Small-Souled Katie Emmerson

Ben the Baptist (thanks to Feminist Hater for identifying the source) does a marvelous takedown on Katie Emmerson’s whining about our Sister Lori Alexander. Check it out…

Ben apparently doesn’t recognize this Christian skank. That’s OK. All the boys know who she is.

katie.gregoire.emmerson“Katie Emmerson” is also known as “Katie Gregoire Emmerson.” Katie is the daughter of Sheila Wray Gregoire. See here if the stupid, bovine expression and hideous facial features don’t convince you.

Congratulations to my favorite bulldyking radical feminist, for raising up this shrill, angry, masculinized beast. Truly, the sour apple falls not too far away from the diseased tree.

Some fun facts about Katie Emmerson include:

Katie has recently become a military wife, getting married in February of 2018!

That’s right, some poor CF sap wifed this wimminz up. She’s already admitted to having skank-ho tatts, and while she doesn’t go into detail, her demeanor tells us about her sexual history prior to marriage. She’ll be getting knocked up soon. Her hub had better pony up for that DNA test when the kid pops out.

Katie has visited the Mulli Children’s Family in Kenya, home to over 800 abandoned, orphaned, or abused children three times.

I’m sure, unlike every single other “world traveler” wimminz I know, she didn’t become unchaste in a filthy foreign country, which is packed with exotic diseases. Hey, Katie’s husband… Hope you have fun at the STD clinic, pal.

Want more information on booking Katie for your youth event? Just Email Katie’s booking agent Tammy. She’d love to help you!

Because every modest, traditional homemaker has a press agent.

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 07.19.43

You boys wonder why I tell you to rebuke Christian whores, this is the reason. Christian wimminz are among the most useless and unmarriagable females available.

That also goes for wimminz of any ethnic or religious group, who grew up in Canada. Katie is a perfect example of that toxic intersection. I give her marriage another 24 months before she pulls the plug on it, and makes her unfortunate ex-husband the subject of her speaking tours. Stay tuned.

Author: Boxer

Sinister All-Male Dancer. Secret King of all Gamma Males. Member of Frankfurt School. Your Fave Contrarian!

39 thoughts on “Small-Souled Katie Emmerson”

  1. That also goes for wimminz of any ethnic or religious group, who grew up in Canada.

    From the things I’ve read about what goes on in the state, schools, and church…it’s on par with feminism with the likes of Sweden.

  2. ‘She has memorized ALL (and we’re not kidding) of 1 and 2 Corinthians, Hebrews, James, Romans, 1 and 2 Peter, Matthew, John, and Acts.’

    Then she should know 1 Cor 6:9. Her cry fest about what men prefer (virgins) somehow meaning God doesn’t love them if they aren’t and yet it’s right there the types that don’t inherit the Kingdom of God.

  3. Ugh, I can’t the guys video because she’s such a dumb bitch. I did get to the part about projection, which seems absolutely correct to me. Her entire rant is a straw-wimmenz fallacy-based loony tune. I keep expecting Pepe Le Pew to walk by in the background.

  4. And Katie can sing.

    Well that’s a good thing .. cuz’ she has a face for radio.

  5. Did you catch Katie’s implicit admission of being a ho’? Skip to 3:45 and listen to the next 60 seconds…

    *sob* … only made a single mistake once in my life, and like,…*sob*… didn’t mean to fall on that playa’s penis… *sob*

    I believe that Sheila raised a skank-ho slut, and subsequently passed this worthless feminist off to a man who could have done much, much better.

    The world is full of lessons for young men. This is but one.

  6. Oh I don’t doubt her emoting rant had something to do with that. Somehow I don’t think debt from college would make a woman go to that depth of crocodile tears.

  7. I highly doubt Katie will ever get her retort video pretty much outed her rather than smeared Lori Alexander.

  8. “You boys wonder why I tell you to rebuke Christian whores, this is the reason.”

    Rebuking the irrational unrepentant is a waste of time, but at least it serves as a warning for others.

    Katie’s video is astounding cognitive dissonance. Katie spends the whole video denouncing Lori’s good decision-making advice. Contrast this with her tagline: “don’t be stupid or make bad decisions.” She mocks the notion that a man could explain scripture to her while demonstrating her lack of ability to understand scripture. She doesn’t even quote from it, despite having a decent chunk memorized.

    We should also give her a trophy for visiting an orphanage. Typical virtual signalling in order to sell herself.

  9. This is basically what I meant yesterday, when I talked about North American sluts having no self awareness.

    If a Colombian wimminz was confronted that way, I could see her putting on a very convincing show of being embarrassed, admitting that she’d fucked all and sundry for a couple years, but then segueing into how ashamed she was that she had insulted her father that way, and promising to eternally respect her husband.

