only arbiter of good and evil.

Author: Boxer

Sinister All-Male Dancer. Secret King of all Gamma Males. Member of Frankfurt School. Your Fave Contrarian!

15 thoughts on “Troll Them Wherever You Find Them”

  1. I like to Troll’em on a platform they can’t ban me from .. real life ™.

    Twitter is a platform (as well as the other social platforms) can and do block dissent .. as well as individuals you troll can block you.

    Themz wimminz (and white knights) can’t hide from my trollin’.

    Of course your boy (i.e. me) is packin’ while he be gettin’ hiz trollin’ on. These bishes are crazy yo!

  2. Another good one from Fulton for your listening pleasure, Boxer. The biggest takeaway he says.

    ¨Do not pay attention to what people say, but to WHY they say it¨.

    Never forget that feminism is spiritual in nature. You ‘troll’ by telling the truth.

    Youth and sex.

  3. ‘Your Uncle Karl trolled the hoez. Go and do likewise, gentlemen!’

    Karl seems to be doing a Masonic gesture there. Perhaps giving credence to his father.

  4. Someone needs to find out if this man was being divorced and threatened with never seeing (hopefully) his kids again ..

    Ed Troyer, Public Information Officer for the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department confirmed on Twitter that the pilot of the plane was a “suicidal male. Acting alone.” Troyer added they do not believe this to be “a terrorist incident.”

    “I’ve got a lot of people that care about me,” the man said in audio obtained from Air Traffic Control radio communications. “It’s going to disappoint them to hear that I did this. I would like to apologize to each and every one of them. Just a broken guy, got a few screws loose, I guess. Never knew it, until now.”

    This is a big deal to say you’re a broken man .. who’s asking these questions?

    Time for investigative trollin’.

  5. Yes sir .. but he hadn’t posted in over half a year.

    My concern is .. like a few other sue-eye-sides in aircraft (e.g. think germanwings and more) .. divirce &/or threats of never seeing their kids again snapped these men.

    If he was a beta kinda guy and his wifey started telling him how screwed up he was and threatened him with his kids .. well .. presto .. homemade suicide bomb.

    It’s sad .. but at least he didn’t take anyone else with him.

  6. Plus he didn’t hijack that plane .. he stole it. There is a big difference. He was Ramper .. not a mechanic or an agent. A Bag Handler would be more accurate.

    You see I can’t trust the media on aviation matters. They’re idiots. Technically speaking .. and I do have 45 years of aviation experience to draw my conclusions. I’ve been quoted wrong so many times that I rarely trust direct quotes without a recording to listen to.

    I’ll do a lil more diggin’ later tonight .. if I have time.

  7. I wish I had time to get into this story. If you want to write up a guest article, I’d love to publish it. Please consider it.

  8. Pretty sure the Masons would have rejected Uncle Karl, at least as an adult. You have to swear that you believe in a monotheistic creator to join up with them, and they take that obligation seriously.

    He may have been a member of Kiwanis or Elks, though. My understanding is that they’re more secular.

  9. “If he was a beta kinda guy and his wifey started telling him how screwed up he was and threatened him with his kids .. well .. presto .. homemade suicide bomb.”

    His physiognomy suggests low-average intelligence and a need for external validation; beyond that, he appears to be an ordinary Joe with no impulse disorders or childhood traumas. Best guess, something (easily a frivorce) pushed him over the edge, he internalized the stress/blame and acted out a childhood fantasy of being a stunt pilot to make his suicide more palatable.

    I find it informative that he finished his shift before stealing the plane.

  10. sigh ..

    GQ sez ..

    I find it informative that he finished his shift before stealing the plane.

    I’ve yet to find the smoking gun (re: Richard Russell and the flight of the Q400) .. but having flown and trained thousands of pilots in a professional and non-professional environment .. family issues (i.e. wimminz problems) are the number one issue (i.e. stresser) for most pilots. And as men become lower T in nature .. this leads to lashing out. When I started flying I was around nothing but high T men pilots as you would expect. It’s changed .. and aviation safety will suffer.

  11. That wasn’t a teachable moment even for the principals. I bet their last words as ISIS ran them over with a truck were “omigawd white privilege!”

    They wouldn’t have been hippies biking through Africa if reality could dent their perception of Utopia. “The people here are so beautiful and peaceful, living with nature *vomits blood from stomach parasites*.”

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