Shocked Sheila

Because I know my readers can’t get enough posts from a fat, horsey dyke named Sheila Gregoire, here’s some more…

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An army of middle-aged men, sez the postmenopausal old sow with the 20-something thot offspring.

Interesting to note that the “sexual assault survivor” rhetoric is the typical empty appeal whores make to excuse their lack of self-control. Given that Sheila may be a career plagiarist, a lack of integrity on this front is not entirely surprising… though that’s her husband’s and father’s problem, and not ours.

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Stop the presses! Someone is telling a wimminz “no”! The lèse majesté is shocking! Arrest these men!

Special thanks to Emperor Constantine for the link. If you have a twitter account, you can back your brother’s play here. Tell that faggot @jack that @herbiemarcuse sent you.

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13 thoughts on “Shocked Sheila”

  1. Sheila says: Let me reiterate: this is a group of very young girls and women who are seeking Jesus. Katie is pointing them to Jesus.
    LOL Because sticking up for whoring, tattoos, and racking up debt to saddle your future husband with, before divorce raping him, is the narrow way to holiness.

    Sheila says: Just look at the profile pictures of many of these guys. These are older men. The majority are landing on this video after being sent by blogs and YouTube channels catering to middle-aged male Christians. In what universe is older men calling young women vile names okay?
    Well Sheila, the older men are supposed to call out young women who advocate whoring, defacing their body, and being spendthrift, especially when old women like yourself so completely fail to do the job. That’s the way God set things up in this universe.

    Sheila says: They are going to churches where pastors have been taught in seminaries by the likes of Paige Patterson, who said that he would “beat down” a rape victim to see if he could get her to recant her story.
    Sheila is just completely lying now. She is libeling Paige Patterson. The student did not report a rape at that time. Patterson discussed, in an e-mail, meeting with the student alone so that he could “break her down” as in, get to the bottom of what she was claiming. The student in question had given several different accounts of her story to authorities, school administration, and her family. Dr. Patterson was seeking to understand what actually occurred among the many contradictory statements. … A personal ‘thank you’ letter to Dr. Patterson provided to Southwestern Seminary’s legal counsel plainly states that a student at SEBTS first interacted with a faculty member and then with Dr. Moseley. She thanked Dr. Patterson for being able to stay in school and for the way in which the school handled the matter. The slut who almost got kicked out of the Christian institution for her illicit liaisons didn’t decide she had been “raped” until many many years later, likely knowing that simple minded women like Sheila would support her apocryphal lies. She still to this date has not filed charges against her “rapist”. No doubt her latter day lies would not stand up against the young man’s account in court.

    Crazy Whores!

  2. Sheila says: And the dam is breaking. God is pouring out His Spirit, and His daughters will prophesy.

    No, it is just a dyke having a breakdown, pouring out demonic lies. She should remain silent and be assumed a fool, rather than open her mouth and remove all doubt.

  3. “Her tribe of young whores loved it! Its so awesome the Jesus forgives everything you do, so really you can do anything you want and Jesus will forgive you! Jesus is the best boyfriend ever!”

    A young whore made a video telling other whores that its great to be tattooed, debt-ridden whores…

  4. God is pouring out His Spirit, and His daughters will prophesy.

    Lori Alexander being a good example.

  5. read through just about all of that twitter feed. A good portion of comments are from men……aping exactly what Shelia says.

    She’s not phased at all. Neither is her daughter. She pretends “shock” and “horror” but only to garner sympathy from men, pastors, publishing companies, podcasts…………

    The best thing to do at this point? Is ignore her.

  6. What needs to happen is a (white knight) MANz needs to save’em from their unicorn adventures (that got stuck in the weeds).

    Sadly .. I have what it would look like .. almost live from the land of a million (heh) lakes ..

  7. “Her tribe of young whores loved it! Its so awesome the Jesus forgives everything you do, so really you can do anything you want and Jesus will forgive you! Jesus is the best boyfriend ever!”
    What bible are they reading? I spent first three years i wats saved believe that God hated ne and it my job to be perfect or he would kill me
    His holiness is to be feared and worship not use as an excuse to sleep around …..😡😡😡

  8. Thread: A 21 year old tries to make a point out of context of the original article while never addressing the actual point…what men prefer.

    Perhaps what Sheila and her daughter should get…if you are going to get up and start preaching whatever in public/internet forums get ready for backlash because it’s not an if it’s a when. Even Christ had His detractors. In a sense women are more protected from this when they are told to be silent. A man should be able to take it…women it can be a little more difficult.

  9. A feminist would be nothing without her cohort of white knights…never forget that.

  10. Perhaps I’m not smart…is calling someone a ‘slut’ condemning them to hell?

  11. Also if her daughter did save herself for marriage…I’d ask her fella if that was something he preferred about her so that he was willing to go through the ‘grinding her down’ into marital bliss.

    You know because the article she was retorting was titled MEN PREFER x,y, &z. I don’t know if that thought crossed her mind of if she just wanted an emoting session to let out her pain of…I don’t know…going to college, her credit card debt?

    Honestly we know which of the three is the trigger for most women.

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