    Granted, the end result for any man who married either would likely be the same, but at least the Latina tends to be smart enough to anticipate the consequences for her stupid behavior.

  10. We should also give her a trophy for visiting an orphanage. Typical virtual signalling in order to sell herself.

    I bet if I really wanted to subject myself to more of this bitch’s histrionics, I could wade through her Instagram account and find the selfies of her with the little brown caricatures. These religious wimminz always post this nonsense, usually hours before getting plowed in every position by various locals and male missionaries, and then returning home.

  11. “Katie has recently become a military wife, getting married in February of 2018!”

    That guy will end up praying every bump he goes over will be an IED…

  12. Found it…it’s relatively tame for a western Woman. No orphanage shots and only one swimsuit pic I saw. Quite possible she might be in the one mistake club.

  13. Christian wimminz are among the most useless and unmarriagable females available.

    A paraphrase of Scripture….however to this point I have yet to see otherwise.

    She can either be a Christian or a feminist…she can’t be both. She will either love one and hate the other, or follow one and rebuke the other. You can’t serve God and the goddess.

  14. You can’t serve God and the goddess.

    Men and women who want a decent female archetype to venerate could not really do better than Mary. In the sense that she’s a goddess, one can respect her devotees, as in their prayers to her, they’re really just praying through her, to her son.

    You (or some other psycholoanalyst) ought to write a compare/contrast piece on Mary versus the feminist concept of the goddess. The two characters are more likely to be opposed than otherwise, and it’d be nice to get a skillful take on such stuff. I like to read psychoanalysis, but I have no real depth to my understanding of such symbols.

  15. I’m skeptical of any Canadian wimminz being in the “one time only” club for anything stupid or degenerate. Incidentally, I’m skeptical of Canadian men being in that club, also.

  16. Simple difference….Mary worshiped God. Feminist concept of goddess is worshiping herself.

    Also Mary is not a goddess…she’s the Mother of God.

  17. Went to college with this type of women. Worked at IBM with this type of woman (admins, HR reps, office drones, booth bunnies at trade shows), dealt with this kind of woman at bars, pubs and nightclubs through the rest of the 1990’s. See this woman in church. Now a divorcee, and no “real men are stepping up” seeing this woman at the restaurants I dine at with her equally angry klatch of sisters who are just angry at everyone. Glad I never got involved with any of that……and the dudes who hook up with this, marry and make babies with……was a thirty second orgasm worth it? Was it really worth it?

  18. Perhaps at least in the instagram she hides it better.

    Because certainly when a Lori Alexander comes around the mask gets ripped off.

    Her husband is also well tatted…I have no doubt he’s either a former player or grew up in a single mother household.

  19. I just read our small-souled heroine’s “how I met him” story, which is up on the couple’s wedding web site. I’m including it here, just for kicks. It’s so much worse for him than I thought…

    Hello lovely person reading this. Katie here! Since you’re reading this far down on the page I guess you’re curious about David’s and my story. Whether you’ve known us for 10 years, or you just met us this year, you might not know our whole story, because honestly it’s hard enough for us to keep it straight and we were there the whole time!

    If you can’t “keep it straight,” who can?

    You see, David and my story

    Why not just say “our story,” dumbass?

    began way back in 2008 when I first developed a crush on the older new boy at our church. (spoiler alert, it was David.) He was so handsome and funny and confident! But he was three years older than me, and after almost 6 years of being silently, hopelessly infatuated with him from a distance, I gave up of his ever noticing me around age 16.

    If she was actually aroused by this man at age 10, then it’s safe to assume that Katie suffered some sort of childhood sexual awakening. If that’s the case, she has my sympathy. I don’t know exactly how else to put it.

    However, it just so happens that that was exactly around the time when I bought a beautiful, sophisticated new brown dress and wore it to church one day. When David saw me that morning he realized I had grown up right in front of him and had never noticed. From that day on he no longer saw me as ‘his friend Rebecca’s little sister’, but as a young woman. And I had no idea!


    Over the next two years we would hang out and talk after church whenever we could, and when I had my heart broken when I was almost 18, David was there to hug me and be there for me during a very hard time.

    Just FYI, dearie: His job title is usually described as “simp,” among men in this post code. Glad he was there to comfort you after the fuck-n-chuck, though.

    Over time we became best friends,

    fuck’n lol

    calling on the phone regularly while he was in different places of the country completing his military training and getting to know each other super well without any expectation of anything more than platonic friends. Or at least, so I thought.

    Do any of you gentlemen have trouble believing this tale?

    In the summer of 2015, David came home for a visit and while hanging out he told me that he had feelings for me, and even though he knew I didn’t return them, he was willing to wait for me.

    And wait he did! It took many months of frustration and heartbreak for him to finally wear me down, and almost a whole two years later I finally said YES on February 25, 2017 to being his girlfriend. It was without doubt the best decision I had ever made up to that point.


    Read the rest here:

  20. The next day, on February 26th, David asked me how long he would have to wait until he could propose. I told him a year. We were engaged on July 16. So I guess his ‘wearing me down’ skills have improved over the years.

    Yeah that’s a divorce waiting to happen. Who wouldn’t want a wife that said ‘he weared me down’ as the reason why she married him?

    You’re better off single than having to ‘wear someone down’ into matrimony.

    Perhaps this little diddy will burn thedeti’s ears. This is right in his wheelhouse of the woman not having any desire for the gent.

  21. and the dudes who hook up with this, marry and make babies with……was a thirty second orgasm worth it? Was it really worth it?

    If my Or-gas-um lasted 30 seconds .. I’d killed everyone in the room 😉

    And if you meant it only took 30 seconds to Or-gas-um .. then you need more practice 🤣

    Jason on a serious note ..

    Was it really worth it?

    We’re almost the same age .. and we chewed a lot of the same dirt (e.g. time-frame of our experiences) .. And with this one statement (above) you have nailed precisely my conclusion to all married / divorced men.

    And, everyone one of them tell me it was because of the kids.

    Frankly .. I know almost all of them are lying. But I let it slide .. they’re buried so deeply in the blue-pill world (no matter if they espouse some red-pill truth) that it would crush’em if I did anymore than said .. “Fair Enough”.

    I’m afraid if I did anymore than that most of them would consider sue-eye-side.

    Those men have, or just want, to believe in something .. I’ll be darned if I’m the one to tear it down.

    For the record all 3 of my younger brothers have been divorced. One chose not to remarry .. because he wanted more kids .. but couldn’t find a good woman .. and he’s a very good Godly man.

    He watches what they do and not what they say .. just like his big brother told him .. he didn’t on the 1st go around. The other 2 .. couldn’t wait to get remarried .. sigh. They didn’t do any better than the first time. Time will tell.

  22. I still don’t understand why a lot of men in their twenties would even “chase” this. Christian or not.

  23. Okay .. I just watched this video .. (amused silent laughter is the only sound I can make) ..

    I’ve got one of those smirks on my face that brings a tear to my eye .. and ..

    To quote a famous radio personality .. WAKE UP AMERICA! – Earl Pitts (1)

    I can’t begin to describe how much that (rebuttal) warmed my (it-see bit-see lil) heart .. lol.

    PittsOff! (1)


  24. Her husband is also well tatted…I have no doubt he’s either a former player or grew up in a single mother household.

    My views don’t line up with the New Testament, so I give a pass to men with tattoos which are related to doing their national service. I don’t know what sorts of tattoos that guy has, but I noticed one on his chest and one down his arm, and they look more jailhouse than military – but I didn’t see them up close.

    Military men (in the CF – which is her husband’s flavor) have told me on a couple of different occasions that tattoos can disqualify a man from promotion, and they’re especially discouraged in the officer corps. Whether that is changing or not, I don’t know.

    Canadian kids sometimes get enlisted right at 19, and kids that age just will get tattoos. They’re away from home, and bonding with their unit, or whatever. It’s something that happens, and there is just no stopping it.

  25. Military men (in the CF – which is her husband’s flavor) have told me on a couple of different occasions that tattoos can disqualify a man from promotion, and they’re especially discouraged in the officer corps. Whether that is changing or not, I don’t know.

    Same as the USofA military when I was in ’88-’94.

    It seems the “I’m white, and clean” (1) route doesn’t cut it anymore .. lol.


  26. A boozed-up South Carolina woman pulled over for blowing past a stop sign at 60 mph told cops she shouldn’t be arrested because she’s a “very clean, thoroughbred, white girl,” according to a police report.

    But Lauren Elizabeth Cutshaw’s lecture didn’t convince officers from the Bluffton Police Department — who arrested her on charges of speeding, disregarding a stop sign, simple possession of marijuana, driving under the influence and possession of drug paraphernalia, a police spokesman confirmed to The Post.

    LOL at this stupid cunt.

    “I mean I was celebrating my birthday,” Cutshaw, who turns 33 on Thursday, told the cops when they asked her how big the glasses were for her alleged two drinks, according to the report.

    Bitch is a little too old to be driving under the influence of pot and booze, if you ask me. OTOH: case of beer for the officer who locked this stupid wimminz up.

  27. It stated somewhere that her husband is a cop .. hmmmmm

    It said she used the “I got good grades .. was a cheerleader .. was in a slur-whore-titty” defense as well.

    What a heart warming story.

  28. It appears Lauren Cutshaw has been released from her job due to this event ..

    According to her LinkedIn page, Cutshaw works for Engel & Völkers Hilton Head-Bluffton. As of Tuesday, though, her name is no longer listed on the company’s bio page.


    Whoops-uh-Daisy .. she shoud’da had her (cop) partner [sic] drivin’ her home.



  29. I couldn’t get past a minute or so, when Ben correctly points out why her being horrified at the Lori video was out-of-place for a purported Christian. How did you guys make it through it?
    Then Boxer read more, in order to find her horrid marriage testimony.
    You guys talk about her divorcing her husband, but she seems divorced from herself in a way. She seems more interested in creating an image of herself than she actually cares what Lori has to say. Her husband story seems like an exercise in demonstrating she doesn’t need men and that she is a prize to be won. But in neither case am I confident of what she thinks about Lori’s advice or know how, or of, she loves her husband. With the divorce of herself behind,I think divorcing him will happen to, especially if he ever stands up to her, or to her and his mother-in-law.

  30. How did you guys make it through it?

    Well it wasn’t easy .. but as a practicin’ cynic and contrarian .. and also bein’ un-moved by all th wimminz “hiss-tronics” .. I mustard rat on thru .. that and a glass of 12 year old Scotch with jus’ a drop of pure water .. now I know why th wimminz fought so hard for pro-hoe-uh-bishin’ .. they didn’t like men having a means to dull their pain (re: th wimminz).

  31. Why is she saying anything that woman has a husband right. I’m talking about Katie not Laurie. She has a husband some guy had Locanda to wife your ass up. Young girls need to know that they have options. They can go to college sleep around and be single at 35 or they can get married have a loving family and be happy at 35.
    And debt-free doesn’t that mean not going to college only. It also means not getting into a car with anyone who is drunk behind the wheel = = hospital bill. It also means not being addicted to junkfood = diabetes hospital bill it also could mean not lending people money and making your own way hard not people pleasing in a negative way equipment Math up banking history. It also means learning how to budget I can early age. Credit cards in college are not the only thing that lead to Debt that is a symptom of low self-esteem and a negative self image. What a couple episodes of mad men you’ll know when I’m talking them out. Those are terrible quality than life. A woman need to be to killer and content – the two biggest reason why I’m not married – in order to give true love to those around her.

  32. “Mad Men” was a pretty deep show. I love sixties style and design and that production crew who did wardrobe, and set design on that show must have been very OCD and must have loved that era. So many episodes I would watch, even down to pens used, the design on a box of “kleenex” was a labor of research, meticulous attention to detail and a love for that era…to recreate it for todays TV.

    The storylines and characters were very complex, adding to another dimension we forget about the past. We assume people in the past were a certain way, and that’s it.

    Picture adverstising reached its zenith back then as well….especially in “Life” magazine from the early sixties til that oil embargo in 1973 / 1974. That oil embargo ruined everything.

    The photos of family, my parents, and relatives I have from the 1960’s……….from black and white to color have such a sheen or granularity to them that I just like…….that just cannot be recreated with our ulta HD prints today which show every imperfection. My father in his hunting coat and a green coleman lantern next to him camping with his guy pals in 1963. Mom in low heels, skirt to the knee with her “best friend” in front of the flat she grew up in, must have been 1963.

    Everything just seemed “new” back then.

    It is tragic and sad in a way how the clicking of a camera shutter captures something that will never be repeated ever again, and sure…..people pose for pictures…but those poses are to the viewer decades later are construed as “honest” and can sometime just bring a tear, or a light smirk. I know I am not alone in thinking this way…..

    I don’t think any time was “perfect” they had their own fears back in the 1960’s too, but I can say with confidence. People slept better back then.

  33. How did you guys make it through it?

    It’s the only way you learn. That way when the crocodile tears come in your direction you can spot them a mile away.

  34. Even without good behavior this situation could’ve been avoided: Uber I cannot believe Uber was created the women couldn’t really get much do they want to without having to deal with the DUI

  35. You can really see the negative affects of feminism by watching the early seasons of Shell. I also really enjoy the fact that Daddy did not leave Dan due to his lies she left him due to the fact that he would not the person that he thought he was the image that you wanted. If he had a told her the truth with your date with him stayed with him. It’s not necessarily lying he just chose to present her with the better part of the characteristics. Don Draper would literally a self-made up man. He still provided Betty with a comfortable lifestyle that she had Excepted. It was still his ideas and hard work that you help them achieve that upper middle class life style.

  36. I also thought Mad Men was an extremely well-made show (Breaking Bad is another example), but like a lot of other popular shows I didn’t really watch much because there weren’t really any characters that I LIKED. Like you say Jason, the sets, costumes, props and cars were all great, but, I don’t like any of these people, so I really don’t care what happens to them.

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